Monday, December 14, 2009

Bakili Muluzi sick: Now using walking stick

By Emmanuel Sobilika

When you are a glass house, don’t throw stones at others this is what has become of the opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) leader Bakili Muluzi.

Muluzi, who has been in the United Kingdom (UK) for six months on a Malawi government fully paid for trip receiving medical attention, is now back home in Malawi but spotting a walking stick.

Although Muluzi has not explained anything about the walking stick, the item is suspected to be supporting him following an operation he had on his slipped discs.

The UDF leader, who normally addresses his party supporters when arriving in the country from his numerous UK trips, did not do so on Saturday when he landed in the country.

Muluzi was in a very sad mood when he landed by the South African Airways flight at around 1:00pm (Malawi Time).

He descended the steps of the SAA plane with the help of a walking stick on his left hand and the other getting support from the airport mobile stairs.

Behind him watching closely over the former Malawi president Bakili Muluzi was his trusted boy and his official Aide De Camp, Jamil Mwalabu.

Immediately he touched foot on Malawi soil, Muluzi only managed a few steps with the walking stick and he was helped into his vehicle that was granted special clearance by the airport authorities to pick the UDF leader from the aeroplane foot.

As he walked a few steps to the vehicle, Muluzi looked sick and frail.

The vehicle took him to the VIP lounge where he answered a few questions from journalists before being driven to his Anti-Corruption Bureau seized, BCA Hill residence.

A hand full of his supporters who came to hear from the man who ruled Malawi for 10 years but did not get enough for his job, had a rude awakening when Bakili Muluzi just waived at them from his vehicle before speeding off to his residence.

The few supporters dressed in tattered yellow cloth were left with their mouths agape as they watched in disbelief that the man they were watching passing was the same person about eight months ago was blasting the airwaves in Malawi that “Come May 19th, I am going to remove President Bingu wa Mutharika as president of Malawi.”

At the Chileka International Airport, those who saw the drama unfold could not believe that the same opposition UDF national chairman who speaks so freely without caring what he is talking about and casting government like nobody’s business was the one arriving so timidly like this at the international airport in full glance of the public and the nosy press.

What was seen at Chileka International Airport was just another chapter of the UDF national chairman, the same name of Bakili Muluzi but behaving differently, timid Bakili Muluzi, a dwarfed UDF national chairperson

Former President Bakili Muluzi has on three different occasions tried to rape the Malawi Constitution to allow himself stay in power as President of the Republic of Malawi for life.

On all those three occasions, Bakili Muluzi failed miserably in his plans.

Back home in Malawi, Bakili Muluzi is expected to answer corruption charges where he diverted over MK1.7 billion of donor money meant for the people of Malawi into his person coffers.

Muluzi has also another string of cases in court ranging from theft, abuse of office and debts among many other court cases.

About a month ago, former President Muluzi was in the media dismissing rumours that he had died in the United Kingdom.

No media is Malawi both state and private announced news on the alleged death for Muluzi.

It is not known how Muluzi heard the so called rumours and what form of media announced them or that it was just a political gimmick to get sympathy from the Malawian public-Malawi Digest.


  1. "It is not known how Muluzi heard the so called rumours and what form of media announced them or that it was just a political gimmick to get sympathy from the Malawian public-Malawi Digest."
    U don't like the guy koma izi ndizachamba kwabasi

  2. the guy is sick, nakamuona dzulo, please ACB musiyeni. akukumbukila zija ankamunena Veep Justin Malewezi kuti amamwa ma pilisi osawerengeka.

    Get well soon Dr Bakili Muluzi

  3. Malawi Digest your story really shows that you hate Muluzi. Where did you see the tattered UDF cloths? And what were you doing there? You are very stupid. So if he is sick what is your problem? Mind you this is the former president you are talking about whether he went to UK on government funds or not that is his benefits and he is entitled to have that. Why did you not say anything of what happened in Italy? When the old man you love collapsed? Stop talking nonsense if you don't have anything to write just go home and rest. NONSENSE.

  4. When you are in a grass thatched house don't throw stones at others, then what is this article trying to do? I feel pitty to the writer of this article to sink so low to tease the former head of state because he is using a walking stick. All of us we will be stick and we will not be able to support ourselves. There is nothing interesting in the article only insult for the former head of state. I wonder if the writer has had a chance to fly a lond distance from Uk to Malawi via South Africa. You couldn't the person always to give you talks when he is coming from the hospital. Conditions change. Chaona mzako chapita mawa chili pa iwe. This is complete nonsense and uncalled for. Why Malawians have we started loosing our respect. Shame to the writer of this article.


  6. I am very sad for the writer of this article.This is really bad.Does this writer go to church or mosque for prayers? We need to love each other and every body can become sick regardless of our today`s condition.Allow me to request the writer of this article to withdraw his words and apologise to the Nation if he wants to enter the Kingdom of God and if he is a true Malawian.

  7. Please leave Muluzi alone.Just talk about fuel crisis.We have no fuel in Malawi mainly petrol.This is the third day without petrol

  8. mpofunikabe kuwakumbutsa za khalidwe lawo lonyoza wodwala(Malewez), kapena tiziti analapa kale chakwaipa chao??????????

  9. You don't become smarter by ridiculing a fool for people will not know the difference.

    If Muluzi was cruel to people like Malewezi let's return good wishes so that he realises his folly

  10. Yes, Muluzi is unwell; yes it is not right to riducule the sick; yes it is good to forgive and forget but in this case, I strongly feel Muluzi should be reminded of how he ridiculed other respected Malawian politicians like Malewezi. He should also answer all the charges. The thing, if this man is forgiven, he will for sure be laughing at us all behind locked doors. We know what this man is like!

  11. Muluzi has himself to blame for the ridicule he is getting. The way he nyozad Malawezi, did he think he would himself never get sick?

  12. he is not just the former president of the Malawi nation he is a sorry former president. I am glad that Muluzi people are feeling what Malewezi felt.

  13. No wonder his propaganda media has not reported about his arrival in Malawi. I was wondering the silence. So he was so frail at the airport. This man rediculed Malewezi like nobody's business, now he is facing the music without even going to jail.

  14. Malawi Digest, please be kind enough to put on your site pictures of the famous Bakili Muluzi walking using a walking stick. I want to see how the once mighty UDF leader looks like now.

    Kuno ndi kunja kumayanja lichelo.


  16. Surely the guy just needs to repent otherwise God is never mocked

  17. lets forgive him as the the arm of law is taking charge.Get well soon Mr Muluzi.abale tisamabwezele choipa.Zimawawa anzathu akamatinyoza koma l know mulungu amakhala ndi njira zake.muzonse tidziti zikomo.Muluzi angolapa ambuye amakhululuka.

  18. let us learnt to forgive each other. Tonsefe sindife anthu okhoza.Zowona Muluzi adalakwira kambiri mtundu wa malawi zinthu zambiri but let it go and forge a head.

  19. what do you mean muluzi adalakwira mtundu wa malawi, do you want us to to say zimene president wanu wa fake yu walakwira mtundu wa a malawi? zowoneka ndi zbisika zomwe.
    ngati muluzi analakwira ena, akukupasani ulamuliro obwezera ndani? and yet u claim to be anthu oziwa Mulungu. SHAME ON U ALL...SHAME

  20. The heroes of today are the villains of tomorrow
    history teaches us to look further in the past to predict the future and modify our behaviour today. Simple concept but man has failed time and again from biblical times to the present. humility in power assures your dignity out of power. Reap what you sow Muluzi.every dog has his day not that you are a dog if yuo get what i mean

  21. I have read the comments of the writers above. Some of you need to be reminded that Muluzi was a minister without portfolio in the Kamuzu Banda cabinet .He had a hand in a lot of the things Dr banda was accussed of. As a christian He should be forgiven but under the law He should be tried of the crimes he is accussed of just and fair. the evidence will determine his fate.In the court of public opinion I have a right to offer my opinion

  22. MALEWEZI amamwa ma TABLET 32 Pa tsiku, kodi a MALAWI mungavotere munthu oti akudwalayu? Akakhala amangokhalira kugona kuliza mkonono ali mhu mhu mhu!!!


    What goes around comes around. (20 Marks)