Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Man jailed for 'sperms' indecent assault

The Neno Second Grade Magistrate Court in the southern region district of Neno on Monday slapped Laxman Manduta, 34, with three years imprisonment with hard labour (IHL) for indecent assault.

The court heard that Manduta on September 27 penetrated his penis between legs and ejaculated sperms on a 4 year old girl, a daughter to his brother in marriage.

The court also heard that parents of the victim left their daughter with the wife of the accused person when they were leaving for church.

Laxman seized the opportunity to commit the offence after his wife went to their garden to collect tomatoes.

Manduta was arrested after his wife saw sperms on the girl's thighs and dress when she came back home. She reported the issue to Police who referred the girl to the hospital.

Medical examination indicated that the girl was not defiled but sperms were found on her thighs and dress.

In mitigation Manduta agreed to have committed an offence but asked the court to give him a lenient punishment since he was attacked with Satan and the evil spirit.

Passing judgment Second Grade Magistrate Marsen Nyambi said there are less mitigating factors than aggravating factors.

“The Satan that attacked him is an infringement to human rights which psychologically affected the girl and the accused deserves a stiff punishment in order to deter other would be offenders,” he said.

Manduta hails from Kamoto village in Traditional Authority Dambe in the same Neno district-Malawi News Agency.


  1. Koma a malawi mpakana pamenepo, bwanji osawauza mayiwo kuti mukufuna mpaka mwana this in ineed the Devil eee zandiopsa

  2. can you give me the contacts of the wife. I will volunteer to do the sme for the wife and i will make sure i dont miss the target in between the legs while he is in prison.

    By the way where are you on the minister who was doing the sme to somebody's wife? Are you not writing about him.

  3. koma zinthu zafika povuta,koma dzikori lingotha ndithu, koma chodambwitsa ndichoti munthu ali ndi nkazi moti usiku onse amangonalimodzi chomwe chinamusangatsa mwana wang'ono ngati ameneyu ndichiyani ameneyu mmangani ndithu ndipo osampatsa belo.

    ine kantangw'ana

  4. what the world is bring to us a Malawi, how can a big man do that, let God alone judge us, Mr man appreciate what the wife dish up for you and that goes to all Malwians let us be satisfied with our wives they are beautiful creatures given by our MASTER CREATOER,

    INE C.J

  5. AMALAWI, let us grow what make a big man think evil of a small child, where will you put you big thing and feel what you do to her.how does it feel if one can do that to your own blood, let God judge you and you deserve real pushment.the fact is your wife has a nice one and she just need your wife to do a job of refreshing it everyday so that you can feel it, but to my opion your wife is a great woman and she know how to dish for in bed, only that you got evil mind towards little children, stop it amalawi.

    Ine C.J,

  6. Thats abnormal, he deserve ax whilst in jail. His brother. Just ice. JHB