Monday, September 14, 2009

Dr Ligoya is new Reserve Bank governor

New Malawi Reserve Bank Governor, Dr Perks Ligoya.

By Emmanuel Sobilika

Malawi President His Excellency Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika has this Monday evening appointed Dr Perks Ligoya as the new Governor for the Reserve Bank of Malawi.

Dr Ligoya, takes over from Victor Mbewe who had his contact terminated about two months ago on mutual understanding.

According to a brief background obtained by Malawi Digest, Dr Ligoya is a macro economist having worked the Reserve Bank of Malawi, the International Monetary Fund and the Budget and Finance Committee of the Malawi National Assembly.

Dr Ligoya, has previously also served as the President of the Economics Association of Malawi.

He also served as economic advisor to Malawi’s Minister of Finance.

Dr Ligoya also worked as Director of Finance in Treasury-Malawi Digest.


  1. Nanga Nyasa Times imalimbana ndi kumunyoza Joseph Mwanamveka bwanji? I think they will be man enough and apologize to him.

  2. A Nyasa Times amulepheletsa Mwanamvekha kukhala Governor. But they were right on when they informed that Victor Mbewe was forced to resign

  3. Perks yes but he must now grow up! He must reduce the casino life. I admire his papers. The man went to skool. Am told her is got a degree of economics in french. Bingu is changing malawi. We were indeed tired of the same faces, same names. Amalawi ophunzira alipo ambiri!

  4. welcome Ligoya to wonderful administration of our Ngwazi.Remember Bingu samanyengelera and dont try corruption u will not enjoy the worl like Muluzi,allthe best and good luck.

  5. I knew Ligoya as a Masters and PhD student in one of the French reputable universities. He's got friends in both the Paris Club and IMF. After his studies in France, this gentleman was offered a job in a bank called Credit Lyonnais but he declined the job because he wated to come back to Malawi to serve his nation. Nyamata wa vision. Bonne chance Perks, que Dieu te benisse.

  6. Why is it all of a sudden appointments are going to Thyolo people? I always appreciate learned guys who must be rewarded for their hardwork, the President should realise that Malawi has been one country until the May 2009 elections.

    We must learn lessons from political parties which were strong and have now become district parties. I hope this does'nt happen with the DPP which I voted for. Now all pointers are showing that HE's popularity has commenced its descent.

    I remember I predicted this for Zimbabwe back in 2000 when the war veterans started their campaign of grabbing farms. I remember that time I was in London and I was asked my views by a BBC reporter.

    I would like to appeal to president's closest advisors to please warn him that he should not be carried by the last victory and handle issues as he is doing now.

    There is the issue of quota system of education. This is an issue which is reminiscent with the chasing of certain tribes from parts of Malawi. Bakili did not touch it but Bingu has embraced it. I wish him all the best. I hope he will manage to hold parliament in one piece come November.

  7. Congrants Perks Ligoya. We wish you well.

  8. Kodi nkhani ya tribe yayambiranso pati? This guy is rightly qualified for the job. He is even more qualified than Victor Mbewe. Congrats Ligoya.

  9. Victor Mbewe was an administrator and alot of people at the RBM are complaining alot about him. They are happy he is gone. Welcome Ligoya.

  10. A Nyasatimes akhala akutibwatika ndi bodza kuti Mwanamvekha ndiye Governor. Kumulakwira munthu basi. Kuzonda a Lhomwe basi.

    Fake Nyasatimes yanamanso as usual.

  11. Nyasatimes fake cabinet list released earlier, fake governor, fake stories all the time.

    I now rely on Malawi Digest for all the news from Malawi.

    Congrants Malawi Digest.

  12. pa nyero pa nyasa pakununkha, ndiye pa digest panawola kale, ndiye akakumana fungo lowopsya lokupha

  13. Thyolo yoye, Alomwe yoye, Angulu yoye, Kwa Ntanagale woye