Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Campaign winds up

By Lucy Liponda

Campaign for by-elections in Blantyre City Central and Zomba-Malosa constituencies came to an end this morning at 6:00am.

According to a statement from the independent Malawi Electoral Commission obtained by Malawi Digest, anybody who continues to campaign between now and the election day, August 14th is violating the country’s electoral law.

People from the two constituencies, Blantyre City Central and Zomba-Malosa go to the polls on Friday to elect their Members of Parliament.

In Blantyre, the people did not elect their MP like the rest of the country on May 19th following the death of one of the candidates whilst in Zomba, the by-elections follow the election of the country’s Vice President Joyce Banda into higher office.

Malawian laws do not allow people to have two public offices.

The ruling Democratic Progress Party (DPP) of Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika is represented in Blantyre by Themba Mkandawire and in Zomba by Lawrence Idrissa Mpofu.

Both candidates have been tipped to win the by-elections with a wider margin.

Following the May 19th General Elections, the ruling DPP is in majority and the additional two MPs will only spice up the smooth running of government business in the country.

Malawi President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika visited the two constituencies over the weekend where he called on the people to vote for the ruling party’s candidates.

The Ngwazi, also appealed to the people in the two areas to maintain peace and emulate what the rest of the country did on May 19th-Malawi Digest.


  1. "Malawian laws do not allow people to have two public offices". Does it mean those MPs who are also cabinet ministers are doing so illegally? Could I get enlightment from those in the know i.e. legal experts?

  2. That's an interesting observation. Surely law experts come out on this issue.

  3. Whilst I appreciate that MPs who are cabinet ministers are holding two public offices, I don't think the VP scenario falls in the same category. I believe they must be an explaination more than holding of two public offices.

    Maloya athu chonde tilongosoleleni.

  4. Good subject for debate osakhala zomangutukwana pa Nyasatimes ayi. I want to get a real answer on this one. Are MPs in cabinet holding two public offices?

  5. You remember the Aford rebel MPs that were in Muluzi's cabinet, this issue did come up I don't know what was the ruling of the court but may be Judge Mwaungulu may remind us.