Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sheriffs storm Joy Radio...empty offices

Former president Bakili Muluzi has no time to rest. His vehicles and BCA Hill residence seized by the Anti-Corruption Bureau and now debtors have stormed on the radio he founded, Joy Radio.

By Golden Matonga

Sheriffs in on Tuesday afternoon stormed private broadcaster Joy Radio station’s premises and took away all office furniture including computers and desks over unsettled loan amounting to over K240, 000.00 which the company owes Loita Investment Bank Limited (now Ecobank).

According to an inside source, the radio station’s management failure to have the issue resolved amicably in court by ignoring court summons prompted the sheriff to take such an action.

The acting station manager Joseph Chapuma confirmed the development saying all office furniture was taken away because of the loan but refused to divulge any further details.

Chapuma demanded to know where the reporter got the story from first before divulging more information but when put to him that the issue was in court records he refused to take questions saying the reporter according to him already knew everything.

“You already know everything from the court proceedings, so why should you quiz us, it is true that they came and took every little furniture at the radio station including computers except things from the studio,” said Chapuma.

He however said that the company’s operations were not affected and that the issue was now in the company’s lawyers.

At exactly 1.15pm in the afternoon, the sheriffs arrived at the radio station together with a white UD truck and asked the office to hand over the said property while staff sombrely and helplessly watched with some silently leaving the scene to avoid photo journalists.

Among the property were seven sofas, a computer, fridge, printer, desks and other office chairs.

“The mood was so bad, radio station’s staff just stood watching without anything to sit on, it seems the amount has even been surpassed by the property taken, the truck was half full as it left,” said the source.

This is just the latest in Joy saga, a station that has links to the family of former president Bakili Muluzi after earlier temporarily sealed by Police for allegedly contravening electoral laws but resumed service after a court injunction.

However, the latest seizure of property has not lead to halt of the radio’s transmission which still continued with broadcasts as of Tuesday. The Guardian Wednesday 5th August, 2009 Pages 1 & 2.


  1. Sad! A Tcheyawa mukanawasiya abale. Munthu ali ndi mavuto ambiri uyu.

  2. Koma ndi a Bakili ndi munthu oti ali ndi milandu yambiri kuposa wina aliyense m'dziko lapansi.

    ACB milandi 60, nanga ma bank wa uku ndi kuyamba mwinanso National Bank, Standard Bank, New Building ndi ena nawonso alowa m'bwalo.

    Remember, Zain inawasulira, nawonso a magalaja ndi ena oterowo.

  3. Ngakhale mumuthyole msana Tchair wathuyo ndi wathu wathu basi. Udf moto, 2014 boma.

  4. What is 240,000 nanu a Digest, Bakili alipila zimenezo anangoiwala ndi zochita zina komanso matenda.

  5. Kodi panali nyimbo yakuti...usadandaule Bakili ukatopa ndikubeleka, nyimbo imene ija iripo?

    Nthawi yake ndi ino kuti anthu a UDF amunyamule mULUZI munthuwu afa ndi maganizo a ngongole komanso milandu.

    Muthandizeni Tchair wanu.

  6. Muluzi munthu wakuba kwambiri. Mupaneni mkulu ameneyu, angongole nonse tiyeni kuatenge zanu.

    Even Khwauli Msisya regrets that he was used by this man for the third term and got dumped.

    Let Muluzi face the music as he was challenging Malawians that he was a political engineer, koman mafuta ake a engine anaumamo kalekale.

  7. Any word from Nyasa Times?

  8. They don't write anything against Muluzi. What else do you expect he is their master, they wouldn't want him embarrased.

  9. If Nyasa Times does not want to write about Bakili they at least should write true facts about the things they write. Koma kuli bodza loopsa and after 19 May they have decided they will be attacking the Lhomwe tribe mercilessly. They are kind of inciting some hatred against them. Its a dangerous road they have taken to prop up their masters Bakili Muluzi. I dont know why Thom Chiumia continues to get involved in such dangerous adventures. Remember when he was a Young Democrat akumapezeka pa Shire Bus Lines pa Humphrey Mvula with his colleagues Ken Ndanga and Mtumodzi and they were using a double cab without number plates. Now he is the guy who is the brains behind Nyasa Times. I sometimes wonder what Nyasa wants to achieve at the end of the day.

  10. Its even shocking to see how repectable Malawians still believe what it (Nyasa times- oh how I hate it!)writes-Yasu.