Sunday, August 23, 2009

Atupele sued for MK2M bill ..Muluzi in trouble

By Emmanuel Muwamba
Staff Reporter

A Blantyre-based law firm has sued MP for Machinga North East Atupele Muluzi for allegedly failing to pay over MK2 million legal fees for electoral challenges by his colleagues who lost the May 19 polls.

According to records filed yesterday at the High Court in Blantyre, Atupele, son of former president Bakili Muluzi, on May 22 instructed Kalekeni Kaphale lawyers to file electoral petitions which were later discontinued.

“The plaintiff (Kalekeni Kaphale) commenced work on the matters but discontinued the same upon the defendant’s (Atupele) instructions given verbally on 29th May, 2009. The plaintiff invoiced the defendant for all work done upon his instructions to discontinue the work and the fees were in total of MK2 070 842.50,” reads the statement of claim attached to Writ of Summons in case number 1840 of 2009.

The law firm argues that Atupele has neglected or failed to pay the entire sum of over MK2 million, 30 days after issue of invoice on July 1.

“By reason of the defendant’s failure to pay the plaintiff’s fees, the plaintiff has suffered loss of income,” reads the court record.

The law firm is asking a one percent interest above the commercial bank base lending rate from July 1 to the date of payment. It is also asking Atupele to meet the cost of the court action.

The records indicate that Atupele instructed Kalekeni Kaphale Lawyers to handle petitions of 15 parliamentary aspirants.

They include Ettinor Koloviko (MK241 737), John Chikalimba (MK71 065), Trifonia Dafter (MK71 065), Jeanette Chikoko (MK233 000), Winston Chikalimba (MK71 065), Angela Zachepa (MK198 050), Sunganani Banda (MK272 665), Inna Mezalumo (MK250 475), Bertha Masiku (MK71 065) and Ronard Chanthunya (MK71 065). They were all UDF candidates.

Brown Mpinganjira (MK71 065), who stood as an independent after falling from grace with UDF, is also on the list.

Atupele, according to the records, also instructed the lawyers to file and handle petitions of Esther Mcheka Chilenje (MK73 065) and Kennedy Kachingwe (MK233 000).

In the Writ of Summons, Atupele has been given 14 days to respond by either satisfying the claim or acknowledging to the High Court, within the stated, his intention to contest the claim failing which judgement will be entered against him without further notice-The Nation, Thursday, August 20 2009.

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  1. i didnt know that not paying debts its a family issue problem.Mr Muluzi mwapatsira mwana kuthawa ngongole.Mr lawyer lt him pay you or else face the law.