Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mbewe blasts 'deaf' Bakili Muluzi's hunger

Former President Bakili Muluzi was shouted at by his close friend Patrick Mbewe right at his house, BCA Hill.

By Lucy Liponda

Prominent businessman and former cabinet minister, Patrick Mbewe was the only person linked to the opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) who openly challenged failed presidential candidate Bakili Muluzi that it was wrong for the party to support the presidential candidacy of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader, John Tembo in the May polls, Malawi Digest understands.

The other people in UDF fail, to criticize Muluzi because they would not want to annoy the man they beg for their bread and butter.

Mbewe, who is one of the founders for the opposition UDF party and former executive member, is reported to be a very close family friend to Muluzi and as a result he can tell him anything openly without fearing any of Muluzi's repraisals.

Malawi Digest sources closer to both Muluzi and Mbewe have confirmed the two exchanged bitter-words at the end of April and early May this year.

Our source says that from the word go, Mbewe told Muluzi that it was not proper for the UDF leader to make a gamble by seeking another third term of office when in actual sense the Laws of were very clear that former presidents cannot bounce back.

“Mbewe told Muluzi that he should have drawn a leaf from his example by quitting politics other than trying to use the back door to find his way into the presidential candidacy for the 2009 elections. The advice by Mbewe on Muluzi fell on deaf ears,” said our source.

Patrick Mbewe, is one of the very few former UDF Members of Parliament who quit politics voluntarily. When he retired in 2004, he supported former Finance Minister, Friday Jumbe as Member of Parliament for his Chiradzulu Central constituency.

The Malawi Digest source further disclose that after receiving a negative response from Muluzi, Mbewe left Muluzi alone as is said 'let sleeping dogs lie.'

Our sources say that earlier this year, about January/February, business tycoon Patrick Mbewe left Malawi for the United States of America and later Britain on what was described as a long vacation.

Business guru Mbewe, is reported to own houses in both USA and Britain and some of his family members are reported to be residents in the two countries.

Whilst in the UK in April, Mbewe is reported to have been informed that following a court decision stopping Muluzi from running for the unconstitutional third term of office, Muluzi had opted to support John Tembo of the Malawi Congress Party instead.

The UDF went into the May polls without any presidential candidate.

According to our sources, these reports are said to have infuriated Patrick Mbewe even further because Muluzi and the UDF were now supporting a candidate that they demonized for over 10 years.

During his time in power, Bakili Muluzi described John Tembo as a big crook, murderer, killer and serious manipulator.

Our source reports that Mbewe contacted Muluzi by telephone from London inquiring if what he heard was true that UDF were partnering the MCP and Tembo in the May elections.

Mbewe was concerned that the MCP as a party had a dirty past and its leader having a questionable life.

Muluzi is reported to have not given Mbewe a convicing answer. It was at this point in time that Mbewe decided to cut-shot his overseas holiday and immediately returned home to try and pump sense into Bakili Muluzi.

Mbewe is reported to have advised senior UDF officials including Muluzi that it was going to be suicidal for the UDF to go into an election without a presidential candidate.

Mbewe returned to Malawi on Saturday 25th April, 2009 using South African Airways from Johannesburg. He landed at Chileka International Airport in the commercial city, Blantyre.

Later on the same day of his arrival, Mbewe contacted Muluzi proposing a meeting but the former Malawi leader declined, saying he had a busy weekend full of political campaign meetings.

However, when the two spoke on telephone the following week, Muluzi is reported to have accepted to meet Patrick Mbewe on Friday, Labours Day 1st May, 2009.

The two met at Muluzi’s BCA Hill Residence in Blantyre at 3:00pm after Muluzi had his Friday prayers at Kamba Mosque in the same city. Muluzi is a moslem and moslems have their main weekly prayers on Fridays.

Partrick Mbewe arrived at Muluzi’s BCA Hill residence at 2:50pm and was allowed entry into Muluzi's premises by two security guards (names withheld).

Mbewe drove to Muluzi’s residence in a white state of the art-Lexus in personalized numbers, ‘PBM’

The former cabinet minister in the Muluzi government was accompanied to BCA Hill by one person, his personal chauffer.

The meeting between Patrick Mbewe and Muluzi took place in Muluzi’s office at his BCA Hill and it went on up to around 6 pm. The two failed to reach a compromise but our sources say that Mbewe was fired up accusing Muluzi of trying to kill the UDF.

“This was the first time that we have heard of a visitor coming to BCA Hill and shout at the Bwana (Muluzi) right in the face,” said one of our sources, himself a Muluzi member of staff at the residence.

Soon after Patrick Mbewe left in anger, Muluzi is reported to have immediately summoned former MP Lilian Patel and Hophmally Makande to whom he expalined the whole story on how Mbewe blasted him and on how he was dressed down.

Mbewe, is also reported to have confided in one of our sources that; “Muluzi is a deaf person who will cry with an axe in his head.”

According to information gathered by Malawi Digest, Mbewe was suggeting to Muluzi that instead of supporting Tembo who many Malawians believe has a dirty and criminal past, the UDF should allow former Finance Minister Friday Jumbe represent the party as its presidential candidate.

Muluzi is reported to have given a blatant no, saying he doesn’t trust anybody in the opposition UDF.

Although Bakili Muluzi insisted in supporting Tembo during the May polls, the two political giants were given a 1st round knock-out blow by Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party.

Although Bakili Muluzi is failing to listen to Patrick Mbewe’s advice now, Mbewe is one of the very few business men that heavily financed Muluzi when he was campaigning for the presidency in 1993/94-Malawi Digest.


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    Mbewe returned to Malawi on Saturday 2nd May, 2009 using South African Airways from Johannesburg. He landed at Chileka International Airport in the commercial city, Blantyre.

    However, the two spoke on telephone the following week and Muluzi accepted to meet Patrick Mbewe on Friday, Labours Day 1st May, 2009.

    Is something amiss here? The dates are confusing.

  2. 'Mbewe returned to Malawi on Saturday 2nd May, 2009. However, the two spoke on telephone the following week and Muluzi accepted to meet Patrick Mbewe on Friday, Labours Day 1St May, 2009.' I am confused here what comes first, 1st May or 2nd May? It is even doubtful whether the story is true.

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  6. No I choose to disagree. This is important information to know the hidden info on how politicians were manouvering at that time. There is no time for old stories in Malawi politics.

    This story would encourage those that fear Muluzi that there is an opportunity for them to undress him if he is behaving irresponsibly.

    Good story.

  7. I have gone through the whole story, i can't see the errs the people are talking about. Am I missing something? May be they have been corrected.

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  9. Congrants Hon Mbewe for blasting at this little brant who takes himself as the political engineer of Malawi. You did so well.

  10. The story is indeed old news but the quoted paragraph by the first comment is wrong too on the date of Mbewe's return to Malawi.

    The article says, and I quote "Mbewe returned to Malawi on Saturday 25th April, 2009 using South African Airways from Johannesburg. He landed at Chileka International Airport in the commercial city, Blantyre", end quote. 25 April is not the same as 2nd May.

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