Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shoprite catches fire, electricity blamed

The Chichiri Shopping Mall part of which houses Shoprite that caught fire on Thursday. Pic by Malawi Digest.

Lucy Liponda

As the most unfortunate day for Game Stores chain of stores at Chichiri Shopping Mall was coming to an end after a day of a workers strike, their next door neighbour, Shoprite was also unlucky as part of the shop caught fire.

The fire is suspected to have originated from an electrical fault, is reported to have started from the shop’s bakery.

Customers who were doing their knock-off shopping in the famous shop were advised to evacuate from the building once smoke was noticed coming out of the bakery.

An alarm bell was raised and the Blantyre City Fire Brigade who are often times criticised for arriving at a fire scene late or even without water, was this time around prompt to arrive and helped put out the fire quickly.

Apart from the City Assembly fire engines used in stopping the inferno, fire extinguishers placed in the shop’s strategic positions were also used to reduce damage.

The shop’s branch manager a Mr Debwe told Malawi Digest he could not immediately explain how much damage was done to the shop.

“We are not able to enter the shop now with the smoke that is coming out so it’s difficult to know how much damage has been done,” he said.

He however, confirmed that preliminary findings indicate that no person was injured in the period the people were fleeing from the blaze.

Shoprite is one of South Africa’s chain of stores present in a number of African countries.

It has two branches in Malawi, the one in Blantyre and another in the administrative capital, Lilongwe-Malawi Digest.

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