Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bakili Muluzi in motor vehicle theft, Hammer

Picture of a hammer look-alike vehicle that Bakili Muluzi stole in 2008 from South Africa. We hope the long arm of the Law will catch-up with Muluzi on his thefts.

By Emmanuel Sobilika

Former President of the Republic of Malawi Bakili Muluzi has been sponsoring a group of armed bandits that have been car jacking motor vehicles in South Africa and later sold them to Muluzi and his family in Malawi, Malawi Digest can reveal.

Malawi Digest has overwhelming evidence that some of Muluzi’s vehicles that he has been using between 2004 and now were actually stolen and the former Malawi leader bought them clandestinely.

We have a list of Muluzi’s personal motor vehicles that Malawi Police authorities and the International Police (Interpol) are investigating to have been possibly illegally bought.

Some of those vehicles under investigations include two Benz saloon vehicles, a hammer, a Lexus and three Toyota vehicles.

Malawi Digest
Police sources have disclosed that investigations are at an advanced stage linking former President Muluzi to this ring of motor vehicle thefts.

One of the vehicles under investigations is a Hammer that Muluzi brought into Malawi in 2008 for his personal use for the 2009 Presidential and Parliamentary Election campaign.

Only a week after the vehicle was stolen at gun-point in South Africa, the vehicle was swiftly moved into Malawi by Bakili Muluzi through his agents involved in this ring of thefts.

Malawi Digest has learnt that, the Hammer, black in colour first arrived in Malawi on 29th March, 2008 at around 3.00 pm through Dedza Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) border post.

The driver of the vehicle and his colleague demanded from customs officials to allow the vehicle temporary entry into Malawi.

The officials at the post are reported to have refused to do so saying they could not do so because the vehicle showed the importer was Bakili Muluzi and that temporary entry permits are only given to foreigners who want to use their vehicles in Malawi for a short period and then get them out.

The man driving the vehicle is reported to have been furious about this and immediately contacted Muluzi by telephone explaining the situation.

Muluzi, the opposition UDF national chairman is reported to have then issued fresh instructions to ‘his boys’ to go back into Mozambique and re-appear again with the vehicle at another border post during which time, he would make sure that there is a listening customs border official.

True, the vehicle re-appeared again the following day morning, the 30th of March, 2008 at Mwanza MRA border post.

An MRA officer who was not expected on duty (name withheld) surprisingly reported for work and it was him who gave the ‘Muluzi boys’ a temporary entry for the vehicle to allow it proceed to Muluzi’s BCA Hill residence in the commercial city, Blantyre.

The MRA official gave the ‘Muluzi boys’ TIP MWA 1000048853 of 30th/03/08 and the document showed that it was to expire on 29th April, 2009.

Details of the stolen Bakili Muluzi imported vehicle were; Hammer, station wagon, model H3, black in colour, Registration WKK 50 GP, engine no M74393463, year of make 2007, chassis number ADMDNI3X 74393463.

At the day of entry in Malawi, the vehicle’s mileage was put at 213 140 and its value was put at R1, 000,000.00

Our sources have disclosed that the vehicle was driven into Malawi by Mr Enock Chibwana Bello who was travelling on a Malawi passport number Mw 122935 and gave his address in South Africa as 88 California Road, RSA.

The driver also had a South African identity whose details are 74 107 742 185.

He gave his address in Malawi as Post Office Box 212, Blantyre.

After being given temporary entry into Malawi, the vehicle was driven to Muluzi’s BCA Hill residence where he started using it instantly.

Though given temporary entry into Malawi, Muluzi started using the vehicle illegally when he put personalised numbers on the Hammer.

He was on several occasions seen at political rallies driven in this state of the art Hammer numbered ‘BM’.

One of the biggest events where Muluzi used this vehicle illegally was during the opposition UDF national convention in April, 2008 where he was endorsed at Presidential candidate for the 2009 general elections.

It is illegal under Malawi customs laws to give another person or sell a vehicle that is under temporary entry into Malawi.

So legally, Muluzi should not have had in his custody this vehicle but rather it should have been driven in Malawi by the driver, Mr Enock Chibwana Bello.

Former President Muluzi was approached by MRA officials about this illegal use of the vehicle but Muluzi is reported to have rendered a deaf ear.

It was in the course of these running battles between Muluzi and MRA officials that Interpol contacted their Malawian counterparts that they had just received information that a stolen South African vehicle fitting the descriptions of the Hammer driven by Muluzi had been traced into Malawi.

An official involved in the investigations of the stolen vehicle is reported to have betrayed his colleagues by tipping Bakili Muluzi on the impending raid on his residence over the vehicle.

Bakili Muluzi is reported to have swiftly moved out of Malawi the vehicle back to South Africa.

When Interpol visited Muluzi’s BCA Hill residence, they found the vehicle long gone.

Meanwhile, Malawi Digest has a list of people that have been supplying Muluzi with these stolen vehicles however we are not going to publish their names at this stage as we do not want to compromise Police investigations.

Former president Bakili Muluzi has a taste for fancy and beautiful vehicles but little did Malawians know that some of them were actually stolen elsewhere-Malawi Digest.


  1. This "Big Crook" is inviting more trouble to himself on top of his-already-too-full-a-plate. Late Kamuzu said it that Muluzi was a thief but people never trusted him. Here we are. Munthuyu wakhala akutibera tikuona. Having satisfied his egoism locally, he now decided to go beyond the borders to sponsor fellow thieves to smuggle vehicles into the country using illegal means. We cannot allow this to continue in this political dispensation. Malawi Digest, keep up the very good work. Proffessional Investigative Journalism at work. Guys ensure the world gets to know the very end of this issue. Wa MRA' yonso afufuzidwe for facilitating illegal transactions

  2. This theft involves RSA where the loss might have occured. What is Malawi Digest doing with our own theft in Malawi govt where the Kaliatis are admiting publicly that Ministers are not only impregnating any female living thing around them but are also doing all sorts of corruption including filling sec schools with unqualified students?

    Be partial and address all issues.

  3. Once upon a time when Mzati Nkolokosa was still working for The Nation, he once wrote and article where he described Bakili Muluzi as Two Boy, the young man who went around stealing from people but later met his match.

    Although, the story did not mention Muluzi by name, every Malawian who knows what Muluzi does, knew that the thief being talked about in the column was Bakili Muluzi and no one else.

    I cheerish that article up to know and I still keep a copy.

    In this article, Muluzi has been caught pants down.

    I well investigated story. Keep it up guys.

  4. To say that because the theft took place in South Africa then we must do nothing on Muluzi, then that is wrong. Let Muluzi face the music back home in Malawi whilst his 'boys' are also being delt with in SA. This great thief has been on the run for a long time, he now has reached his destination to face the music.

  5. I agree that Bakili Muluzi's cases and other opposition leaders are being reported on Malawi Digest without fail. We would like to have a balance of other prominent government thieves who are stealing our public money to also be reported here.

    Otherwise, this is a good piece of a well investigated story. Some excellent piece of journalism. Widen up the scope and reach the government side as well.

  6. This is how low a person can get and how pathetic this guy is? Not Pathetic but goosy, the whole of former president to be associated with this kind of criminology. Let just imagine the situation how the car was stolen, what if it was stolen at gun point. That means someones life was on a line. Guys lets just pause there for a little while and think. Just the thought of it, it really makes me drive around the bin.

  7. kodi inu a Digest, mumamva chichewa? Mbava zonsezi zikuvutazi bwanji simukulembapo kanthu? Nkhani ndiyoti you are sponsored by the one who gives you stories. Thats why you don't have many readers. Give us tangible stories & we'll appreciate you.

  8. malawidigest sounds like mulakho waalomwe

  9. The fact is that anyone who does not join the North to oppose the quota system is labeled all sorts of names. Today becoz of the quota issue the North thinks Muluzi is good.

  10. This is CHEAP PROPAGANDA. How come can someone drive back a stolen car to RSA. Muluzi is a very smart guy and he has been in Malawi throughout his lifetime. Just wait when he will bounce back he will hit HARD. During his term of office he uplifted the face of Malawi as a country and invested his money in Malawi. A notable example is the magnificent Kheza Building. Now there is no direction for the country – the lost decade. JUST WAIT.

  11. Point of Correction its KEZA not KHEZA. and the story is true he was using a stolen HMV it was since returned to RSA.

  12. In fact the so called Keza was built with stolen money.

    Check here


  14. This is petty issue. I think amene ndikupanga nanu comment apa ndinu amene mwalemba nkhaninyi. Let me log out chifukwa am waisting my time

  15. Malawians always good at fabricating stories, inventing stories. Ntchito ntonjane basi!!! Malawian Digest is part of Mulakho wa Alomwe!!! You will be rewarded with Diplomatic Positions soon!!! But who cares after all you are paid for such lies!!!!

    Ine ndimadalira Nyasa Times chifukwa panopa li bwino kusiyana ndi kale!!!

  16. ine nyasatimes ayi, malawi digest moto.

  17. Nyasa Times toto bodza kuchulaka anthu aja.

  18. Muluzi ndiwokuba basi, palibenso mbava yomwe yaba ndalama za boma ngati muluzi. amangidwe basi (with a tumbuka accent)

  19. why writing nasty things about pple u malawi digest just work hard u will get nice cars one day.stop wasting our time

  20. koma chimene mukadziwe ndi cha kuti galimoto from S.A to malawi pali ma boarder angati? Beirtbridge, ndi boarder imodzi yovuta kwambiri pa nkhani ya galimoto mwamva.Koma bwanji nthawi zina anthufe polemba ma comments athu tisiyambe kaya taganiza osati chifukwa Bakili ndi wakuba basi kuyamba kunena za kanundu kapena fodya ayi sibwino. just imaged G Bush wapanga zithu zoopsya bwanji pa dziko lino lapansi?

  21. Ngati Muluzi ali wakuba ndiye kuti Bingunso ndi wakuba, chifukwa birds of the same feathers flock together, they flocked together in 2004, what did they have in common?? these people they know each other, remember, Bingu was just endorsed he never went through the convention. Ndiye a Malawi digest, izi mwayambazi ndi mabodza kufuna kudya nawo, tamangodyani, musayese kuyalutsa munthu wamkulu kungakuthandizeni. Remember what goes around comes around. Really MULUZI's reign was better than BINGUS. NO two ways about it. Tizaona.

  22. This story does not stick at all. The guys that stole the car are known and Bakili merely used it. What I see in this is that Bakili wanted to hire a vehicle and these guys instead of giving him something straight forward, they went went and stole a vehicle and gave to Bakili. This can happen to anyone.

    I hired a car at one stage and I never checked whether it was legally owned by the leasing company. This is as good a going to a doctor when you are sick. Do you ask for his qualifications or where he/she studied?

    That there was an anomaly in the car is not questionable but to say aChair was involved is something else.

    You even know the guy that brought the car in and out of Malawi/South Africa. That Bakili was a mere passenger in the vehicle does not make him guilty.

    We have all been using public transport (mini-buses or taxis). Some of these taxis have stolen engines or were smuggled into the country. That does not make all of us (passengers) thieves. We are not even accomplices. Bakili wanted a Hummer but was unfortunately given a stolen one!!!!!

    The law does not say that when a vehicle has a TIP it cannot have a former or current president as s passenger.

    Muluzi was a passenger in a 'stolen' vehicle and that does not make him a thief......

  23. Is this blog really impartial or just proGovernment? Just wondering because it seems nothing bad is being reported on Government officials. Does it mean the government is perfect?

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  27. Good to know this report! Keep on posting more updates about this.

  28. Bakili Muluzi – the former President of the Republic of Malawi. It's a bad news that the car he use is a stolen car.

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  29. I believe that he is good president though we all have encounter wrong decision in life.
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