Saturday, March 21, 2009

UDF manifesto, no Muluzi shoe promise

The opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) party of Bakili Muluzi, today launched its 2009 election manifesto in Muluzi's home area of Mangochi.

Muluzi, is a Yao by tribe and comes from the neighbouring Machinga district.

Although, the UDF has no presidential candidate for the May polls, Muluzi went ahead to launch the party's manifesto.

The party has no presidential candidate following the Malawi Electoral Commission's decision to bar Muluzi from taking part in the race because he served his constitutionally required two-5-year terms of office.

At today's launch, Bakili Muluzi once again promised Malawians many free things including two-free-50 kilogrammes of fertilizer to every Malawian in the next growing season if the UDF wins the elections.

He however, did not mention anything about his shoe promise to Malawians made over 15 years ago.

This year marks exactly 15 years since former president Bakili Muluzi promised to buy all Malawians pairs of shoes.

The promise was made at Mbulumbuzi Trading Centre in Chiradzulu where Bakili Muluzi was on a campaign tour for the 1994 General Elections.

Malawi Digest has a tape recording of Muluzi saying this at a political rally at Mbulumbuzi and the contents of the tape are contrary to Muluzi’s continuous denial that he never made the promise - Malawi Digest.

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  1. That Muluzi guy thinks Malawians are foolish.He will never put his feet at Sanjika again.NEVER