Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chafukira’s death puzzle doctors

The late Ishmael Chafukira. His death still puzzling some of the highly trained medical experts in South Africa. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Emmanuel Sobilika

The death of former opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Ishmael Chafukira has surprised medical experts and investigators who have failed to conclude what exactly killed the Lilongwe North West legislator, Malawi Digest understands.

Post-mortem results for medical examinations concluded on Wednesday by the highly trained experts revealed nothing.

This has been confirmed by Martin Nyengo, a close friend to Chafukira who witnessed the whole operation undertaken by medical doctors at a Pretoria medical facility.

“The doctors have found nothing that could have led to the death of Chafukira. They found completely nothing on the tests that they conducted,” he said in a telephone interview from Johannesburg.

Nyengo said that the late MPs death has left the experts wondering what could have led to his early departure.

“The tests on the late Chafukira took a good four hours but the results showed nothing, leaving the doctors more confused,” he said.

He said a highly trained Nigerian doctor involved in the exercise said he was surprised that they failed to find reason for death, which he said is very rare.

“They have since taken some samples that are going for further tests whose results are expected to be out in six weeks time,” he said.

Chafukira’s wife Joyce told Malawi Digest soon after being told that the doctors found nothing that may have led to her husband’s death that she is equally surprised.

“I and the rest of the family are interest to know what exactly killed my husband,” she said at her Area 25 C house.

Joyce Chafukira who is a teacher by profession at Chiuzimbi Primary School said in as far as she knows her husband he was in good health when he left Malawi.

“His health history shows that he had no any health problems like high blood pressure, low blood pressure or any heart diseases that may have led to his surprise death,” she said.

She was however, hopeful that the final result of the tests conducted by the doctors to come later on, my reveal what killed the former MP.

Many Malawians including human rights activists have expressed shock and disappointment at the death of Ishmael Chafukira who was leading a democratic fight against MCP president John Tembo.

One of the leading human rights NGOs in Malawi, the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) has linked Chafukira’s death to the opposition MCP of John Tembo.

CHRR said in a statement that they are not surprised with Chafukira’s sudden death as Malawians still have fond memories of the dark past for the MCP.

The late Ishmael Chafukira died suddenly on Sunday night at a South African hotel in the border town of Messina.

He had gone to South Africa on personal business to purchase vehicles for his family.

Former Malawi president Bakili Muluzi has repeatedly told Malawians that Malawi Congress Party leader, John Tembo is a murder, killer and serious manipulator who normally hides from atrocities engineered by him-Malawi Digest.


  1. There is no need for any body to be wonder what killed Chafukira because it is Tembo. We all know that Tembo is a killer and he kills without mercy. He eliminates anybody who gets in his way. Its a shame that this Temnbo man is not in prison because that is where he belongs having killed a lot of innocent Malawaians. Shame on Tembo

  2. Tembo is a killer. He also kiled Raspicious Dzanjalimodzi. One thing he should know is that he will never be president of Malawi, no matter how many people he kils - no body wants him and God has said No.

  3. Can someone show me the evidence that shows that Tembo is a killer? When answering the questions, am not expecting you to mention the names of people you suspect him to have killed them but the evidence that shows that he is the killer.

  4. Proving beyond doubt its JZU wakonza mwanayu:

    1- He has a history of eliminating anyone opposing him

    2- He is a well known witch to every Malawian unless you are Chewa and you try to pretend or mumadyera limozi nyama zawanthu ndi Tembo

    3- He promised to deal with anyone opposing him.

    4-He promised he will get rid of all opponebts once he wins elections, just prior to elections

    5-He has bllod in his hands

    6- Bakili told us how this mafia kills and pretends its not him

    7-He has NEVER attended any funeral for any mcp member hahahahah!!! Mwaiona imeneyo NOT even KLamuzu’s nices, nephews etc

    7 is complete number,,,there goes the crocodile….Munamvapo kuti Doctors failing to discover cause of death?????? Girl friend aziwapo chani? Nayenso akudabwa angati ife tomwe so dont hide in all these things ndi TEMBO AKULUAKULU WAKHONZA CHAFUKIRA!!!!

    nonse mukusapota tembo especially achewanu muzafa mwazizizi inunso. You dont back-up a maruding(sp) HYENA WE KILL IT!!!!

  5. Make a better site than Nyasatimes; otherwise, I personally feel your way of reporting is better.

    Peace be with his soul wherever it is.


  6. I agree with J that in terms of writing stories, Malawi Digest is the best. No body can match with you even the Nyasatimes people know that very well.

    Keep it up guys.

  7. Editors for Malawi Digest, are you remaining on this blog or you plan to set up another website, we want to know because your online media organ has become so popular amongst Malawians at home and beyond.

  8. It is because of your good writings and page set ups that Nyasatimes has now resorted into stealing pictures from your site, Malawi Digest moto!

  9. Malawi digest mukuyesetsa kutidziwitsa pitilizani.A Malawi no wonder doctors are not finding the cause of death koma akudziwa chenicheni akungoopa becasue RSA has to answer if he was killed.Anyway God will judge but if its Tembo he has to know kuti iyeyo siwambewu adzapitanso.

  10. U really r trying to make the lives of people here @ home and outside better. We get the news m'mene zachitikira not trying to copy w@ others r doing or have written.

  11. Professional reporting cannot carry these comments without editing them. Check it out!!!

  12. Dear our Esteemed readers,

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  13. My prayer to GOD, If its Tembo behind this killing, let him know that you are God in your usual special ways together with omuwombera m'manja wonse, just like you did with the devil pomuponya pansi, angelo omusapota munawasintha dzina kukhala ziwanda, ameneyo ndiye mulungu.

  14. It is finished, nthawi yakwana yoti oyenda ndilupanga afenso ndilupanga, ngati mukuti tisaweruzane, ma judges analiponso kalelo. tisaope munthu who can destroy but the body only, nzeru tilinazozi ndizaketu za yehova ndipo ngati ali munthu behind this death mulugu anawona ndipo sungachite naye chinyamata.

  15. It's very an fair to directly link chafukira's death to Tembo,very unfair
    Lets wait to find out the cause of the death

    Muluzi tanished Tembo's image for poltical reason
    NO tangible evidence is there that Tembo is a Killer (the courts failed)
    If you believe everything Muluzi said You shall one day be surprised

  16. No,no, its tembo mosakaikanso mboni zanga ndi Matenje, Gadama ndi ena ambiri, ali kuti lero? ndi Matenje, Gadama ndi ena ambiri, ali kuti lero?