Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Analyst says Mutharika succession in process

Professor Peter Mutharika, one of the serious front-runners for the ruling DPP presidential candidacy in 2014. Although Professor Mutharika has not said anything himself on the presidential race, a survey by Malawi Digest indicates that many people are favouring him because of his higher education and professional qualifications, his sense of maturity, experience and a higher level in leadership skills. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Times Reporter

President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika already started a selection process for his successor for 2014 when he is expected to retire, a Chancellor College political analyst has said.

Blessings Chinsinga was reacting to a statement from the State House restating Mutharika’s position that he will not seek a third term in office.

He said from his observation, Mutharika had already started the succession process by removing old guards from cabinet like former Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Henry Phoya, former Economic Development and Planning Minister Ken Lipenga and former Transport Minister Henry Mussa.

He said the three well known politicians were originally United Democratic Front (UDF) heavyweights before they all followed Mutharika to form the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The UDF sponsored Mutharika to power in 2004, but he broke ranks with it, accusing the party of not supporting his fight against corruption.

Chinsinga said Mutharika was trying to bring in a new breed of politicians that had no links to UDF and these could form the basis selection of the ruling DPP presidential candidate come 2014.

He singled out the President’s brother Professor Peter Mutharika, Vice President Joyce Banda, Speaker of Parliament Henry Chimunthu Banda and Local Government Minister Goodall Gondwe as potential DPP presidential candidates for 2014.

In a statement issued on Sunday, State House Press Office Chikumbutso Mtuumodzi described as malicious and untrue internet reports that Mutharika intends to run for a third term of office in 2014.

Such media reports should be regarded as baseless and idle talk, Mtuumodzi said.

He said Mutharika made it clear upon his election in June 2004 when he took oath to protect and defend the Constitution and he would not renege on his promises.

“Dr Mutharika is a man of high integrity and everyone knows this,” Mtuumodzi said.

The internet reports which started circulating last month indicate that Mutharika had formed a taskforce to campaign for his third term bid.

The statement from the State House comes hot on the heels of calls from Chinsinga that the ruling DPP should start identifying a successor for 2014 to avoid leadership problems that dogged the opposition UDF in the run up to the May 19 general elections.

UDF went to the polls without a presidential candidate.

The ruling DPP is yet to hold a convention to elect the party hierarchy since its formation in 2005 expect for the endorsement of Mutharika as DPP presidential candidate earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Leston Mulli Managing Director of Mulli Brothers Limited has denied media reports of any links to the said taskforce, saying the reports were just aimed at tarnishing his image-The Daily Times, Wednesday, August 26, 2009.


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