Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The ruling DPP says Nyasatimes are liers

EDITORS NOTE: As the Bakili Muluzi sponsored online propaganda tool, Nyasatimes continues to lie to the outside world about events in Malawi, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cannot sit down watching Nyasatimes distorting facts about democracy in Malawi.
In this Press Statement, the DPP responds to one of the more recent lies by Nyasatimes.
As a patriotic online publication, we hereby publish the DPP press statement in full. EDITOR.



The Nyasatimes article of August, 3rd 2009 titled “Malawi Sliding towards Constitutional Dictatorship” is an unfortunate and a sad manifestation of irresponsible journalism. We would have expected something better and more professional from the new Nyasatimes team as recently unveiled.

The Police bill in question was a recommendation of a special Law Commission in 2003. They came up with their report after visiting several Countries to see and compare good practices in Police Organizations. Zimbabwe was not one of the Countries visited. The Nyasatimes allegation that this Police Bill is a copy of the Zimbabwe Act on Public order and Security is, therefore, a shameful fabrication.

The Police bill among other things, sought to transform our Police from a “Police Force” into a “Police Service”. Its intention was to have Malawi Police Service identify more with the Community by establishing Community policing units at the Country level.

It fostered full Community involvement by allowing even villagers to participate in the arrests of wrong doers. Thus to say the least the bill aimed to transform the maintenance of Law and Order into a shared responsibility.

Unauthorized demonstrations are illegal anytime anywhere in civilized societies. The barring of such illegal activities are functions of ordinary laws and not of this specific Police Bill alone. The requirement in this proposed Bill that permissions for such demonstrations to be conducted anywhere let alone at State House, Parliament and Courts be sought from the District Commissioner, rather than from the Police Officer In-charge was a commendable step forward. It is not an oppressive requirement nor does it abuse rights of any groups to associate.

By any measure this is a progressive Police Bill. Cabinet discussed the Bill in 2004 and sent it to Parliament. It appeared on the Order Paper in Parliament for the last 5 years from 2004 to 2009 but unfortunately it could not be taken up. It is the opposition who in fact abused their majority in Parliament to frustrate the processing and passing of such a decent Police Bill. It will be passed in the next sitting of Parliament as this house is still clearing the massive backlog of other important Bills.

Under such circumstances it is outrageous for Nyasatimes to accuse the DPP of planning to abuse its numbers to “bulldoze” an alleged oppressive Police Bill in Parliament. This Bill should be a welcome development to all including the opposition and Nyasatimes reporters if they were responsible.

Emily Mkamanga’s article in The Nation newspaper titled “Democracy Threats” is about her intolerance and dislikes for TVM and MBC. It has no bearing on the Police Bill which Nyasatimes have distorted grossly. She, however, does not mention that the Opposition characters wanted to kill these public media institutions by denying them public funds. The conduct of MBC and TVM towards that opposition was their human and understandable response to such unwarranted injustices against them

Although MBC and TVM are public media they are still free and independent press institutions. The notion that they should be punished when they displease some political figures (in government or opposition) is retrogressive and unacceptable to us in government.

Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba
04th August, 2009.


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