Monday, March 30, 2009

Nyasatimes stealing our pictures

We would like to warn the publishers of the opposition UDF and Bakili Muluzi online propaganda tool, Nyasatimes to stop with immediate effect their unprofessional conduct of taking pictures from the Malawi Digest website to their site.

We believe that it is very unprofessional of you to be taking our pictures and start using them on your website without any consent from us.

Malawi Digest invests money for those pictures to be taken by professional photographers and Nyasatimes cannot be just taking them from our site without any prior arrangement and agreement.

Whilst Nyasatimes has been claiming to be a professional media organisation, we find it very interesting to see that our pictures are being taken almost on daily basis and used by Nyasatimes without any shame.

You mean that former president Bakili Muluzi who funds you cannot afford to pay for a photographer to be sending you latest pictures from Malawi?

We are not prepared to enter into any media war with failed journalists who after failling journalism turned themselves into UDF young democrats before flying overseas to seek asylum in the whiteman's country.

We hope that you will also listen to the Media Council of Malawi advice that you must change and turn professionalism and not the way you operate like former young democrats.

To make matter worse, you have published our pictures even without acknowledging us. How professional are you? Is that the kind of journalism you know?

Some of our pictures have also been used in very abusive ways on your site. Please stop this behaviour once and for all as we are not your picture agents.

Please stop taking our pictures!!!

The UDF has got enough people to be taking the pictures for you and send them to you other than you copying the pictures without consent from us.

Afterall, we are not interested in an working relationship with you.
Nyasatimes, please stop today, once and for all - Malawi Digest Editor.

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