Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bingu gets tough, only six trips a year

Malawi President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika wants to ensure there is fiscal discipline in government. No more petty trips. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Our Reporter

In a continuation of showing his strong fiscal discipline skills, Malawi President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika has ordered that all public officers should travel abroad for a maximum of six trips, the Office of President and Cabinet has announced.

In a press statement issued by the Office of President and Cabinet in the administrative capital, Lilongwe, the State President’s directive is aimed at all cabinet ministers and their deputies, civil servants, public servants, employees of statutory corporations and government agencies and employees of institutions that draw their salaries from the consolidated fund.

According to the statement, the move taken by Dr Mutharika is aimed at assuring that there is prudent use of public resources.

The statement says that the State President has also ordered that for those that have been allowed to travel, they will stay outside the country for periods not more than two weeks.

The directive further said that government hopes that the call from the State President will be adhered to in making sure that government resources are put to better use.

Since taking over power in 2004 from the nearly collapsed economy under Bakili Muluzi, President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika has won himself respect both locally and internationally for his strict and tough fiscal discipline measures.

Unlike Muluzi who relied on giving out hands outs to poor Malawians at public rallies, Dr Mutharika has appealed to the population to work hard in their respective jobs and businesses in order to develop the country.

The respected international economist Dr Mutharika has been rated to be one of Africa’s top leaders whose leadership skills is being admired by many world wide.
This has won him several international awards.

Earlier this year, the United Kingdom based independent Intelligence Economic Unit rated Malawi as the second fastest growing economy for the year 2009 world wide coming after the oil rich Qatar.

During the 10 year rule under former President Bakili Muluzi, there was lack of proper accountability in public resources and all government money was prone to abusive by Muluzi and his close associates.

In the 10 year decade under Muluzi, he became one of the richest presidents on the continent of Africa.

Many people attributed his riches to abuse theft, abuse of public resources and high level corruption.

Soon after quitting power in 2004, most of Bakili Muluzi’s companies and businesses collapsed as they were established on shaky grounds and their lifeline depended upon the time he was in power as president of the Republic of Malawi.

Bakili Muluzi is currently answering several high level cases of abuse of public resources and corruption-Malawi Digest.


  1. That is the business we need in Malawi, a good Chess board, let those who hear, hear the Chess, those who needs a whip get that whip.

    Life goes on

  2. Bwana Bingu ndi munthu olimba mtima komanso odziwa kuyendetsa Malawi. Good decision done by a good man and good leader. No more globe trotting ngati nthawi ya Bakili.

  3. Tiye nawoni bwana anthu akuba amenewa. Anazolowera kuba nthawi ya Bakili Muluzi. Thetsani mnyozo. Bingu powerrrrrrr!

  4. Koma ndiye story ya ma Civil Servants kumusakatula Bakili Muluzi chonchi? No wonder you are a threat to his Nyasatimes. Keep well guys, stories with information backed up with evidence.

  5. Kuba kwachuluka kwambiri mu Civil Service kudzera ku ma trip. Alangeni Ngwazi anthu amenewa.

  6. During Bakili Buluzi time, global trotting was the order of the day, now times have changed and people must explain why they want to travel.

  7. Koma nde mukuyalukatu-nokha kulemba nkhani nokha kuziyankha kuti tiziti muli ndi ma followers.

    Nyasatimes is killing you by a mile. You luke warm journalists. Tell us about black outs, lies about forex, about Nsanje port. 6 times a year going abroad is just too much still. There is no fiscal discipline in Malawi with this fake economists. All about him is fake. His PhD is fake, U Ngwazi wa fake. Tell us about the $100M that Zim is failing to repay and govt has been forced to repay RBM? You see when I say you are asswhole and Bingu's dicksucker? All projects are at a standstill due forex shortage and who is the economic engineer? Patehtic souls. How do you stand yourselves. Tione ngati mutachite post comment yangayi

  8. Malawi digest sucks. You are very good at reporting news without deep analysis. You seem to be our BOMA LATHU: just reporting what Ngwazi does and no real comments. Can we have better qualified/seasoned journalists there please?!

  9. Inde Bwana,we should concentrate on kumanga Malawi not kumangoyendayenda kulowetsa ma allowance mnthumba.Muluzi osamusiya anatibera zambiri.Muwinike.