Monday, October 12, 2009

Big fish involved in ‘Nachipanti’ killings

Malawi's Inspector General of Police Peter Mukhitho whose officers are doing enough to catch the big fish otherwise known as chejumo for sponsoring the Ndirande serial killings. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Mary Chikoja

Malawi Police authorities are looking into possibilities that a highly profiled personality or personalities were involved in the serial killings that have been taking place in the highly populated Ndirande Township in the commercial city, Blantyre since 2006, Malawi Digest understands.

Police have in their custody, Jack Bandawe as their main suspect to the Ndirande serial killings that have led to loss of several innocent lives and injury to others.

Several other people named by ‘Nachipanti’ as he is popularly known are also being held in Police custody.

Bandawe has told the Police during interrogation that he was being paid MK100, 000.00 per killing by his ‘masters’.

A senior Malawi Police official close to the investigations has disclosed to Malawi Digest that Police are piecing together information that may lead to further arrests.

“There are more arrests that are likely to follow as more names keep on coming up as we continue with these investigations. People should therefore not be surprised to hear that we have also arrested somebody possibly, big,” said the officer, who for obvious reasons cannot be named.

Two years ago, when the killings were at their pick, a woman told the Malawi public that the serial killings in Ndirande Township were linked to former President Bakili Muluzi.

She then alleged that Muluzi was using the blood in the serial killings for evil works as he belongs to a ‘Satanic’ grouping.

The woman then described Muluzi as ‘Makolija’

Muluzi was given the name ‘Makolija’ by his current bed fellow, Brown Mpinganjira when the two fell apart in 2000.

The name of ‘Makolija’ has now fitted well in minds of many Malawians and that even kids describe him as such whenever they see this failed Malawi politician.

Tension in Ndirande Township has been very high since Saturday following the burning of houses and looting of property belonging to suspects involved in the killings.

These acts of violence came soon after news broke that one of ‘Nachipanti’s’ victims Sheila Tawakali, 18, died at the country’s biggest referral hospital, QECH, where she was battling for her life after being seriously injured by Bandawe.

Another victim Maggie Tawakali, 15 is still battling for her life at the same hospital after being injured in the same incident.

In the latest incident of serial killings that led to the arrest of ‘Nachipanti’, a four-year-old Lazaki Mpasa was also murdered by Bandawe.

Police have so far arrested the main suspect, Jack Bandawe, 26, also known as ‘Nachipanti’, businesswoman Towera Chisa Msambara and her son Kelly Msambara, Alinuswe Munde, 20 and Noel Numelo, 21.

Meanwhile, more prominent business personalities in Ndirande Township are reported to have gone into hiding after hearing rumour that they are the next targets for these acts of violence.

On Saturday, people burned to ashes minibuses and houses belonging to businessman Paseli for suspecting him to be involved in these acts of serial killings.

However, Paseli has not been yet arrested by the Police. Property also belonging to businesswoman Lucy Kwanyasa was also burned to ashes.

Property belonging to other suspects connected to the killings has also been set ablaze whilst the owners are in Police custody-Malawi Digest.


  1. Nobody is big fish until he/she is mentioned by name. You journalists, just tell us who is it that is being investigated for collecting innocent blood from Malawians. It is a fact that the young boy was being used and that he took advantage of that to rape the girls of his choice.

  2. Indeed just tell us who is under the microscope! One BT based businessman Lewis Monti, aka Lexo, has a joint called JUMO, could he be 'chejumo'?

  3. Its high time Mw Police did something on this issue. Appreciation to the efforts being put into place however need to look at even the close veranda. many a times people go to far places looking for a thing that they have left right in their house. thus the search should also involve the internal guys.

  4. ya thats true u better tell us who that big fish is osamangozengeleza. its like u guys, u fearing the big fish which is involved. tell us. Amalawi tikudikila mpaka tidziwe za big fish.How can you guys say someone that big fish,why not mentioning his name.

  5. zopusa.zopeka basi.a digest mulube nkhani.kodi BM anakulakwilani chani.anakuyikani pampando wonona mukudyelera lero koma mwayamba mwano.munali ndani inu ku Comesa.mumatuwa mtabwera kuyendetsa mini bus.

  6. November 19 Fella. mind you this is not a place to put such words. If Makolija is a big fish to soon be disclosed let him be disclosed. Anything that was in the dark has its time to come out. We malawians are waiting for the truth. The late Matafale sang and we are waiting kuti awachita bwa!

  7. Ma God will soon punish all sinners including that stupid big phish. Amen

  8. I felt sad about this. Criminals should be punished. Justice for the Malawi people. Whoever that big fish is.. somebody must drop names here. I think there are other people involved here. I pray that justice will prevail. Malawians deserve it.

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  9. What a vicious crime. The people who are involved in this issue must be punished. God have mercy to the victims. Give justice to the people.