Monday, October 5, 2009

Unima graduate made Dowa village headman

In what can be described as rare but encouraging situations in Malawi, a 61-year –old University of Malawi's Polytechnic graduate in electrical engineering, Bristol Chilunjika was on Saturday installed as village headman Isaki in the area of Traditional Authority (T.A) Kayembe in the central region district of Dowa.

Newly installed Village Headman Isaki graduated from the Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi. He later worked with Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company before resigning to take up this job of leading his people as village head.

Speaking during the colourful ceremony held on Saturday, TA Kayembe asked the new village headman to collaborate with all traditional leaders in the area for government to achieve sustainable development.

“As village headman Isaki, work together with all traditional leaders in this area and be dedicated to perform superbly. Support government of the day for development to prevail,” said Chief Kayembe.

She cautioned traditional leaders against the practice of seizing land from people in their area, as this development is counter productive.

Speaking earlier, group village headman Sendeza asked the newly crowned Isaki to respect Chiefs.

Village headman Isaki told reporters after the ceremony that he was short of words on his new status in society, adding that he is yet to experience what it feels to be traditional leader.

“I cannot say any words. I have just been installed as a leader in my village. Give me sometime to experience my work, “he said.

In his initial days before university and secondary school education, the new village headman went to went to Manthimba and Namwili Primary Schools in the Dowa.

“I was then selected to Dedza Secondary School after my primary school education from where I passed to go to the Polytechnic,” he said.

In recent years, Malawi has seen a new calibre of traditional leaders being installed in positions.

Some of these leaders installed include university graduates.




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