Monday, March 23, 2009

President Dr Mutharika in excellent health

State President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika, appeared this evening to the press in excellent good health rubbishing the opposition romours. He rolls out the May election DPP campaign this coming Thursday. Watch Out! Pic By Malawi Digest

Malawi President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika has appeared in public addressing the nation on issues of national importance ahead of the May 19 Presidential and Parliamentary elections Malawi Digest can confirm.

Dr Mutharika’s appearance in public puts to rest rumours that were being sprayed by former president Bakili Muluzi through some of his boys on the internet.

Led by one of Muluzi’s boys based in Canada, using a pseudo name, on Sunday, he wrote on the internet discussion forums that Dr Bingu wa Mutharika collapsed on Saturday and that he was secretly flown out of Malawi to South Africa.

The rumours were further published by Muluzi and UDF propaganda campaign tools, Nyasatimes on Monday.

The rumours spread by Muluzi have come about following the postponement on the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) launch at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre on Sunday due to bad weather.

For three consecutive days, Malawi has been experiencing heavy rains and on Saturday Muluzi’s supporters were subjected to a lot of suffering as a result of a heavy downpour.

President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika and the DPP having the welfare of the people at heart, decided to postpone the event to a later date.

Interestingly, the same time the Muluzi boys were busy publishing these reports about the alleged State President illness, UDF national chairman Bakili Muluzi told his manifesto launch campaign rally in Mangochi that he saw Dr Bingu wa Mutharika going to his private Ndata Farm.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we would have arrived here earlier but we were held up for a while in Limbe because president Bingu wa Mutharika was travelling from Sanjika to his Ndata Farm in Thyolo,” he told the rally monitored on his Joy Radio.

Muluzi's statement on seeing Dr Bingu wa Mutharika going to his private farm on Saturday indicates that the State President is in very sound and perfect health.

It is a fact that one does not go farming when he is not feeling better.

It therefore begs some questions as to why Muluzi told this rally about seeing Dr Mutharika going to his farm and at the same time spreading these alleged illness rumours to his boys who stay in the United Kingdom and Canada.

A political analyst speaking on condition of anonymity told Malawi Digest that it is not surprising that Muluzi is behaving this way because he is frustrated.

“Muluzi wants to divert attention from his embarrassing rejection by the Malawi Electoral Commission on Friday so that people can concentrate on the alleged illness for the State President,” said the analyst.

He said apart from his frustration over his failed candidature, Muluzi is also confused a lot to his huge burden of debts and the politicians who have been jumping the UDF sinking ship opting to work with government.

“Muluzi wants to make sure that the focus is removed away from him due to his numerous problems no wonder he is spreading this rumours,” he said.

Malawi Digest was privileged this afternoon to be amongst members of the press who attended a special address to the nation by State President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika.

The President appeared in very good health and with no signs of any illness at all as was speculated by the UDF and Muluzi propagandists.

Instead of responding to these useless propaganda reports, the State President went on to articulate national issues.

In his address, President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika urged Malawians to vote wisely in the May Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

He called on Malawians to vote for Members of Parliament and leaders who had the interest and welfare of people at heart.

“The people we should vote for as MPs should be those that are ready to support government agenda in developing this country,” he said.

In his address which finished just over one and half hours ago, Dr Mutharika condemned opposition MPs in the just dissolved national assembly, describing them as a disgrace to the nation.

“Important government bills were rejected by the opposition MPs,” he said.

Dr Mutharika further appealed to all political parties in the country to conduct a violence free campaign son that Malawi becomes a shinning example in conducting violent free elections

Meanwhile, Malawi President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika has announced that the ruling DPP campaign launch at the Kamuzu Stadium in the commercial city, Blantyre will take place on Thursday this week because the weather is back to normal.

The DPP campaign launch in Blantyre has shaken the opposition in Malawi as it is expected to be the start of the May polls victory– Malawi Digest.


  1. Malawi Digest. Good job that you saw the State President in person. So Nyasatimes and Tom Likambale are liers? Ha! ha! ha! Muluzi walemba mmadzi. Our Ngwazi if very fit for the campaign. Praise the Lord.

  2. God Bless the Ngwazi and keep him well!!!!

  3. I expected to see some evidence that he is well and fine (e.g. pictures of the president during the said press conference) otherwise this does not do anything to dispell the rumours.

  4. Was the address live on TVM? Tell me it was, or we get very worried.

  5. Nyasa Times just retracted and apologized for publishing their stupid propaganda.They want to throw the whole country into disarray like their UDF party is right now.Ngwazi forever!Go Bingu Malawians are behind you to lead us into prosperity.

  6. Nyasatimes should be really ashamed of themselves. Can someone sue them?

  7. It is really sad that a full party and its propaganda machinery can come up with a story of such kind in the international media. How sad Malawians we have become at the expense of small handouts from the Mafia kind of godfathers we have. To the party sponsoring such, please come of age and articulate matters that will promote development and peace in Malawi. We want to hear on such media as Nyasa Times, issues to do with your manifesto.

    May God bless Malawi and a Ngwazi...

  8. Koma ndiye alembadi m'madzi,it just goes to show how evil minded these UDF pple are.
    God bless the Ngwazi.Put strict security measures down there we don't want trouble, Ana anthu ndi makolo alikomweko.

  9. The event was live of TVM and was repeated last evening on the same.

    Wishing our State President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika the best protection from these Nyasatimes propagandists.

    How long are they going to milk Muluzi of his money on propaganda. Shame!!!

  10. The problem with people like Muluzi and the Nyasatimes is that they create stories and when one want's to take them to task to answer for their abuse, they say it's politics.

    That's not good for our country.

    I hope this is a good lesson for Muluzi, Likambale and Nyasatimes, we must learn to respect our president and be able to say the truth.

  11. Zilibwino!!!!!!!!!

  12. I also agree, under Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika zinthu ziri bwino. Wishing him a long life after the automatic May election win.