Sunday, September 13, 2009

JZU Tembo sponsored opposition violence

JZU Tembo, he has enough reason to get more worried as he is being asked to account for MK250 million as well as being asked to pack his bags and go. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Lucy Liponda

Beleaguered opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader John Zenus Ungapake Tembo has conceded he sponsored acts of violence that happened at a hotel in Malawi’s administrative capital, Lilongwe.

The acts of violence resulted in the damaging of a Mitsubishi Pajero BQ712 vehicle belonging to Lilongwe Msozi North MP, Geoffrey Kamanya and injury of several people attending an opposition function.

The incidences happened on Thursday at Kalikuti Hotel where the opposition MCP Task Force on Leadership Change addressed a press conference detailing reasons for the removal of Tembo as leader for the opposition party.

Speaking in a telephone interview with Malawi Digest, JZU as Tembo is commonly known in the country accepted a vehicle used in the violence belonged to him.

“It is very difficult to for me to say I was not part of the violence sponsors, when the vehicle ferrying the perpetrators belongs to me,” he said.

He said though admitting the use of his vehicle in the violence, Tembo pushed the blame on his personal aide, Jeffrey Kamata for planning of the fracas.

“Though my vehicle was used, the planning and execution of the violence was done by Kamata. He is the right person to answer on this and not me,” he said.

When contacted by Malawi Digest on Saturday evening, Kamata said there was no news on the story.

“This is an internal MCP matter, brother fighting against brother, so what? Hon Tembo’s vehicle was used by me at Kalikuti Hotel so what’s the news there?” said Kamata before hanging the phone on this reporter.

According to Malawi Police who were called in to quell tension at Kalikuti Hotel on Thursday, preliminary investigations have shown that hooligans who smashed a vehicle belong to Lilongwe legislator Kamanya, was a VW Combi registration number DZ 367.

The Police, Tembo, Kamanya and Kamata have all confirmed that DZ 367 belongs to the MCP leader.

This is the first time that Tembo has come out in the open to agree he sponsored something sinister.

John Tembo, is believed to the man behind the killing of hundreds of Malawians during the one party rule and former president of Malawi the late Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

He is believed to have ordered the killing of three cabinet ministers and an MP during the dictatorial rule under MCP.

Although he was arrested and taken to court by the Bakili Muluzi regime, a court acquitted him case technicalities.

Details of the incident say that hooligans travelling in the VW Combi threw stones from outside the perimeter wall aiming at the MP’s vehicle and other people within the hotel premises.

After the violence incidences, the VW Combi then entered the hotel premises where Tembo’s aide Kamata said he wanted to attend the press conference.

He was however, removed by Police as his behaviour was seen as an act of provocation more especially after the acts of violence.

The press conference was addressed by MCP deputy secretary general Betson Majoni, former Youth Minister Professor Kamangadazi Chambalo, MPs Geoffrey Kamanya, Ishmael Chafukira, Jolly Kalelo, Ephraim Kayembe, former MPs Boniface Kadzamira, George Zulu, Kizito Ngwembe, district and constituency officials from Mchinji, Kasungu, Dowa, Lilongwe and Nkhotakota among many other party leaders.

The opposition leaders have since asked John Tembo to account for nearly MK250 million he personally handled as party finances.

The group has since asked Tembo, also known as Pulitzer to resign from his position to pave way for new blood in the party-Malawi Digest.


  1. Puludzu u better leave this politics and constrate on ur farming.May be kukalima munda ukungikhala ku Dedza uja but w are fed up with ur stories.Ngati mwakalamba osango pita kumudzi bwanji?

  2. If JZU sponsored the fracas, that was wrong, but if Kamata did it out of his own interest thats out of issue, These so called Rebels they are really concerned with the MCP leadership, thats true and they have to express themselves, but my worry is their composition is worrisome, lets talk about Majoni, his behaviour is even much worse than Tembo, they should think properly on this, and mostly these other members are failures, I would want to plead with Kamanya, Chafukira, Kayembe and Jo Kalelo that we really wish them well but they should tread carefully these other failures would just assist them to fail even more, watch out young men, we really need young blood but lets follow good procedures which would make MCP more stronger than before not even weaker than before. WATCH OUT!!!! if you associate yourself with fools you will by the end of the day be a fool. You have facts guys but change comes gradually and with followed procedures.

  3. I agree that MCP needs leadership change. Obaba o Tembo wokhalitsa nthudi.

  4. Coaches change players at half time inorder to change the game format and win. That's what MCP needs now.

    Change Tembo for a better leader.

  5. Change is needed in MCP but do not forget that though Tembo has been regarded as a bad man. He has managed to save MCP. There are better people in MCP who can make good leadership. There are young people in there who are not making noise but can be good leaders. An empty tin makes alot of noise. The so called the rebels are off line. Good approach is all what we want. the Big four: Kalelo doesnot have a stable home he cannot be a good leader, Kamanya he is too emotional and is doing it out of bitterness he can not be a good leader, Chafukira he fails to manage his own home not fit, Kayembe he is childish and easily taken up by winds we do not need such leaders. There is need for change in MCP but not through these guys. I was giving respect for Ngwembe but now its out of issue. Kuona maso ankhono Nkudekha, Tembo will not be there forver, his age and constitution does not allow him to continue, why are you guys in such a hurry. Take example of DPP, respect is what makes a man. If you are doing things out of bitterness and revenge you will not go far. We need better people. You rebels you are waisting your time leadership comes automatically with God's approval, Our President became a leader coz God approved. Becareful your downfall is coming soon.