Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NEWS!!!'Resurrection’ was planned & faked

By Lucy Liponda

It’s now official, news that a man died on the outskirts of the commercial city, Blantyre in March this year and allegedly resurrected over two weeks ago has been proved false and stage managed, Malawi Digest has confirmed.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Sydney Kuntomoni has confirmed to Malawi Digest this evening that they have taken into custody two people for playing roles in this alleged ‘resurrection’.

Kuntomoni who is also Officer-In-Charge for Chileka Police Station said Police have arrested the mother of the supposed resurrected man and the herbalist involved in the saga.

“After through investigations and interviews of the people involved, the Police have proved that the news about resurrection was just false,” he said.

Police Public Relations Officer for the southern region, Assistant Superintendent Davie Chingwalo told Malawi Digest a short while ago that Veronica Mazengera, the mother and Friday Msalira, the herbalist will be charged for giving false information to the Police.

Details of the incident that has made headlines in the local media are that Moses Levison, 35 died on February 27th and got buried on February 28 this year.

However, two weeks ago, Friday Msalira, a herbalist claimed to have brought back to life the deceased almost six months after his death.

When Police, doctors and other government officials visited the village of the person who was alleged to have been brought back to life to exhume the coffin that was buried in February this Wednesday morning, they were also confronted by a group of people from Nsanje who claimed the man being paraded as having resurrected was a mentally disturbed man who was their relation.

The Nsanje people claimed the man got missing from Nsanje in January this year and was never seen since then until a few weeks ago when they saw his pictures in the newspaper.

Led by the District Commission of Blantyre Charles Makanga, Police and government officials had to calm the two sides as each one of them claimed Moses Levison was their relative.

Following a heated debate between the two sides, Police invited the two families to Chileka Police Station where the mother of the deceased is later reported to have confessed that the man being paraded as having resurrected was not her son.

The herbalist is also reported to have changed his tune that he resurrected the man but that he just found him loitering around in the village.

Before today’s interaction with the Police, herbalist Friday Msalira was telling the local media that he had resurrected the dead man and went further to challenge people that if they want to known the truth, they can even exhume the dead body and that they would not find it but only a banana stem in the coffin.

The man has since been confirmed to Steven Yotamu Fred from Madana Village; TA Ndamera is the Shire Valley district of Nsanje, southern region of Malawi and not the late Moses Levison from TA Lundu in Blantyre – Malawi Digest.


  1. Why are we so taken up easily in believing these witch doctors and not the BLOOD of JESUS!

    GOD help this Country!

  2. let the herbalist be in jail for cheating Malawians and the world at large.Its Jesus who can bring back to life a dead person.Herbalists bif you have nothing to do you better start farming than cheating people.