Friday, October 30, 2009

Nyasatimes lies against the Mutharikas

Professor Peter Mutharika: Am happy with what I am doing at the moment. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Emmanuel Sobilika

Malawi’s online propaganda tool, Nyasatimes is at it once again lying against State President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika and his brother Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, Malawi Digest understands.

Professor Mutharika, the State President’s brother is Malawi’s Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

Nyasatimes which receives financial backing from failed Malawi politician Bakili Muluzi has once again repeated their lies against the country’s Head of State.

In their latest publication, Nyasatimes has alleged that Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika recently summoned traditional leaders from the southern region to Sanjika Palace where it is alleged by the Muluzi boys that Professor Mutharika, was endorsed and sold to the chiefs as the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate for 2014.

In their propaganda report, Nyasatimes alleged the chiefs were being forced to support and sell Professor Mutharika in their daily activities.

However, investigations by Malawi Digest have revealed that some moving to Blantyre over two weeks ago, President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika has met people at Sanjika Palace in groups on four occasions only.

These functions are when he signed the SADC protocol on gender, the State Luncheon with former First Minister of Scotland Sir McConnell, the swearing in of Supreme and High Court judges and the latest one being today, Friday, when the State President launched the Macoha flag week soon after landing in the country from South Africa.

Malawi Digest has investigated on all the people that went through the gates of Sanjika Palace to meet the State President and none on that list, is a traditional chief that met the Malawian leader.

Apart from the groups that we have stipulated above, there is no any other group that went to meet Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika.

Nyasatimes, which often times survive on lies and rumours, has not mentioned the alleged chief or chiefs that were in this group to Sanjika Palace.

They have also not specified on the dates this alleged group met the State President at Sanjika Palace.

The story therefore alleged by Nyasatimes is in this case concluded to be a lie against the State President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika and his brother Professor Peter Mutharika.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi Digest on Friday afternoon, Justice Minister Professor Mutharika said he could not comment on the allegations published by the Nyasatimes.

“I have always said that I am still learning in my job as Parliamentarian for Thyolo East and as the country’s Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs,” he said.

The highly qualified international lawyer said that the two jobs above are enough to keep him pre-occupied for the time being and nothing else.

In a related development, another senior government official has dismissed claims by the same propaganda tool that Gender Minister Patricia Kaliati, cried and apologised to fellow cabinet ministers at a recent cabinet meeting.

The official condemned the lies that have been cooked against Kaliati and the cabinet saying the incident as per alleged by Nyasatimes never took place.

The information we have received on the alleged cabinet meeting, the said incident never took place and several reliable cabinet ministers have collaborated our findings.

It is there clear that the two reports published by Nyasatimes are both just lies aimed at tarnishing images of the people being mentioned in the fabrications.

Since being elected as Member of Parliament for Thyolo East and Malawi’s Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika’s name has been on the lips of many Malawians.

He has on several occasions said it point blank that he is satisfied with what he is doing at the moment.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party is yet to have a convention where a presidential candidate for 2014 is expected to be elected and endorsed by the party’s officials from through out Malawi.

This is not the first time that Nyasatimes under the sponsorship of Bakili Muluzi has cooked up lies against President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika and his relatives- Malawi Digest.


  1. Why do you waste your time refuting what has been writen by Nyasatimes? This is not good journalism. Write your own stuff, please. When you write negative stories about Bakili Muluzi, does Nyasatimes respond like the way you are doing?

  2. There is no smoke without fire, if DPP wants to die a natural death then field Peter as presidential candidate, you will see how Malawians will reject you and vote for a minor party. So watch out do not under estimate Malawians, we removed Kamuzu, so take care.

  3. At least someone who had been in class has consience unlike the one who hasn't been. You end up sponsoring car robbers.


  5. Believe Malawi Digest because they have proved Nyasatimes wrong. Unless Nyasa brings in fresh evidence then they lied against the President and his brother.

  6. There is no smoke without fire, this is a true story nyasatimes always publish live stories, only that you Malawi Digest hates the truth since you are on the side of government. 2014 will rule out Bingu and his Brother. Anjoyelethu pakali pano.

  7. Malawi does not belong to mutharika family please

  8. we know he is being groomed.akuyendayenda mu mauniversity kudzigulitsa pamodzi ndi ka bright malopa kake.who doesnt know.who invites you to these universities.usadzabwlenso, mbulu ya law.ku tanzania kuli law.bright akufuna kukhala DG wa to merged MBC /TVM.WE KNOW.AKUFUNA ADZAPANGIRE CAMPAIGN PETER.Zopusa.

  9. ASA U PRESIDENT MUONA NGATI UFUMU MUONA NGATI MUNACHOKERA KUTI KODI?Out of de blue mwasitha mbendera den u want ur brother 2 succeed u tizione,muyalukatu & why r u thengenekaling with de lady joyce banda don't b under panic with her she bn denied alot as vice lately

  10. Paja flag tinasinthatu, inu mukuyikabe yakale, akumanganitu ngakhale mwakwere ya Peter. Koma anthu inuyo mudzalamba m'madzi, a Malawi simumawadziwa. Tiye nazoni.
    Peter sangadzawine, wakwana kale anthu ambiri ndi kuoneoneka kwake pa TV. Joyce Banda will win on a sympathy vote if she will contest. Ndiye sympathy vote siinama, mukamufunse Pevez Musharaff, zomwe magazi a Benazir Bhutto anamuchita. Mudzaiona misonzi ya Joyce Banda. By the was, can you remove the blue color, mukumadzionetsera mbali even before reading your article.



  13. Amangwetu, who is Joice Banda? Which coutry does she want to rule? This Malawi? Forsake.

  14. jST TO ASSURE YOU<IF PETER ANGAIME ADZAWINA KWAMBIRI.Remember u count votes from number 1,ine ndiye woyambayoooooo.DPP WOYEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Salima boy

  15. wat Malawians shud tel mi is who do they think win compete with the Mutharikas poyerekezera ndi anankafumbwefumbwe tikuwaonawa?Yohaneyu kodi?lachisanuyi kodi?yakobo james?kamphepo kodi?kapena muyesa nabanda?Unless God drops one from Heavens jst lyk he did with Mutharika then i will agree to kick the Ndata family otherwise get reay for Ndata in 2014.STOP DREAMING,Politics is real

  16. A Ntaba and Vuwa dont be too militant. If they say defend the government it doesnt meant to be militant. Accept some of the things. Do you want to tell malawians that todays government is absolutely clean. That will never happen.This is not the government of the saints.if you were saints people could understand you always militant arguements.

  17. Adzakhala atafa by 2014 . A malawi musadandaule .We are planning to get rid of these brothers .Revolutionary soldiers are on training , very soon will be in malawi during second demostration malawi donot worry.If malawian soldiers try to protect bingu sure they shall all get perished

  18. Abiye

    I was wondering? Are you the ones who tampered with nyasatimes website? so that you could usher us to you bias and nosence website. fotseki wena, akudyetsani zingati abingu. you wont go far. The demonstrations spoke the common voice of the majority, threatened with machetes, on the air (MBC) and the police but still ended up as thousands in the streets demonstrating. that is the voice. Let he who has ears listen and change before its too late.

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