Monday, September 21, 2009

Warning to Nyasatimes

We continue to note with great concern that Nyasatimes continues behave irresponsibly by stealing from our site, pictures and stories before putting the same on their site.

The pictures are taken without our consent and knowledge and the stories are paraphrased before they are published on their site.

We find this behaviour uncalled for and unprofessional on the part of Nyasatimes.

We would like to state categorically that we are not in any partnership with Nyasatimes and that their picking of our pictures and stories without any consent is therefore deemed illegal and unprofessional.

We have no intention of engaging ourselves in a media war with Nyasatimes but just humbly requesting them to keep away from this uncalled for and unprofessional conduct.

Reputable media organisations world over do seek consent from fellow media organisations if they want to use their pictures and stories where a proper consent is granted and normally proper acknowledgement is expected after publishing the copied material including pictures.

However, Nyasatimes have ignored this most civilised behaviour and turned themselves into champions of copy cuts.

We have previously warned Nyasatimes, who seem not wish Malawi well almost all the time but they don't seem to listen.

We hope for once, Nyasatimes will listen and stop using Malawi Digest as their photo gallery agency and news agency to get stories.



  1. osadandaula nazo izi mbuzi za nyasatimes, journalism yawo anamphuzira mu mchigayo awa. What good can come out of Thom Chiumia, a woman beater?

  2. akuluakulu may u act professionally otherwise just come home.Kenako atopatu bwana Muluziwo because ndalama zikuthera kuchipatala.

  3. This is a very strange and offensive article. It churns out the most unfair verbiage I have ever read in recent memory. Thuis attitude of holier than thou is sickening to say the very least. You can't claim to be innocent yourselves. You are pilfering articles from The Nation and The Daily Times and the shame of it is, EVEN letters? Acknowledging alone doesn't cover you legally. You are supposed to get authorisation from the two media houses, which is something, to my knowledge, you haven't done! Shame!