Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mzamo arrives to a lukewarm reception

Mzamose Chibambo got not a so warm reception when she arrived back home. Pic courtesy of Timve Magazine.

By Emmanuel Sobilika

Malawi’s 2009 Big Brother Africa Revolution representative Mzamose Chibambo has arrived in the country to a lukewarm reception.

This is contrary to a heroes reception given to another Big Brother finalist Hezel Warren last year and the other year's representative Code Sangala.

Mzamo, landed at Chileka International Airport in the commercial city, Blantyre.

She walked from all alone from the plane to the VIP lounge clutching in her hands, her hand bag. She looked embarassed and none of the on lookers cheered at her.

Twice, she tried to look at the hand-full of people that were outside the VIP fence and on both occasions, she was shy to face the people in the face.

She dropped her face twice, hiding it in her hands before managing a single wave to the people.

She was given a bouquet of flowers by an under five girl before being ushered into the VIP lounge often used by diplomats, members of parliament and company chief executives.

Later on the day, she tried to defend her actions at a press briefing organized by Multichoice Malawi.

She said what she did in the house was trying to be herself and nothing more nothing less.

24-year old Mzamose Jean Chibambo lost in the finals of the 2009 Big Brother Africa Revolution after staying in the house for the entire 91 days period. She came a distant 4th position from the US$200,000.00 prize money.

She said that she believes, Kelvin the Nigerian did not deserve to win the competition.

“My choice for a winner was Edward, the Namibian,” she said.

Interestingly both Mzamo and Edward got a single vote from their respective countries. The two may have possibly differed because of the numbers of people who voted as Edward came third in the competition.

The 24-year old Mzamo stunned many of her critics in Malawi when she reached the finals of the 2009 Big Brother Revolution show which was being held in South Africa.

The daughter of a former diplomat and politician Ziliro Chibambo, Mzamo caused some controversy back home in Malawi because of what many people have described as her un Malawian behavior.

The issues that have not impressed many Malawians include; her excessive drinking culture, smoking habit, dressing, the use of foul language and her sexual escapades with evicted housemate, Lionel from the neighbouring Mozambique. The two are reported to have had sex in the house although this has not been proved.

On arrival in Blantyre, Mzamose dismissed talk that she had sex in the house with the Mozambican. She said they were only friends.

Following her behaviour in the house and a public outcry, her own family back home in Malawi condemned her greatly.

She said then that what Mzamose was doing in the house was not what the Chibambo family had expected of her and that they were embarrassed she behaved that way on live television.

However, following some great help from Namibian housemate Edward who twice saved Mzamo from possible eviction, the Malawian student reached the finals of the Big Brother Africa Revolution.

The final competition was between Namibia’s Edward, Angola’s Emma, Kelvin and Nkenna both from Nigeria and Mzamo from Malawi.

Although this was the stance taken by the women religious leaders, there has been divergent opinion on the Malawi girl’s behaviour.

Others have argued it’s reality television such that people are displaying their normal behaviour whilst others feel she has embarrassed the nation.

Malawi remains a conservative society that was very dominant under the 31-year autocratic rule under former late president Hastings Kamuzu Banda and the former ruling Malawi Congress Party-Malawi Digest.


  1. If you were being real in the house, so why were you shy on the airport?

  2. It's such a pity Malawi pick the wrong person to represent them, on-like 9ja who pick people who are ready to 'ZIP UP' Now she want to tell us who she think deserve the price, it ok she deserve the BEER!

  3. Ndimamwesa mowa mahule daily ine! Mzamo you can join my wandering team Mahule & Uzimwa daily,kusuta chimodzo-modzi!Sex - Osanena,Nyumba ndizilipila. Osadandaula m'bale wanga. Ndikusamala mahule from Nsanje to chitipa!Iwe ulibwino ndi ka xool kakonso!

  4. Leave Mzamo alone...low lives!!!

  5. un malawian behaviour. get real. A lot of malawian girls drink and smoke. just go to chanco parties and clubs.

  6. mzamo's just a sore loser!! edward deserved to win???cos he kept her in d finals??? he wasnt even a true friend to her bcos not once did he try to rein her in even when he knew she was embarassing herself on tv.all he cared about was taking the weakest contestants with him to the finals so he'd have a great chance of taking the prize!

  7. Hey gus,Mzamo must be advised 24 she is no longer young.soon or later she will need a companion.i heard her sayin "am only 24 and single".me l like her but l think she took things too far.
    My dear just accet it unalakwitsa...usanamizike culture yathu is different from any others.keep doing what is acceptable and enjoy your living..

  8. she was abit over the top i think she is hungry of being famous ,u can even c dat she has bn watching alot of reality tv dats wea some of her behaviour come frm .i dnt blame her i wud do exactly da same if i was mad cuz sometym its hard to get mny and if u can get da easy way of getting it y not going 4 it.Go go gal

  9. dfer gafestof nastrib mzamose harerft efretu betruy