Thursday, March 19, 2009

War against Bakili Muluzi intensifies

NO THROUGH ROAD: Malawians are no longer interested in Bakili Muluzi proceeding with his third term self satisfying agenda.

By Rodney Muthipo

As the world continues to wonder why former Malawi President Bakili Muluzi is forcing himself onto the May 19th Presidential race, the war against his come back has intensified.

The battle, which was being fought on land, has now entered the water and the sky, Malawi Digest understands.

Last weekend, about 10 Roman Catholic priests, five reverends from the CCAP Blantyre Synod and 12 other senior clerics from some Pentecostal churches met at a lake side resort (name withheld) in Mangochi for 3days strategising on how to make sure that Muluzi does not come back into power.

One of the priests who attended the meeting told Malawi Digest it run from Thursday the 5th of March to Saturday 7th of March.

He said the meeting laid down plans on how best to counter the Muluzi come back third term bid.

“We started the meeting on Thursday to give a chance to members of the clergy to return back to their bases on Saturday, in readiness for their regular Sunday service,” said our source a Catholic priest from Blantyre Archdiocese.

The senior priest, who pleaded for anonymity, said the meeting agreed on how best to tackle the Muluzi third term bid because it is counter productive to the country’s democracy and development.

“This is an initiative taken by individual members of the clergy and we hope that our religious organisations are seeing the same need and that very soon they will take their own stance,” he said.

He disclosed that the group has received overwhelming support from many religious organisations in Malawi to make sure that Muluzi does not succeed in his selfish agenda to rape the Malawi Constitution.

The priest disclosed that apart from their discussions, participants to the meeting also fasted during the three days that they were in Mangochi.

During the lake shore indaba, leaders agreed that after the announcement of the final list for candidates by the Malawi Electoral Commission later this month, they will meet weekly to fast and hold prayers for the country.

“Our mission is not for the public to see but for God Almighty to hear our cry against this egocentric Bakili Muluzi third term campaign,” he said.

Meanwhile, millions of Malawians are joining the anti-Muluzi comeback campaign.

On Saturday, former Mozambican president Joachim Chissano told Bakili Muluzi right in the face at the New State House in Lilongwe that whilst he doesn’t have any powers to stop anybody from contesting in an election, he expects African politicians to rise above their selfish and partisan agenda in accepting and following what the Constitution says.

Although he served his maximum constitutionally accepted two-five year terms, Bakili Muluzi thinks that he is wiser than any other Malawian.

As one of the early fighters for democracy in Malawi, Bakili Muluzi has not explained to the people of this country why people decided to give the president a maximum of two-five year terms of office.

During his time in power, Bakili Muluzi’s administration was characterised by poverty, high levels of crime, hunger, high levels of corruption and economic mismanagement among many other things.

It is not known what he has learnt in the last five years that he now comes back running like a cry baby claiming he can now make a good leader for Malawi – Malawi Digest.

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