Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chafukira’s body under medical inquiry

Speaker of the Malawi National Assembly Henry Chimunthu Banda says the late Chafukira was a great asset to the country's Parliament. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Lucy Liponda

A high powered team of medical experts, has descended upon the South African border town of Messina where they are conducting a detailed analysts on how opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) parliamentarian for Lilongwe North West, Ishmael Chafukira died mysteriously on Sunday, Malawi Digest understands.

An official working in the Malawi High Commission in South Africa confirmed in a telephone interview from Messina on Tuesday morning.

The official, who was part of the Malawi High Commission staff that went to confirm the death of Chafukira in Messina, said South African immigration officials, doctors and police investigators are working around the clock to piece together information on how the sudden death occurred.

“So far, they have visited the hotel where Chafukira died from this unknown ill-ness and now investigators have given a chance to pathologists and other medical experts to examine the body of the late honourable parliamentarian,” said the official.

The official who did not want to be named because he had not sought permission from Malawi High Commissioner to South Africa Agrina Mussa to speak to Malawi Digest said that at this moment he cannot disclose anything on the findings.

“Everything remains sketchy at the moment and we will have to wait until a final conclusion on the whole story either today, Tuesday or the latest Wednesday after a proper post-mortem is done,” he said.

The official’s version of the story has been confirmed by the Speaker of the Malawi National Assembly Henry Chimunthu Banda who said the body of the late Chafukira would not be brought to Malawi until after a proper post-mortem is done.

“We have requested medical experts in South Africa in collaboration with the police to institute an inquiry on how our honourable Member of Parliament died so sudden away from home,” he told Malawi Digest on Tuesday afternoon.

Speaker Chimunthu Banda heaped praises on the late Ishmael Chafukira saying his demise is a great loss to the Malawi nation.

“He was one of the most hard-working parliamentarians who contributed positively to the deliberations in the National Assembly for the good will of the country,” he said.

Ishmael Chafukira died at a time when he was fighting for a leadership change in the Malawi Congress Party under the famous John Zenus Ungapake Tembo also well known as Puludzu.

Tembo has always boosted that whoever dares him, always disappears and he always triumphs, hence his newly found name, Puludzu.

Former president of Malawi Bakili Muluzi has repeatedly told Malawians that John Tembo is a murderer, man with blood in his hands, a killer and a serious manipulator.

The late Ishmael Fillimon Chafukira has died soon after just being re-elected as opposition MCP parliamentarian for Lilongwe North West in the May 19th General Elections.

According to information gathered by Malawi Digest when it visited the late Chafukira's residence on Monday morning, his wife Joyce Chafukira said her late husband joined politics in 2003 and got elected to Parliament in 2004.

Before that, Chafukira worked as a secondary school teacher and at the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

The late Chafukira who was 43 years old had a Bachelors of Education degree from the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College in Zomba– Malawi Digest.


  1. mzimu wawo uwuse muntendere

  2. I am a student. Let me try and see if my arguments are true:

    Puludzu is a killer
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    Mafia is Puludzu
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    Tembo the puludzu
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    By looking at these premises, can anyone assist me to draw a conclusion? I think the arguments are true.

    Therefore, Tembo is the killer!

  3. let the truth prevail and let the wolr know that the deviil cannot vindicate his children as such olakwayo akhoza osadziwika lero but let him/her know God has seen and if not to repenr U SHALL PERISH and know that blood speaks.

  4. Mungotaya nthawi ndikunena zambiri, kodi simudziwa kuti aliyense adzafa? simunamvepo munthu atafa ndi heart attach, A malawi, bwanji mumafuna kuchita complicate zinthu, kodi akanakhala kuti wafayo si Chafukira ndiye bwenzi mukuti wamupha ndi ndani. Chimene chamupha chiululika, ndipo chibwenzi cha ku NRC cho chinena zoona, komanso nanga ma twins wa asiya ndi chibwenzi chimene anachisiya kunochi atani. Ayi ndithu zomvetsa chisoni. Tisaloze chala munthu. Aliyense ali ndi nthawi yake yofera. Kodi nanga monse munayambira kuloza chala a Tembo muja. Mulunguyo sakumva. Mudziwe kuti chilungamo chenicheni padziko pano chimasowa, kutereku anthu amene akhala akuchita zimenezi amangokumverani ndikumaseka amvekere anthu osazindikira okupha ali chete!!! Inu mungovutika. All will be revealed on judgement day.

  5. People should be careful with their statements and insinuations. People have various rights and Malawi Digest should refrain from letting people becoming accusers, prosecutors and judges in this medium! Malawi Digest may one day pay dearly.


  6. Kaya ndi Tembo kapena ayi kufufuza kuchitike basi. Chiweruzo chakumwamba ndichina chapano nchinanso, anthu adziwe. ngati kumwambako mumakukhulupiriradi mukanapemphera kuti kutitsegule maso tidziwe tione chilungamo chenichenicho.

    Zikachitika pamakambidwa ndithu sizinayambe lero. Ngati Tembo chala chimamulozaloza ndiye kuti pali kanthu. Nthuzi sifuuka popanda moto adzifuse okha aTembowo, kuti chimawaona iwo nchani, asintheso malankhulidwe oopseza mtundu waMalawi. iwo adyerera ndiye akamati mwana wamwano sakula, awo ana analibe mwano? anawachitapo chani?

    Akulu ampingo baba Tembo, shame to be a suspect of mysterious deaths all the time. Timtumize kwa TB Joshua akamukonze mdalayu. mwina sindiye koma ali ndi chiwanda cha imfa.

  7. Hon Geoffrey Kamanya who fought along side Chafukira on several occasions said 'pipo opposing Joh Tembo have their live under serious threats' it is indeed true.JZU gets lid of everyone who crosses his path.what u pipo have to know is this JZU was the 1st known satanist in Malawi.BUt God keeps him for a purpose, that man has few years to live .Nde enanu waned him for a president akanachita kutidya ndi tsisti lomwe.God is not dead & everything that happens,happens for a good purpose.To God be the glory on the death of Chafukira. My condolence to Mrs Joyce Chafukira am eith u mom in my prayers as for JZU God will punish u!

  8. Zinazitu musamazitengere pa mutu, 1st sanatist? what do you mean do you know the meaning of satanism? Satanism is any act which against God's will, whether small or big. so you want to tell me that JZU Tembo was the 1st sinner, becareful, when you are pointing a fingure at your friend know that 4 fingures are pointing back at you. Enanu you look and pretend to be Holy because you have never been caught. Did you ever catch JZU Tembo red handed, monse munayambira kuwanena muja, la 40 silinakwane? Zinazi ,mukamanena muziganiza. God is the controller of everthing. What you should know is that what goes around comes around. Do not judge other as if yourselves are Holy. Mkaziyo anena chilungamo. Enawa amangobwebwetapo musamawamvere!!!!!!!

  9. death of late Chafukira is a threat to budding politicians because as youths, with speculations that his death is mystreous, obviously forces us to belive that politics is being a parasite.however, it is also to early for a reasonable being to eatblish that mr Tembo was behind the scene. Yet if that remains true then it is still resides in the mind of the doer.surely, one day it will be known. may his soul rest in peace.
    Foster Gondwe

  10. it is high time we malawians started thinking beyond history.the nature of politics in malawi is currently registering high rates of hatred thereby failing to drive towards improved standards of living.we only need to develop a spirit of love for others.our failures are actually the success of others.therefore to think that who ever goes opposite to our line of thinking is a threat will always leave us underdeveloped.similary, as followers, malawian citizens need to respond to the efforts of leadership so that we develop sustainably.remember, every event is a record in history, and this does not spare the death of Chafukira.i am afraid, with such deaths, what kind of a political history of malawi will next children read?whatever we are doing is for the betterment of the future since it is promising a changed life. therefore we need to live a good legacy so that future generatios maintain for another better future.now, if we are to maintain the political instability we are likely to creat a bad future image.
    Foster Gondwe

  11. Judge not lest you'll be judged. God knows the real truth abouteverything! The judge of all people is God Himself.

    May Ishmael Chafukira's soul rest in peace.