Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kamlepo, Makande handed 20 months IHL

UDF deputy secretary general Hophmally Makande now in the cooler for inciting violence.

By Lucy Liponda

Opposition Malawi Democratic Party (MDP) leader Kamlepo Kalua and opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) deputy secretary general are tonight spending their second night at the Zomba Maximum Prison in the former colonial capital, Zomba.

This, after the acting Chief Resident Magistrate Nyakwawa Usiwa Usiwa sentenced the duo on Monday to 20 months imprisonment for making seditious remarks and proposing violence respectively.

Although the two were suffering for the UDF leader Bakili Muluzi and his party, former Finance Minister Friday Jumbe was the only high ranking UDF official present when the two were being sentenced.

Jumbe offered the two, words of encouragement, whilst the other handful opposition supporters looked on helplessly.

Delivering the judgement in court, Usiwa Usiwa said the two had intention to achieve something bad as their messages were transmitted instantly through Joy Radio.

Joy Radio is owned by former president and UDF leader Bakili Muluzi.

The magistrate said that the statements uttering by the two at a political rally addressed by Bakili Muluzi were emotive considering that they were also spoken in the Eastern region of the country where political violence was also common.

Usiwa Usiwa said that the statements could have caused people to go violent or getting angry with the incumbent President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika.

Amongst other words that Makande uttered at the rally included, chichitike chichitike, ali ndi mwana agwiritse, mumva zotha itha.

Makande also told the rally that governments in Pakistan, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and Kenya changed not through the courts but through acts of violence by the people.

On his part, Kalua appealed to the people at the same rally not to fear limbani mtima and also warned the Malawi Police officers that they have children and relatives and went on further to say tingaope Police? Tingaope Bingu?

In his ruling, the acting chief resident magistrate said that the words uttered by the two could have incited people to violence and cause physical harm to others.

The magistrate said that Makande’s words making references to other world countries that experienced violence were meant to plunge Malawi into lawlessness.

The magistrate warned that although there was freedom of expression in this country, there was need to correct any errors in governance and economic management and not the way the two political leaders conducted themselves.

On March 31st this year, Kamlepo Kalua and Hophmally Makande incited the public to rise against any decision by the independent Malawi Electoral Commission to bar former president Bakili Muluzi from taking part in the May 19th polls.

Muluzi was barred by the Malawi Constitution to seek another unconstitutional third term of office.

Both Kalua and Makande are believed to have been sent by Muluzi to incite the public to rise up against the government on his behalf.

Although Muluzi was present in person at Mangochi Old Airport where the offence was committed, the UDF national leader did not condemn what the two speakers said before Muluzi himself took to the podium.

Former president Bakili Muluzi has on three occasions tried to rape the Malawi Constitution by seeking an unconstitutional third term of office and on all those three occasions, he has failed miserably.

As Hophmally Makande and Kamlepo Kalua are serving their sentence in prison, the master who sent them to utter the said words Bakili Muluzi is enjoying a government funded medical trip in the United Kingdom. Bakili Muluzi has spent over 5 months in the UK now-Malawi Digest.


  1. I think the court has done well to throw these guys in the cooler. They are enemies of the state. Anyone who supports or sponsors violence does so at the peril of their soul and the shall always apply.

  2. Much as we respect the ruling by the court, some of us are of the view that the guys shld have been given different jail term periods,Makande's statements were more seditious that Kamplepo's hence the latter deserved a shorter period than the former or even fine option.Actually as first offenders they ought to have been given fine option with a stiff warning that they shld not repeat the offences!!!

    I hope upon appeal, there will be some consideration.Ofcourse it's a warning to other politicians to respect one another as we campaign.I like the way our friends carry their campaign message kwa Azungu ku, no hate speeches both by govt & opposing camps.That's the way,tell the pple what you will do if in govt not hate speech!!!

  3. I was so happy to read the ruling on those 2 criminals. I am sure they will now realize that their master, Bakili Muluzi will not be with them in the cooler. Two stupid people who thought were above the law - to hell with them.

  4. This site is just a DPP propaganda tool that uses
    unproffesional so called Journalists. U mean u can not see that our Democracy is being eroded here with ur nonsese? Whether one likes it or not Bingu was not there when the Kamlepos were fighting the original Ngwazi to bring Democracy. Since some of u so called reporters were todlers in those days and u dont consult history when analysing and commenting, this is what we get.

    Ngwazi is not a protected name under the laws of Malawi, During campaighn period MEC has got powers under the PPE Act to check the conduct of all players and warn them; Is kunyenya nyenya, Kucheka cheka better? After all if it is true that Kangwazi is not polite, Mwano anamuchitila candidate wa DPP osati president since he was just a care taker by then who also happened to be a presidential candidate.

    But since Osiwa siwa is said to be qualified' who am I to dispute when democracy is being erode masanasana. Am not even Mlakho imagine!

    Romour has it our constitution will be raped soon, who will stand up because it is seditiouse in our days. Kodi ngwazinso zalowa china?