Saturday, November 21, 2009

Analysts say Flames drawn in fairer group

Malawi Flames, Angola here we come! pic by Malawi Digest.

By Emmanuel Sobilika

Malawi football fanatics have expressed happiness at their country being drawn into the same group with some of Africa’s greatest footballing nations, Malawi Digest understands.

The Malawi Flames were on Friday night drawn in Group A of the 27th Africa Cup of Nations where they will feature against the hosts Angola, Mali and Algeria.

The Flames battle it out first against the Algerians before meeting the hosts Angola and finish their group matches against Mali.

All the three opponents for the Flames have made regular appearances at the recent Nations Cup tournaments whilst the Flames will be going there after a 25 years absence.

Soccer pundits who were watching the draw live on SuperSport Television of Friday night from the Angolan capital, Luanda have predicted better results for the Flames.

Self-styled Flames fan number one, Raphael Nasimba told Malawi Digest that instead of getting worried, people must be thanking God for giving this southern African country a fairer group.

“We could not have asked anything better than this,” said Nasimba.

He predicted that with opponents like Angola, Mali and Algeria, everything was possible for the Flames and that he can see them proceeding to the next round or even reaching the quarter finals.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Lilongwe based sports analyst, Christopher Guta who said that Malawians should not get scared but rather celebrate.

“On our way to Angola we beat Nations Cup defending champions Egypt, the DRC and Guinea so what is Angola, Mali and Algeria to the Flames,” he said.

Another Blantyre based soccer analyst George Maruwo said that whilst he welcomes the Flames being drawn in Group B, he had a word of caution for Flames coach Kinnah Phiri.

“Our friends Angola, Mali and Algeria have been regulars at the Nations Cup finals whilst us have been on recess for over 20 years, we need to work hard in our preparations,” he said.

Apart from Angola who had a chance of making an appearance at the last World Cup finals, Algeria have also just qualified for next year’s World Cup finals in South Africa.

Algeria beat their north African rivals, Egypt in a tough encounter in Sudan this week.

The two teams were at level last weekend after Egypt beat Algeria 2-0 in Cairo.
Malawi was represented at the Nations Cup draw in Luanda by Flames mentor, Kinnah Phiri

All the people that Malawi Digest has spoken to, have called on the Malawi Government and the Football Association of Malawi to make through preparations for the Flames before the team departs for Angola next year.

The tournament kicks-off in the Angolan capital, Luanda when the hosts face Mali in their Group A match marking the official opening of the championship.


Group A: Angola, Algeria, Malawi and Mali, their base will be the capital, Luanda.

Group B: Ivory Coast, Ghana; Burkina Faso and Togo they will be based in Cabinda.

Group C: Nigeria, Egypt, Mozambique and Benin they will play their matches in Benguela.

Group D: Cameroon, Gabon, Zambia and Tunisia to show their skills in Lubango-Malawi Digest.


  1. Ma Flames omwewo, kuti wa wa wa! Angola tikadyamo, Mali nawoyo timwamo madzi and Algeria we can afford a draw atleast or even surprise them ndi Chiukepo.

    Good luck Flames.

  2. Whilst I am trying to be patriotic, I am sorry to say that ma Flames will be whipping boys at this competition. Reason, our shoddy preparations.

  3. Flames ndi moto okhakha kuti buuuuu! tikabwerako ndi chikho ku Angola. We are the champs. Bingu is power!

  4. I am very hopeful that we will do well in Angola. Flames moto.

  5. Malawi yandikumbutsa ya mma 1978/79 a Kinnah akusewera mpira. Show them Flames. Angola we will win.

  6. Maiko ena ngati Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya kulibe ku Nations Cup koma ma Flames apitako. I am happy for the Flames.

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  8. FRAMES .. Gudluck the FRAMES am proud to be a MALAWIAN.go frames

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