Friday, September 18, 2009

Tembo bought vehicle for May's swearing-in

A Toyota Quantum look alike of John Tembo's preferred vehicle for his dreamed presidential inauguration. Pic from internet sites.

By Emmanuel Sobilika

Losing presidential candidate in the May 19th General Elections, John Zenus Ungapake Tembo of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) bought a vehicle in May that was to be used for his swearing-in as President of the Republic of Malawi, Malawi Digest can reveal.

Tembo commonly known in Malawi as JZU is reported to have invested heavily in his impending swearing-in function that was planned for Monday, May 25th 2009 at the Civo Stadium in the administrative capital, Lilongwe.

Lilongwe was chosen for the inauguration ceremony as it was seen as the central point for the central region. Prior to the May General Elections, the MCP had a majority of its supporters from the central region of the country.

The vehicle in question, a Toyota Quantum was personally imported by Tembo from Japan and arrived in Malawi a week before the May 19th Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Contrary to Tembo’s dreams, JZU as some people call him, lost miserably to Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party(DPP).

In the elections, Tembo was supported by another failed Malawian politician, Bakili Muluzi of the opposition UDF.

Muluzi was stopped by the courts from raping the Malawi Constitution to seek another third term of office.

Malawi Digest investigations have uncovered that the vehicle was imported into Malawi by Hon. JZU Tembo and the details on the bill of entry in our possession gives the importer’s address as Post Office Box 30530, Lilongwe.

Our investigations reveal that the vehicle was a Toyota Quantum, light silver in colour, engine number 2kb1901287 and engine capacity 2491 cc manufactured in Japan.

Details gathered by Malawi Digest indicate that the vehicle arrived in Malawi through Malawi Revenue Authority Border post at Dedza on 10th May, 2009, seven days before the Presidential and Parliamentary polls.

Upon entry into Malawi, the vehicle was taken over by a customs clearing agency, Stage Freight Limited of P.O. Box 1776, Lilongwe.

Stage Freight Limited is a registered company of former customs officer, the late Simtchaya Chisale. The company is now being run by his widowed wife and her children.

Upon entry, the vehicle was given transit documents by MRA officials. The document numbered D225.

At Dedza, Stage Freight put forward MK2, 051,747.54 as a bond for the vehicle to be allowed entry into Malawi.

The vehicle was driven from Dedza MRA border post to Lilongwe where Tembo is reported to have visited the company’s bond premises in the administrative capital on 11th May 2009 to have an impression of his inauguration vehicle.

Because of the urgency of the matter and following John Tembo’s orders, the vehicle was cleared Stage Freight Limited at MRA Lilongwe office on 12th May, 2009.

Documents in our possession indicate that MRA billed Tembo through an invoice addressed to Hon. JZU Tembo of Area 10, Lundu Street, House Number 10/440, Capital City, Lilongwe 3.

According to the information that we have gathered, John Tembo commonly known to Malawians as Puludzu cleared the vehicle after paying MK 618, 268.50 in custom duties through bill of entry document number 5061 dated 12th May, 2009.

The information says that a committee of political big-wigs in the opposition MCP and United Democratic Front (UDF) was put together and worked around the clock planning for the swearing-in ceremony.

The team was led by MCP Secretary General Chris Daza and UDF director of research Humphrey Mvula. Among others, members of the organising committee included MPs Belekanyama, Dzoole Mwale, business men Ufulu and Lekani Loga from the MCP and Kennedy Makwangwala, Friday Jumbe, Clement Stambuli and Hophmalley Makande from coalition parteners, UDF.

Ufulu and Lekani Loga are sons to former education official, John Loga who is currently married a Catholic nun. The nun was removed by Loga from a convent at Providence in Chisitu Mulanje where she worked as headmistress for Providence Secondary School.

As for Lekani Loga, he is one of the most trusted boys to John Zenus Ungapake Tembo. Although this has been the case, Lekani has twice failed to win a parliamentary seat under MCP in his home village of Ntcheu.

As preparations were getting underway, two weeks before the polls, the MCP/UDF Alliance running mate, Brown James Mpinganjira also travelled to South Africa to shop for an executive attire that included a suit, shirt, necktie, shoes and dinner suit for his inauguration ceremony as Vice President of the country.

Tembo’s suit, was purchased by his wife Mrs Ruth Tembo in South Africa. She landed back in Malawi three days before the May 19th polls.

Tembo’s wife is from Lesotho and is originally called Ruth Mamaria Ntsekhe.

The two got married at the Evangelical Church in Maseru, Lesotho on Saturday 13th September, 1969.

Meanwhile, weeks before the elections, staff at Tembo’s residence in Area 10 has confirmed all senior party officials were describing Mrs Tembo as the country’s First Lady-Malawi Digest.


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  3. Koma John Tembo ndiye anali busy. This guy must be living in fools paradise. Did he really think he was going to win the 2009 elections? Tembo should forget the presidency. He is a killer and mizimu yonse inakwiya naye munthu ameneyu. Akagwele.

  4. Thanks Malawi Digest for exposing these people. It is good that Malawians now know who these people are. Nawo a Mpinganjira mpaka kukagula nsanpato yatsopano, analibe iwo nsapato - ki ki ki

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    Does it mean that he was not happy with the vehicles that the president is using now. Munthu uyu otchedwa John Tembo ndi owononga kwambiri.

  8. He he he de ulu, kugula m'beleko mwana asanabadwe. Koma a John Tembo, amandisangalatsa kwambiri. Puludzu.

  9. This is what we call journalism osakhala kutukwana and name calling that characterises Nyasa Times.

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  12. The car looks like the Toyota Hiace latest model. I might be wrong but I am 95% sure. Imeneyo ndi galimoto ya pa occasion ngati imeneyo. Koma akuluwa kusadziwa kusankha!

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  19. My goodness. If this is all that it takes to satisfy the average Malawians thirst for an argument then there is something amiss. Maybe some of you need to invest your time in something a little more.... fruitful and interesting. I cannot believe that someone would bother to sit down and write a whole article based on the fact that a presidential candidate bought a vehicle in expectation of winning an election. Were there no stories in Malawi at this time? Some of you have referenced this as evidence; is this all it takes to have your ramblings be considered as evidence? I think i'm in the wrong career then. Is there a shortage of lawyers in Malawi by any chance? Judging by this forum it should be fairly easy to convince any panel of some wrong doing. The next time there's an election in Malawi, i'll check to see if any of the presidential candidates wives bought a weave in expectation of a grand ceremony. That will surely be evidence of some evil in our midst... psssst.