Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Malawi State President bemoans lack of port

Malawi President His Excellency Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Gospel Mwalwanda

Malawi President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika on Friday said he was determined to bring the Shire-Zambezi Waterway project to fruition because it is very expensive to do business without access to sea.

Dr Mutharika was speaking in Miami, Florida, US, at the 12th annual US-Africa Trade and Investment Conference (AfriCANDO) 2009 organised by the Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA).

Addressing the conference, whose theme was ‘Smart, Appropriate and Resource Efficient Technologies for Rural Communities.’ Dr Mutharika said the biggest challenge for Malawi; a landlocked country is how to trade with the world because of lack of access to the sea.

When he took office in 2004, Mutharika initiated the Shire-Zambezi Waterway Project to ease transportation of goods to reduce transport costs.

Before he went to the US, Dr Mutharika visited Brazil where he met the country’s President Inacioa Luiz Lula da Silva.

Meanwhile, President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika has arrived in the New York city when he is expected to attend the United Nations (UN) General Assembly later on this week.

On Sunday, Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika met the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon where the two leaders held closed-door discussions-MANA/Malawi Digest.

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  1. i guess Nsanje port will help us a lot in developing the country.Mr president thats what malawians need, business talks for the nation not a Professional beggar like che Bakili.