Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dr Mutharika back home, hails award

Presidential guard of honour: Malawi President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika inspecting a guard of honour on a rainy day at Chileka International Airport in Blantyre soon after landing from South Africa.

By Our Reporter

Malawi’s Head of State Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika has arrived back home speaking highly that the recognition foreign organizations and individuals have on the country’s leadership should serve as motivation to all Malawians to continue working hard to further improve living their standards.

He was speaking on Friday to journalists at the Chileka International Airport in the commercial city, Blantyre soon after landing from a two day trip to South Africa.

Dr Mutharika had gone there to receive and award from the Southern Africa Trust.

“I will be urging Malawians to continue working hard and to commit themselves to national development since the future of Malawi remains in our hands,” he told journalists.

President Dr Mutharika has been awarded the 2009 Drivers of Change Award for his outstanding leadership. He appealed for total support from the private sector so that the country continues to develop.

The Southern Africa Trust and Mail and Guardian Newspapers of South Africa give the award annually to outstanding African leaders and individuals.

President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika is the first sitting Head of State in Africa to receive the award.

Dr Mutharika said Malawi would achieve the Millennium Development Goals by the stipulated time frame since the goals were in tandem with the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy whose objectives are similar.

“While implementing the MDGS, the country is at the same time tackling the Millennium Development Goals since the core aim of the strategies is to fight poverty,” he said.

Commenting on the country’s infrastructural development, Dr Mutharika bemoaned sub-standard structures being erected in the country’s cities. He called on those involved to replace the structures with buildings which will match the country’s economic growth.

“Malawi is for Malawians, and we must take responsibility to develop this country for the future generations to appreciate our contribution,” he said.

He appealed to authorities responsible for granting licenses for construction of buildings in the cities to approve only those plans with modern and tall structures rather than single storey structures-Malawi Digest.


  1. kodi ku Malawi tidzakhala serious liti abale? well developed countries send ambassodors to collect these wards. mpaka ku gubitsa pelete? ki ki ki ki ki...ndasiya kuseka

  2. I like your comment. This just shows how myopic our presidents are. Zoona the whole president flying to get that studpid award of his. How much did the trip cost and how many people would have been saved if you bought drugs for hospitals using that money. Drivers if change my foot. No wonder everyone in Malawi is just looking forward for opportunities to make alowances instead of working nanga si ma leaders ake ndi mphwepwazi

  3. I am greatly surprised with the "reporters" of this publication. I am not so sure which journalism school these so called "reporters" went to. first, is this really a "professional publication" or a party publication. were you taught at the so called journalism school that a professional publication should bear party colors or insignia? why don't you just say who you really are? second, your articles clearly show your partisan stand even before reading. please stop making fun of journalism profession. this is a noble profession and what you are doing is precisely a mockery of what we know as true journalism. "Reporters" of this publication must surely be ashamed of themselves because to someone who actually knows what journalism is, it's very shameful and even appalling to read the articles of this publication. Do better please! you can afford to be really professional and neautral not acting as the DPP Mouth piece. If you don't have anything better to do, just begin selling tanapos instead of insulting the journalism profession and in the process revealing the peak of your idiocy. As a merticulously seasoned journalist am very much disappointed and ashamed of the team behind this publication. Their journalism really sucks!