Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prof. Mutharika back from global meet

A senior official from the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs welcomes Professor Mutharika at Kamuzu International Airport on Friday. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Frank Malemia

Malawi’s Justice and Constitutional Affairs Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has arrived back home from a successful 10-day trip in India where he attended the 10th Conference for the World’s Chief Justices.

He arrived at Kamuzu International Airport yesterday, Friday by South African Airways to a grand welcome by people from his home village in the mountainous tea growing district of Thyolo. They danced Tchopa to welcome their son and the Professor Mutharika joined them in the dance.

The constituents from Thyolo East told waiting reporters, they had to welcome their son in such grand style because he is making them proud.

“He is not only making Thyolo East proud but also Malawi as a whole because we didn’t expect that our own son and MP could be travelling to far countries such as India to speak to all Chief Justices from the entire world, this is very good for the country,” said a Mr Mulepa, who identified himself as leader for the delegation.

Professor Mutharika himself a Charles Nagel Professor of Internationaland Comperative Law, Washington University, United States of America told reporters that gathered at the airport in their large numbers that he was pleased with the kind of reception that he got both in India and back home upon arrival.

Senior officials from the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs were there in their large numbers to welcome their minister.

Upon arrival at the VVIP lounge, Professor Mutharika was given a bouquet of flowers by a female official from the Ministry marking a warm reception for one of Malawi’s greatest sons.

Speaking to journalists on his trip, the young Mutharika said that he was humbled and pledged to be invited as a ‘special guest’ and speak to such an important for eminent Chief Justices from all countries throughout the world.

He said his address, centred on the massive abuses of children from around the world.

The minister said that he thought of speaking for the plight children because research has shown that children are becoming the most venerable group of people.

“After my address, participants at the conference agreed that world countries should have laws that are ensuring the protection for the rights of children,” he said.

The minister told the conference that he noted that at least four major Western countries had reports of massive abuses of children.

“I told the conference that as a result of these circumstances, the world needs to resort to regional and national mechanisms to address the plight of our children,” he said.

He said among many other issues, he told the conference that the new National Registration Act adopted by the National Assembly a few weeks ago will in one way establish a system of National Registration for children among so that Malawi as a country is able to identify children for the purpose of access to various government programs.

“In the area of special protection, Malawi established four Childrens Courts in 2006 which have Jurisdiction over our children when they appear in courts either as witness or offenders,” said the Minister, adding Malawi as a country was applauded for making these strides in ensuring that the rights of children are respected.

According to Professor Peter Mutharika, the conference in India, came exactly one year after receiving the International Jurist Award presented to him in New Delhi by the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh-Malawi Digest.


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