Thursday, March 19, 2009

If I were Bakili Muluzi

By Garry Chirwa

If I were Bakili Muluzi Presidential candidate of the United Democratic Front (UDF), I would trade carefully on my campaign promise to introduce free secondary education once I return to State House in May.

If I were Atcheya, I would realise that much as my promise sounds appealing, it is easier said than done considering meagre public resources the country has.

How I wish I were BM, I would accept the harsh reality that mine will be seen as pipe dream considering that the free primary school education has been billed as a failure.

If only I were Muluzi, I certainly would appreciate that it is not enough to say I will introduce free secondary education without explaining the modalities on how it will be done.

If I were Agama, I would have recalled that while the free primary school education got a stunning response, it created huge pressure on public resources and that should have given me plenty of food for thought.

All I am saying is that if I were Atcheya, I would realise that there is more to free primary and secondary school education than just removing the fees.

That is if only I were Atcheya. Unfortunately, I am not the UDF presidential candidate. – The Nation, 4 March 2009 Political Index Page 1.

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