Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Malawi Police sweep up criminal street kids

By Lucy Liponda

Police in Malawi’s commercial city, Blantyre have conducted a clean up exercise that has seen tens of street kids in custody Malawi Digest understands.

According to Police spokesperson for the Southern Region, Assistant Superintendent Davie Chingwalu, the clean up exercise has taken place within the last 24 hours.

“We realised that some of these street kids were involved in pick-pockets and many other forms of crime,” he said.

Chingwalu told Malawi Digest that as a result of this cleaning-up exercise, the Police have taken into custody 67 street kids.

He said those arrested are in the age ranges of between 8 and 20 years.

“We are currently consulting with colleagues from the Social Welfare on how best we can handle these kids that we have in our custody,” he said.

Chingwalu said that the Police have engaged the Social Welfare department because they are specialists in the caring of street children and the destitute.

He said it had come to the notice of the Police that some of the street kids in Blantyre were snatching hand-bags from passers-by more especially women, stealing from parked vehicles and pick-pocketing among many other things.

“Most of these kids are engaged in small businesses like selling plastic bags when in actual sense they are doing pick-pocketing,” he said.

Chingwalu said that the Police are conducting these clean-up exercises on the street in order to make sure that street of Malawi are secure and safe from pick-pockets and other forms of crime.

In recent years, the streets of Malawian cities have been flooded street children asking for alms.

Most of these streets kids have no parents, others have but no longer live together with them due to marriage breakages or others have parents or close family members but due to negligence, the children are abandoned -Malawi Digest.


  1. Ana amenewa amaba kwambiri. I appluad the Police for moving in. Keep it up

  2. Most of these kids are abused by the prostitutes to buy condoms or even get them customers.

    We need to get proper care on these kids. I feel sorry for them.

  3. I hope the Social Welfare will not side with these kids and get them back on the streets.

    Let's find a better place for them.

  4. Anawa sikufuna kwao. Let's help them not treating them as outcasts. Where are the NGOs in Malawi?

  5. Where is Undule Mwakasungula and Mavuto Bamusi? Take these children to their houses, they were in the first place to stop Chifundo's adoption, go and give the children to them. NGOs indeed pamene akudyera mdzina la ana amasiye omwewa.