Thursday, October 8, 2009

Police probe Ndirande mysterious attacker

By Emmanuel Sobilika

Malawi Police detectives, continue to question a man believed to have been attacking innocent civilians in the populous Ndirande Township in the commercial city, Blantyre.

The man was apprehended in the early hours of Wednesday at Goliyo in the same Ndirande Township soon after killing a 4-year old boy and raping two sisters in the same house.

Southern region Police spokesperson Davie Chingwalu confirmed the arrest of a 26-year old man, who is suspected to have carried out these atrocities from as early as 2006.

Police have refused to name the man at this point in time but Malawi Digest has established that he disclosed to the Police that his name is Jack Phiri.

“Our officers are interrogating him at a place that I am not able to disclose at the moment,” said

Chingwalu said that the arrest of the man is in connection to a murder inquiry in Ndirande Township where a 4-year old Lazaki Mpasa was brutally murdered on Wednesday morning.

The man is also suspected to have raped two sisters, Sheila and Maggie Tawakali aged 15 and 18 respectively.

The victims were in the same house when the attacker forced entry into their residence.

Mysterious attacks have been reported in the populous Ndirande Township from about 2006 when girl students at the neighbouring Blantyre Secondary School claimed a man in his pants was invading their hostels raping girls.

The students then, claimed the man wore a mask to conceal his face.

A few months later, women in Ndirande Township claimed a man befitting the descriptions had also attacked them in their homes.

When the man was apprehended on Wednesday, he was in his pants and wore two face masks.

The mysterious attacks in Ndirande Township were once linked to former president Bakili Muluzi as being the man behind them.

Muluzi sued the woman who made the claims that he was behind the killings and attacks in Ndirande. The case is still in the courts of law-Malawi Digest.


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