Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mwanamvekha appointed Malawi's ST

Malawi's newly appointed Secretary to the Treasury, Joseph Mwanamvekha. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Emmanuel Sobilika

One of Malawi’s most respected bankers, Joseph Mwanamvekha has been appointed Malawi’s Secretary to the Treasury, Malawi Digest understands.

A letter of his appointment by Malawi President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika was written on 5th November, 2009 by the Chief Secretary, Bright Msaka offering Mwanamvekha the new job.

A head of the treasury, Mwanamvekha replaces Radson Mwadiwa who has since been re-deployed to the Office of President and Cabinet.

Speaking to Malawi Digest soon after news about his appointment first broke out on Tuesday, Mwanamvekha said that he was humbled and privileged to serve his beloved country in such a big and challenging position.

“It’s a great honour for me to be considered for this important job in our beloved country,” he told Malawi Digest in an exclusive interview.

On his vision in his new post, Mwanamvekha said that he was still trying to come to terms with the news about his appointment.

“I am still excited about my new position and I feel it’s a great honour for me. However, we will see where to start from. As an experienced banker, surely being ST cannot be a strange job for me,” said the smiling Mwanamvekha.

Before his appointment as ST, Mwanamvekha was Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for one of Malawi’s leading commercial banks, the Malawi Savings Bank (MSB).

During his time as CEO for MSB, this seasoned banker managed to transform the bank into one of the biggest banks on the Malawian market.

He also managed to open several new branches for the bank throughout Malawi, a clear testimony that MSB was doing well in the banking business.

According to information gathered by Malawi Digest from the Office of President and Cabinet, Mwanamvekha has a Master of Arts Degree in Economics that he obtained in 1994.

He also has a Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Malawi (1990) majoring in Economics.

Soon after graduating from the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, Mwanamvekha joined the Reserve Bank of Malawi before moving on for greener pastures at the Finance Corporation of Malawi now Nedbank as Treasury Manager.

In 1998, Mwanamvekha moved on to become Head of Operations at the then newly established Continental Discount House. He was later made the organisation’s Chief Executive Officer in 2002.

Two years later, Mwanamvekha was appointed Chief Executive Officer for the Malawi Savings Bank replacing Ian Bonongwe who is now working for the African Development Bank.

Apart from the above mentioned qualifications and experience, Mwanamvekha has other professional qualifications including an Advanced negotiations Certificate, Harvard University, Boston, USA; Leadership and Management Skills, University of Virginia, Darden, Virginia, USA; Leadership and Management Skills, Mandel Training Centre, Harare, Zimbabwe; Asset and Liability Management, Euro-money; Treasury Management, Citibank; Securities Trading, Intrados Group, Washington, D.C., USA; Advanced Money, Capital Markets and Foreign Exchange Management, Reuters International, Kenya; Computer Programming and Modeling, African Economic Research Consortium, Kenya and International Capital Markets, Egypt among many other professional qualifications.

Findings by Malawi Digest reveal that Joseph Mwanamvekha was born on 19th October 1964 and is married and is currently blessed with three children, a boy and two girls-Malawi Digest.


  1. Can someone tell Bingu that am also a real Lhomwe with Phd and I want him to employ me? How come ahlomwe enafe akungotidutsa?

  2. Joseph, congrants for the new job. From your resume, you deserve this top job.

    Keep on working hard.

  3. I went to college with Mwanamvekha at Chanco. He was a cool guy who did not make trouble at Chilunga. I saw him rise through the ladder in the banking industry. He deserves to be where he is today. Congrants Joseph. Mungochepetsa zijazi...ha!ha!ha!

  4. Just recently, the UDF newspaper Nyasatimes were busy making Malawians believe Mwanamvekha was the next Reserve Bank Governor but it was a lie. Now he is Secretary to the Treasury. Koma nayo Nyasatimes kunama! I now know where to read the truth.

  5. Dziko ili ndi lozungulira. I hear he was to be Reserve Bank governor but Perks was picked instead of him. He got worried I belive. But now as ST, Perks Ligoya will be working and reporting to Mwanamvekha. Dziko iri!

  6. I would like to congratulate Joseph my former boss at MSB. During his tenure at MSB, we saw our bank grow. We are all over Malawi and that made us proud that we were really a Malawian Bank, Bank for the people. I am happy for him and wish him all the success although I will miss him at our offices. Good Luck my boss.

  7. Mr. Mwanamvekha, I wish you all the best at your new appointment. You deserve it.

  8. Mwanamvekha is a hard working individual. This appointment is on merit and nobody should say chakuti chakuti. This president knows how to appoint people to assist him develop this country. Bravo Mwanamvekha

  9. From the qualifications that have been stated here, this man deserves this job. Congratulations Joseph. Do a good job to silence your critics.

  10. Ine ndiokondwa ndi nkhani ya a Mwanamvekha koma ndiri ndi funso, nkhani ya Mulhako sinalowelerepo apa? I am just curious.

  11. Mr. President, please also reward other Lomwes who support you. I think the likes of Mwanamvekha, Saweregera should not be the only ones moving from one organisation to another. They are also equally qualified Lomwes who work hard to support this government, so they also need to be recognized. I hope you understand my point Mr. President. Otherwise, good job on Mwanamvekha's appointment

  12. I think it' only one person pilling up all the above comments. In fact, he must be the one who wrote it so that people can say that it has been read by many.

    Let me be brief by saying that the president is digging his own graveyard. He cannot practice nepotism for a long time. A time is coming, in fact, it's at the door step when he will start seeing how silly appointments he is making will start hunting him. I now know that DPP is a party of opportunists. It's filled with people who run from this ship to another.

    There are some people who perform well when they are under pressure. I think Bingu is one of them. In his first term he did well because of the hardships in parliament but now he think that all is well.

    Dikila m'dala iwe uzaziona

  13. Why are you hidding yourself? one person sitting down to be writing comments offering different views? Come on! Why don't you talk about Mwanamvekha's qualifications? Is he qualified for the job or not? Do you know what qualifications the previous Secretary to the Treasury had? We don't want to embarass people here.

    If you have nothing to say, just shut up.

    Mwanamvekha was senior manager at Nedbank, CDH and MSB, was this all because of Bingu? Come on man, talk sense.

    Koma u Bakili Muluzi wu udzakuphani.

  14. What do you mean when you say that am hiding myself? Are you hiding or not? Don't associate me with Muluzi. Am writing this as an individual. If you are writing with the influence of somebody shauli yeko.

    What I however feel is that the president needs people who will guide him on some of these issues. A balance has to be put also.

    Mundiyankhenso...koma mukumveka kukwiya

  15. Guys, please correct me.Does RBM Governor reports to the secretary to the Treasury, Mr Joseph Mwanamvekha in this case or he reports direct to the president?

    Previously, the RBM Governor used to report direct to the president.Not ST.

    zabwino zonse.Ife Achewa tikadzalowa mboma in 2014, will root out nepostism at all levels,becauset it does not stand for unity of the country.We will support WISE quota system.

    pamberi1 pamberi! ndi MULAKHO

  16. that the man is qualified tikudziwa. that nepotism [ mulhakho factor ] yatenga central stage is an open secret... zauchitsiru basi. mxii!

  17. Nepotism! Nepotism! Nepotism! Nepotism!

    Nonse inu mudyeretu chifukwa muzachoka m'maudindo amenewo posachedwapa.

    Nepotism! Nepotism! Nepotism

  18. This man Mwanamvekha is qualified and has got this job on merit. Congrants.

  19. Congrats Abwana wanga. I am not Malawian but I worked with Bwana Joseph as an expatriate and I think that he has something of value to contribute to the country. Go Bwana Go! Africa needs more jobs and more food. thats the politics for our pple. May God bless you in all you do. Mulungu wambavu akudalitseni. Cheers! Zimba From Down Under.