Friday, March 27, 2009

DPP fires warning shot

LOUD AND CLEAR: A DPP campaign bus on the Kamuzu Stadium football pitch. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Rodney Muthipo

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Thursday painted the city of Blantyre blue, the official colours for the party.

This was to mark the official launch for campaign for the May 19th Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Starting from the presidential Sanjika Palace, a convoy of over 100 vehicles accompanied president Bingu wa Mutharika when he visited some areas within the commercial city, Blantyre.

The trip took him to Catholic Institute, Stella Maris Secondary School, Zingwangwa Township, Kamba, Kanjedza, Limbe Market, and Ndirande Township before the convoy hit the Kamuzu Stadium.

On this trip, thousands upon thousands of people lined up on the road sides to catch a glimpse at Dr Bingu wa Mutharika, the man who has transformed Malawi’s misfortunes to fortunes and turning round the country’s economy completely.

The Kamuzu Stadium which sports authorities here say it has got an official sitting capacity of 60,000 had all the stands filled up.

That was not all, there was an overflow of the people onto the
football pitch itself after Dr Bingu wa Mutharika arrived in the stadium.

Statisticians estimated that over 20,000 people sat on the football pitch and another 10,000 failed to find space into the stadium putting the record of people that attended the function to over 90,000.

When the main entrance gates were opened at exactly 13:50 local time there was a round of applause, ululation and cheering as the crowd saw the unexpected.

Leading the blue convoy was the usual traffic Police, followed by over 30 brand new Toyota Hilux pick ups all painted in blue.

Then, there were six brand new black Hummers on the convoy one of which Dr Mutharika used at some points on his way to Kamuzu Stadium.

To reach the climax of it all, four buses carrying students, officials and other supporters finished the convoy.

State President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika was in one of the buses. He was coloured in all blue.

The VVIP area of the Kamuzu Stadium was transformed into all blue.

In the stadium itself, there was a huge blue balloon flying high up in the air, another one was right on the ground.

In the left corner of the stadium, the DPP’s election campaign went technology.

There was a black DPP truck fitted with a big screen that beamed the entire proceedings in the stadium to all the people in the stadium.

These are just but a few things that happened in the Kamuzu Stadium and outside never seen before in Malawian politics.

Justice Minister Henry Dama Phoya told the huge crowd that what the people saw in the stadium and outside, was a warning shot from the DPP to all political parties in Malawi that come May 19th, the DPP was coming back into power forming the next government – Malawi Digest.


  1. Please MW DIGEST, post the 'campaign launch' pictures for us (far away from home)to appreciate.


  3. Yes Digest,we just hear it from pipo home that colorful event was in Bt.Pliz i agree with first colleague that we have a photo fiesta to see for ourselves.we are many miles from home.

  4. Im dying to see those pictures. Ma hummer, buses, ma Hilux migolomigolo and 90,000 fans. Please Post the pics Digest.

  5. I am giving you strong orders to publish my Bingu's campaign launch pictures immediately!Most of us here in the UK have not seen these pictures and so you must take these messages very seriously.
    DPP campaign launch pictures is your next assignment on this page.Do you read me?Do it now,please.

  6. Ndikumva kukoma zedi please post the pics. I understand the other camps atsekula mmimba hehede

  7. this is far much better than that nyasatimes!! it's sad that some people in Malawi ''not many'' want BM, how will he move Malawi forward? it's a shame some people think he is our answer!! my take on this remains that malawians should not look at who's got most jokes,rather look for candidates who got substance
    BM is the most corrupt leader we have ever had if kamuzu was like him we would have bee somalia Fact they have one thing in common though! ''killing'' I rest my case.