Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nyasa apologises to Dr Mutharika for lying

By Lucy Liponda

Former President Bakili Muluzi's online propaganda tool, Nyasatimes has retracted and apologised to State President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika for publishing reports that the Head of State was not feeling well and that he had handed over the reigns of power to his brother Professor Peter Mutharika.

This is the first time that the opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) propaganda tool has found itself in this embarassing situation in coming out in the open to confirm it lies to the world.

In the past, Nyasatimes has published stories about Malawi and it's leadership but alot of readers have doubted their credibility.

In the retraction has been published soon after Malawi Digest carried a story that it was one of the media organisations that attended President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika's live special address to the nation at Sanjika Palace in the commercial city Blantyre on Monday evening.

Our reporter, who saw the State President confirmed in the report that Dr Bingu wa Mutharika was in excellent health and not the lies that were being sprayed by the Muluzi propaganda team on the internet.

The country's only state owned television, TVM and Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) also carried the president's live address to the nation.

In its retraction, Nyasatimes said that it relies on security guards for their information on stories from Malawi.

Many people that have emailed Malawi Digest have questioned the credibility of Nyasatimes who in their own writing on their website confirmed they rely on security guards to suplly them with information on their stories.

"How can the whole online publication like Nyasatimes rely on security guards to supply them with information, they are not serious and they cannot be trusted," said an anonymous writer on Malawi Digest.

The Nyasatimes have also been publishing other image tarnishing stories in the past and Malawians are expecting them to apologise for all of them and confirm that they have been lying.

In February during the presentation of nomination papers for Presidential candidates, Nyasatimes also lied that Dr Bingu wa Mutharika had picked Dr Maggie Kalilani as the ruling DPP Presidential runningmate.

This was found to be another lie of the many Nyasatimes lies because Dr Bingu wa Mutharika unveiled Malawi Foreign Affairs Minister Mrs Joyce Banda as the DPP Presidential running mate and not Dr Kalilani as Nyasatimes speculated.

However, Nyasatimes did not apologise for this February lie - Malawi Digest.


  1. Nyasatimes. Chozemba chinakomana ndi chokwawa. You thought you were clever. Now look, you are here ambarassing yourselves when Bakili Muluzi is phee at his BCA Hill.

    Yaye Tom Likambale wati zii, leaving you alone to suffer the embarassment of lying about a Head of State. Shame on you and hope you will learn a bitter lesson. Bakili will only use you and dump you.

  2. Zitsiru va Nyasa izi