Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Muluzi hiding vehicles

By Chifundo Kasambwe

Former president of the Republic Malawi Bakili Muluzi is suspected to be hiding some of his personal worth including vehicles from the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Malawi Digest understands.

Muluzi, the former Malawian leader is facing a wide range of cases ranging from financial mismanagement to fraud and corruption.

ACB director Alexious Nampota told Malawi Digest in an exclusive interview Tuesday afternoon that the bureau is having difficulties to grab Muluzi’s property mainly his motor vehicles.

The High Court in Malawi allowed the ACB to seize Muluzi’s property including his lavish BCA Hill residence in the low density area of the commercial city Blantyre, vehicles and froze Muluzi’s bank accounts before the opposition leader was allowed to travel to the United Kingdom.

In an interview at his ACB offices in Blantyre, Nampota said that his corruption busting body has an uphill task to seize all Muluzi property especially vehicles.

“We managed to seize BCA Hill residence, have Muluzi’s bank accounts frozen but we haven’t made a lot of progress on his motor vehicles,” said Nampota.

The ACB chief complained that they have difficulties to trace all his vehicles and seize them.

He said although the organisation was expecting to grab 149 vehicles belonging to Bakili Muluzi, they have only managed 44.

“The 149 vehicles are in Muluzi’s name and we verified this with the Road Traffic Directorate but all of them are not at one place, so we have to keep on trying to trace them,” he said.

He said that although information from Road Traffic Directorate shows that the 149 vehicles are in Muluzi’s name, only 44 have been found and seized.

“The documents have Muluzi as the registered owner of the vehicles but not all of them can be traced," he said.

Our sources closer to Bakili Muluzi have disclosed that there is strong evidence that the opposition UDF national chairman is keeping these vehicles in hidding.

Our source who meets Muluzi on daily basis when the opposition leader is in Malawi said that he knows that Muluzi may have hidden the vehicles.

"He is such a crafty man who cannot just let his 149 vehicles be seized just like that," said our source.

Former Malawi president Bakili Muluzi is being prosecuted for diverting nearly MK1.7 billion into his personal bank accounts during the 10 years he was in power.

Bakili Muluzi is currently in the United Kingdom where he is reported to be receiving medical attention for his back problem.

He is expected back home in Malawi in September to continue with his numerous court cases-Malawi Digest.


  1. if one is not wrong he can not run away from the court.Muluzi why do you run away from the truth?If you know you did not steal Malawians's money to purchase those vehicles come out and surrender them.I did not know that you are such a coward and the only thing you know most is Drama and castigating,shame on you.Nampota dont be tied until you are done with him,carry own.

  2. I guess this allegations of corruption have been going on for some time and its not good for a country.What the government should have done is raise a commitee to invesigate the 10 years he has ruled the country,of course someone is responsible for this mismanagement. They should then bring these people to account.I know its not only Muluzi who mismanaged the country economy its whole lot of them...