Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mutharika orders PSs' respect on cabinet

SINGING NATIONAL ANTHEM: Senior members of the Malawi cabinet singing the national anthem at the Malawi Institute of Management when President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika opened the one day orientation workshop. From Left, Local Government Minister Goodall Gondwe, Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Professor Peter Mutharika and Finance Minister Ken Kandodo Banda. Pic exclusively by Malawi Digest.

By Mana Reporter

Malawi President Ngwazi Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika Thursday took a swipe at principal secretaries who were undermining cabinet members cautioning them to respect ministers and deputy ministers because they were his representatives in government ministries and departments.

“No PS no matter how big you are is above a minister or a deputy minister,” cautioned Mutharika at the Malawi Institute of Management in the administrative capital Lilongwe when he opened an orientation workshop for ministers and their deputies.

Dr Mutharika asked principal secretaries and all government employees to respect ministers and deputy ministers as they were representing the president in all the government ministries and departments.

“I am saying this because there are some principal secretaries who are big headed and they think that they are bigger than a minister. You are not bigger than the ministers and deputy ministers,” he said.

Ngwazi Dr Mutharika revealed that there were some principal secretaries who were frustrating government operations by hiding information from their ministers and opting to pass such information to him through other means ways.

The State President, however, stressed that respect was reciprocal and therefore cautioned the cabinet to equally respect the officials in government ministries and departments adding: “We need these officials, they are our technicians.”

He therefore stressed the need for good working relationship in the government and offered himself to the ministers to seek help from him whenever they were having problems establishing good working relations in their ministries.

“What I need is harmony. You need the support of the experts and the experts need you as politicians,” he said.

Dr Mutharika also took time to warn cabinet members and government officials against engaging in corrupt practices in order to safeguard government integrity and sustain the trust that Malawians had bestowed on the country’s leadership.

“I am aware that some of you think of nothing but to get money that you are not entitled to,” disclosed the president cautioning the ministers to refrain from allowing contractors to be corrupted so that commissions should be given to ministers or to officials in the ministries.

Dr Mutharika said he would not hesitate to prosecute and fire any cabinet minister involved in corrupt practices.

“This time around I will prosecute and jail any minister or deputy minister, at the end of which I will fire you,” warned the president adding: “I am not going to move a corrupt minister from one ministry to another ministry as we used to do in the past.”-Malawi News Agency.


  1. Well spoken Bwana Bingu. Some of these PSs thought they were untouchables.

    Keep on lecturing them on their roles.


  2. A Bingu PS is a civil servant and minister politician. the politician will leave when you fire them whilst the PS will remain there. PS ndi wamkulu bwana!

  3. PS's watch out if you were playing games not with Bingu.

  4. When did Malawians start putting their right hand to their heart for their national anthem, and who declared it?

  5. On corrupt ministers, why are you doing nothing on Mrs kaliati bwana President? Just to remind you, she is alleged to have been involved in corruption with the award of a contract to tour operators at Nyika National Park. Start with her then we will believe your word.

  6. The current President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika ordered that people should be putting their right hand on the heart as a sign that they hold their country so dearly closer to the heart.

    I like this closeness and patriotism that Bingu is encouraging.

  7. Bravo bwana Bingu for reminding these P.S's that the boss is the Boss.I read an article in Daily Times that said "Minister grabs PS's vehicle".What is wrong with your bwana asking to use your vehicle?It clearly shows that some PS's just because akhalitsa in govt have got no respect for your representatives.It was nice of you to mention it chifukwa when the ministry fails it is you and your ministers who are blamed and not PS's.Moreso most of your ministers are new on the job probably thats why these PS's think they are untouchable ofunika apangidwe transfer PS's ameneyu.

  8. I totally agree with you comment that some PS have no respect for ministers especially ameneyo wa health.I didn't see anything wrong with the minister borrowing the vehicle or wishing to be moved into a self contained office.After all she is a woman and it only makes sense that she be accorded due respect even though she is a political appointee.Lets no forget that these ministers are also MPs reprenting so many people in their constituences.Lets respect them.