Sunday, November 29, 2009

'Manganya' demanded sex says ex-workmate

Michael 'Manganya' Usi is seen in this picture in acting attire. He is now involved in some sexual controversy at his work place which is contrary to what he educates the Malawian public against getting involved in extra love relationships due to the HIV/Aids pandemic.

By Limbani Moya/The Weekend Times

Celebrated Malawian comedian Michael Usi aka ‘Manganya’ has since last year been at the centre of sexual harassment allegations from one of his production assistants at the Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) Malawi, the Weekend Times has confirmed.

Documents from the alleged victim, Gladys Phiri, who worked with Usi as assistant communications officer, raise nine forms of sexual harassment among them demanding sex, forcing her to suck Usi’s private parts to stimulate him, and physically checking whether her private parts are shaved.

“He would ask me to undress in his office to take a look at my body”

“He would force me to look at his private parts in his office. On several occasions he has used force to make put his penis in my mouth just to excite him,” Gladys was quoted in a 5th September 2008 letter from her lawyers MC and Company addressed to Usi.

“On several occasions he has been asking me to if my pubic hair is shaved. Sometimes he would force his hand into my underwear just to check.”

Asked how she could put up with such harassment for so long, Gladys said in her lawyer’s report that the matter was reported to the human resources and finance manager who unfortunately reported to Usi who was Adra’s deputy country director.

Usi confirmed he was aware of the allegations, but said he believed Gladys was being used by some individuals who did not wish him well.

“This is the work of the devil. I never harassed her. God is my witness,” said Usi in an interview.

Following the allegations, Adra Malawi sent Usi on an administrative leave to pave way for a commission of inquiry to investigate the matter, country director Emmanuel Dacosta confirmed to The Weekend Times.

“Because of the nature of the allegations, Adra Malawi set up a commission of inquiry after the board met. Both parties were heard. Usi was cleared of the allegations because the allegations could not be proved,” Dacosta said in an interview.

However the commission did not release the findings to neither Gladys nor Usi. “I was verbally communicated that I had been cleared.”

“I have not seen the findings of the commission of inquiry. Both Gladys and I went back to work,” said Usi.

Dacosta said he could not tell whether the commission wrote to Usi about the findings saying: “The commission of inquiry was an internal matter and the findings can only be released with the approval of the board.”

While a commission of inquiry was underway, Usi entered into negotiations with Gladys’ family to resolve the matter outside the court, “Since they were family and Christian friends.”

The negotiations involved Gladys’s uncle the late Douglas Chimombo and staunch Adventist politician Gwanda Chakuamba.

“While we were discussing reconciliation with Chakuamba and Chimombo, I was surprised that I was dragged to Blantyre Police station where after a lengthy of discussion, Gladys and her mother said they had no grudges against me and that I had been very nice to their family.” said Usi.

Chakuamba confirmed having mediated the talks as an Adventist approached by the families.

Usi said he was further surprised that Gladys decided to consult her lawyer who demanded that I settle the matter out of court within seven days.

His lawyer Ralph Kasambara in response advised Gladys’s lawyer to go ahead with the court process. “Our client denies the allegations. You can proceed with the court process and serve us accordingly,” Kasambara was quoted in a 23rd December 2008 response.

Not satisfied with verdict, Gladys resigned from Adra Malawi citing personal grounds.

Coincidentally Adra Malawi has refined and reviewed its workplace sexual harassment policy which Dacosta said was in line with Adra’s global policy- Limbani Moya/The Weekend Times.


  1. It is a shame that a person who is busy teaching people about HIV can also be entangled in this kind of activity. Manganya, the trust that Malawians bestowed on us is so huge that if you were somebody, you would act responsibly

  2. This story is a disgrace to both Manganya and Gladys. If their relationship went sour, they dont need to abuse us by exposing us to their dirty activities. Both of you are fools, why cant you iron out your dirty activities in private. We don't want to be hearing two stupid people arguing over what went wrong in their stupid relationship. We were watching you and listening to you and we thought you were agents of behavioral change, not knowing you were two prostitutes wasting ADRA's money and our time. Shame on you two.

  3. The two of you should not bring your dirty acts in public. If your stupid relationshp went sour, you should iron it out between yourselves. We do not need to hear your stupidity in how you were busy screwing each other. You two have no shame, how can you be doing such dirty acts when the whole country expects you to behave exemplary. and you Gladys, what kind of a woman are you that would bring such dirty stories in public? Who do you think believes that you are a victim? You are just an evil woman looking for cheap sympathy. I for one dont sympathise with you, you are dirty, cheap, ugly, and stupid. And you Manganya, shame on you, you are evil too. To hell with both of you.

  4. For those of you who don't know the true Michael Usi, let me tell you: This Michael Usi is a very arrogant guy and very dirty. He uses his power at ADRA to harras women. He abuses all those women who act in Tikuferanji. He uses foul language all the time. He steals money from Adra and uses this money to entice and abuse women with. I used to work for Adra and I know how powerful Gladys was when she was going out with Manganya. We all feared her at Adra. There were times when we wanted to see Manganya but he would refer us to Gladys as if she was our boss. And Gladys was making decisions which did not even match her position. Gladys was also in charge of Tikuferanji by virtue of being Madam, she would determine who to act in Tikuferanji or not. There used to be a time when we would call her madam just because we wanted favours from her. So, today, Gladys should not play victim. She is reaping what she saw.

  5. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks. Luke 6:45 or "Whatever is in your heart determines what you say" (The New Living Translation)

    This Manganya was simply speaking what his corrupted heart bore. Who doesn't know about Mpingo umenewu when it comes to immoral acts? Mpinganjira, Malswitch Boss and his concubines and now it's Manganya. Dirty sex is silently accepted in SDA.

  6. Zalowa Mchurch tsopano eti? I didn't know that immorality has a church called SDA? When did that start? Manganya is just an immoral person and i think it has nothing to do with church. The only sad thing with Malawi is that Manganya will continue to dominate our airwaves instead of all Malawians boycotting his Tikuferanji show because it doesn't stand for what we expect. Koma iwe Gladys short uja ndiye umatani naye? He hede

  7. kodi amanganya school yake anapanga kuti, mpaka Director? fnny thing :the chaiman would start talking in his(Usi)difence without being asked! Manganya is either above the Union President or is being used by the President, so he will still be there to the disgressment of the department and the church of God; anyway, who will fight for God other than God Himself...

  8. It is sad that although two other articles came down, including interviews from the police, showing that Michael Usi is innocent and the allegations are false, the Malawian way still prevails of pulling down other fellow countryman that are doing well.

  9. Tiyeni tithawire kwa yesu. Who r we to judge?????????????????????????????????

  10. Do not judge others!!!! live ur lives and not other's

  11. Stop judging others...look at your own life....NEED GOD in their life...!

  12. Zopusa zimenezo musadzabweretsenso pano zimenezo araaa

  13. Bad will alwayz meets evill.....

  14. If the man was cleared of such an act, people should leave him to enjoy his life peacefully. It doesn't matter what plans the devil may have to destroy him, but God knows the plans He have for Usi, therefore, Usi will prosper. If God is for Usi, who can be against him? Lol, Devil, your wicked plans failed. Praise the LORD.

  15. inde manga ukuveka

  16. MANGA make sure dat by next wik, i;ll b dere at hom 4rm JONZ NDIYE LET US MIT KUT WE SHLD DISCSS ABT WAT PPLE R SAING. I lyk ur story vry much and am prprng gud tings 4 u. fred Ndau ULONGWE MISSION

  17. ndiufulu wake musiyeni enanunso mumapanga zoposa pamenepa koma kisagwidwa