Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Frail Bakili Muluzi resigns as UDF leader

A sick-looking Bakili Muluzi now finally resigns from his position as UDF leader.

By Emmanuel Sobilika

The opposition United Democratic Front national (UDF) chairperson Bakili Muluzi has finally thrown in the towel and resigned from his position as leader for the party.

The good news about Bakili Muluzi’s departure from Malawi politics is as a result of an illness that has kept him unwell for over four years now.

Muluzi run the opposition UDF party as his personal property and is departing from the party after successfully destroying everything that the party could have survived on. He has since left the party in tatters.

Muluzi succeeded in disintegrating the opposition UDF party from one of the country’s strongest parties into a briefcase political party. The once mighty UDF party is now just a shadow of itself courtesy of the power hungry Bakili Muluzi.

He is leaving the UDF party at a time when all his dignity is gone after clinging himself to power as party leader for 15 years now.

On three different occasions, Muluzi tried to rape the Malawi Constitution to stay in power as leader for this country for life but he miserably failed.

Bakili Muluzi arrived in the country last weekend after spending six months on a Malawi government fully paid for foreign medical attention trip to the United Kingdom.

Unlike his other previous trips where Muluzi arrived with pomp and colour and speaking to his supporters, the scenario was totally different this time around as Muluzi was actually helped out of the plane using a walking stick and a personal aide.

He looked sick and frail as he walked down the plane.

Even when his feet touched the Malawi soil, Muluzi failed to walk to the VIP lounge as he has always done in the past.

His vehicle was granted special permission by the airport authorities and managed to collect him from right from the aeroplane steps.

Bakili Muluzi even failed to address his handful party supporters and only managed a hand wave from his vehicle.

Sources closer to Muluzi speak of a serious illness in the former Malawi leader.

He is reported to be using a wheelchair at his BCA Hill residence to help him move around.

At the weekend, he is reported to have visited his home village in Machinga to consult his ancestral spirits and seek traditional medical help as his illness has reached a critical stage.

His close aides say that due to his fallen discs, Muluzi is not able to sleep without pain relief injections.

It has been confirmed that Muluzi has actually resigned following advice from medical doctors and not as his own will.

Malawians, will remember Bakili Muluzi as the man who destroyed the Malawian economy during his 10-year period in power and successfully managed to steal from the state coffers.

As a result of fraud and high level corruption, when he quit power in 2004, he was one of the richest African heads of states.

Malawians will also remember Bakili Muluzi as the man who ridiculed his former Vice President Dr Justice Malewezi, mocking him because of a kidney failure illness.

Malawian news papers, radio stations and televisions have evidence of Bakili Muluzi mocking former Vice President Malewezi that he was taking over 30 tablets a day because of his illness.

It is not known how Muluzi is feeling now having turned into the same situation like that of Justine Malewezi.

Ironically, as Muluzi is struggling with his sickness now, Malewezi is now fully recovered and going about running his personal businesses and running many other charity projects.

Malawians, will also remember Bakili Muluzi as the man, who did not respect women in the country by describing our beloved mothers as prostitutes and D7s.

Muluzi is also accredited for having successfully managed to destroy some families of some individuals by engaging their wives in love affairs.

Malawi Digest will be publishing the list of Bakili Muluzi’s girl friends in due course and how the affairs went on.

In fact some of his close aides have attributed his aggravated fallen discs back illness to his continuous sexual journeys with some young and energetic Malawian women.

Bakili Muluzi will also be remembered as the man who instead of retiring in 2004, spent 5-years fighting his successor President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika.

Although Bakili Muluzi described himself a ‘political engineer’, he has lost the battle and now bows down in shame and raises his hands in surrender-Malawi Digest.


  1. He should have done that long after his presidency maybe he could have salvaged some respect

  2. This little sick man, we are tired of hearing his stories, the little former president is completely gone and he has no teeth to bite......he lost his respect and riches becoz of clinging to stupid things,,,,,he is no longer a model....just wishing him a good recovery life...thank you.

  3. Now this is not good. This shows that this is DPP run website. I support DPP and I appreciate what Bingu has done to our beloved country but I dont support the idea of criticizing beloved Muluzi. Many people think that its easy to run a country but its not, nobody is perfect. Don't just look at his bad side, look at both sides, that man has done a lot to our country and he is great. Malawians let us just develop our country rather than blaming each other, lets learn from past mistakes. So stop this Muluzi thing!

  4. Malawi Digest or whatever you call t=yourself you are a fool. How can you write an article like this? Akunyambitisani zingati kuti mumunyoze former president like this? So what is your problem if he is sick? Is he your father or relative that you should be talking like that? You are very stupid be to us he is still the former president and he is still the former president. Is he the only one using a stick when walking? What about your old ugly cancer person who looks like he is already dead when smiling? At least talk of him once then I will know that you are really democtratic. Atleast Muluzi was once the president of this country nanga inu at 45 mudzaulawa? Komanso musiye kupempha ya drink tikakumana chifukwa ife ndi a Muluzi mukumunyozayo. To us he is our role model and he will remain like that forever and for your own information UDF is still strong. Do not be cheated by the rigged election. It is also the same Muluzi who helped Mutharika to win this election so stop talking nonsense you stupid fool.

  5. the last two comments above are over board, machende anu nonse, muluzi ndi looser galu msilamu wachabechabe. he destroyed malawi for 10yrs, namachende amaeneyu.

    mukunena za malawi digest kukamba za kudwala kwa muluzi>?? munali kuti mmene muluzi amanena malewezi?? munali ku mzikiti? zitsiru inu.

    malawi digest keep up the good work.

    muna muona simunati, anzanu a mcp ayamaba kale kugulitsa nyumba udf mugulitsa cani? udf ofice yaku limbe??? kachipani koma user gvt resources ngati zawo, mwayaluka.

    naye buluzi ndalama zamuthera, zakuonekelani.

  6. if u dnt like dpp and this dpp run website why come here and read let alone comment???? ur time ended in 2004. nthawi ya dpp ino.

    kapumeni ngati the devil muluzi. kuzolowera kumukanda muluzi machende lero mukakande a friday jumbe......mvula ali mbuyomu. ziliko. udf we not last beyond 2014

  7. This website is @#$***#. Zopusa basi

  8. Temwa Vintt ChiramboDecember 23, 2009 at 3:05 PM

    I think Malawi Digest must be censoring the comments posted here.language used here its not arlightHow can a website allow names of private parts being mentioned here.As for Muluzi you reap what u sow.

  9. You can tell from how this article is written that you guys are very biased. What is wrong with just reporting the truth without exagerrating things?

  10. There will come time when we will also talk about this DPP government and its dictatorship way of ruling.

  11. Koma ziliko ku Nyasaland! We are watching you!

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  13. Yayi ndi mmwemu moyo. Chachikulu kusunga chikhalidwe ndi ulemu. Let us forgive Elson and learn from mistakes. Let us refrain from kutukwana and report responsibly.

    Ndife Mafumu.

  14. Why are you disguising his illness. We all know very well that he has been HIV positive for several years.

  15. so you mean when Muluzi was jumping from one bed to another he ended up dislocating his discs. My oh my, this bed jumping is not good - guys, lets refrain from it and better still, lets not abuse other people's wives - its not good.
    this Muluzi guy is paying heavily for it. Too bad

  16. Muluzi was busy attacking Mpinganjira because of womanizing and yet he was also doing that. Anthu amenewa owopsya eti.

    Merry Xmas Malawi Digest. We will be waiting for the list of Muluzi's girlfriends, bola akazanga asakhale pompo chifukwa amanga, ine ndilibe masewera.

  17. We appriciate that you guys give us news.But one thing i would ask you guys is that lets not be too personal.

    Despite that muluzi did so many bad things to our country, but let us applause him for some of the good things that he did to our country e.g under his regime so many big hospitals were built e.g Chiradzulu and Thyolo district hospitals.

  18. chili ku mnzako nkumati chigwire nyangazo opusa iwe!Remember what Dr.Muluzi said and did to Dr. Banda.Panopa ndiye akufuna ulemu from Malawians,wayiwala kuti Banda akudwala ananzunzika kwabiri chifukwa cha mwano wa che 'ELSON'.Moyo uli ngati msintho wa aneni.DO UNTO OTHERS ZOMWE IWEYO UKUFUNA ATAKUCHIRA.

  19. Mboli yako iwe wa UDF, machende a Friday Jumbe, akakhala mavuzi a Bakili nde tathothola kale..........pamtumbo panu nonse a UDF

    Ine Nkako wa ku Kanjedza

  20. that is what we need in malawi, 'MUNTHU AKATOPA KOMA KUIMA KAYE' Zinazi mukungokamba kuti mwina muthe kugulitsa news iyi koma what i see is that Muluzi wayesetsa and ngati angamwalire, mzimu wake uuse mumtendere in advance. If i were him there were no need for ancestal visits this is his last chance to give his life to give his life to Jesus, akhala bwino angosiya zonse ndi kusenza mtanda wake GOD will 4give him.

  21. Achitsiru inu mukutukwana chani?osadziptsa ulemu bwanji?Pali zifukwa zotukwanira apa?It just shows you are one stupid and useless savage.Shame on you brainless dunderhead.Why not respect yourself and simply express opinions not thye rubbish you are writing.This is stone age thinking when people like you existed not these times of intellect.Ndinu opusa koopsa akulu.