Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mulli dismisses third term taskforce reports

Mulli Group of Companies Managing Director Leston Mulli

By Frank Namangale
Staff Reporter

Mulli Brothers Group of Companies director Leston Mulli has disassociated himself from media reports that he is leading a taskforce to drum up support for President Bingu wa Mutharika’s alleged third term bid.

State House press office on Sunday issued a statement that Mutharika will not backtrack on his promise to retire after serving his second term, amid persistent speculation that he intends to extend his term of office. The media reports also claimed a group of people attended taskforce meetings at Mulli’s house.

Mulli yesterday said he is aware of some reports linking him to the taskforce.

“I am a businessman and not a politician. (The reports have) for the past five years tried to dent the name of my company. I don’t deny that I support President Bingu wa Mutharika for his good economic policies, but to claim there is a taskforce strategising on the President’s third term headed by me is fabrication created out of malice and hatred.

“If the idea by those rumour mongers is just to create public debate, then they are getting it wrong because the President has been straight forward on the issue right from the campaign period. If other people attempted third term, let us not think Mutharika will do the same,” said Mulli.

Mutharika’s term ends in May 2014 but some media reports quoted unnamed sources as saying a committee was formed to lobby for a constitutional change for Mutharika to run for another term.

Former president Bakili Muluzi’s attempts for open terms were stopped by Parliament in 2003-The Nation, Tuesday August 25 2009.


  1. It was Nyasa Times which was the champion of those rumours. Nyasa Times now represent everything wrong with being controlled by Muluzi. Muluzi has poisoned the minds of Nyasa Times that they peddle funny and outright stupid rumours.

  2. There is no task force on third term. Ngwazi is satisfied with his 10 years that he will be in power by 2014.

  3. Frank don't you work with The Nation anymore? Wayamba kudya nawo alomwe anzakowa tsopano eti. Mkazako ndi mwana ali bwanji? Good luck Frank. Zikapezeke zitenge ndipo udzigwiritsire ntchito.

  4. nyasatimes inazolowera kunama so that their master can give them bread and butter. stop lying about Bingu and Mulli. Bingu is too busy promoting his developmental agenda and Mulli is too busy managing his congromelate. Leave them alone inu a nyasatimes

  5. bingu has just repeated Muluzi'z mistake. he is in for a show with Joyce Banda, no easy ride for Peter to the presiodency. If we had Goodall or someone old from the North it could have worked for peter but this time around am sorry.