Thursday, December 17, 2009

Muluzi should regret ill-treating Kamuzu

By Lucy Liponda

Former President for the Republic of Malawi should regret his actions for ill-treating Malawi’s first head of State the late Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

This was disclosed by former opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) vice president Nicholus Dausi this week.

In an exclusive interview with the national television broadcaster, the Malawi Television (TVM), Dausi, said that the former late head of state was ill-treated so much during the 10-year United Democratic Front (UDF) rule under Bakili Muluzi.

Dausi who is also Member of Parliament for Mwanza Central for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said he feels very bad when he hears former president Muluzi trying to talk good about the late Banda.

“Muluzi and his UDF are the people who ill-treated the late Kamuzu Banda and his family so much,” he told TVM this week in a series of interviews.

Dausi who was one of the closest aides for the late Banda until his death in 1997 said that under Muluzi, the country’s first president saw a lot of hell some of which cannot be explained.

“The late Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda saw a lot of misery through actions directly ordered by Bakili Muluzi and I will leave all this for God to judge Muluzi and his fellow UDF officials,” he said.

Dausi, gave an example of when Bakili Muluzi, then as President of Malawi ordered a search at the Kamuzu Banda’s retirement home of Mudi in the commercial city, Blantyre.

He said the search for the so called ‘documents’ took a good two days and all this time, the late Kamuzu who was sick, old and frail was made to remain awake throughout to witness the exercise.

“I was there when the Bakili Muluzi ordered Police pestered the late Ngwazi Dr Kamuzu Banda even in his bedroom looking for documents for a good two days none stop,” he said.

Dausi explained that although he personally protested this together with the former Official Hostess Mama Cecilia Tamanda Kadzamira to the rude and unruly Bakili Muluzi searching Police, all this fell on death ears.

“The Bakili Muluzi Police made us remove the late Kamuzu from his personal bed, for them to search for documents under the sheets, blankets and mattress and this happened several times within the two days they were in the Mudi house,” he said.

Dausi disclosed that although Muluzi was fully aware that the late Banda was old and sick, he ordered the Police to treat him like a criminal.

“There were event points where we had to change positions of the late Dr Banda with the Police searching for documents behind his back and under him between the sheets,” he said.

Dausi who was then working as one of the security officers for the Kamuzu disclosed that one of Bakili Muluzi’s senior ministers the late Alfred Itimu even kicked blankets and danced on the bed of the late Kamuzu.

“In one of our meetings trying to hand over government property, the late Itimu jumped onto the late Kamuzu Banda’s bed, danced on it before kicking away a blanket that was being used by the late Ngwazi,” said Dausi, disclosing that Itimu said was doing this to show that Kamuzu was now powerless.

Dausi, who is also chairperson for Malawi Parliament’s most powerful Public Appointments Committee said that in all these ill-treatments by Bakili Muluzi, God will be the best judge.

He said it is for this reason that he decided that no matter what happens, he will never associate himself with the opposition UDF party and its leader Bakili Muluzi.

“The way Bakili Muluzi, Brown Mpinganjira, the late Collins Chidzumira, Wenham Nakanga and Shaibu Itimu ill-treated the late Ngwazi, Mama Kadzamira and others, we will never forget,” he said almost crying on camera.

Dausi said that whilst as devout Roman Catholic cannot call for revenge on Muluzi, he does see any merit in Muluzi complaining for any ill-treatment after ruling Malawi for 10 years.

“If he is facing any problems that he may describe as ill-treatment, Muluzi should recall what he did to the late Banda and his family, he will find out that it was all beyond explanation,” he said.

Dausi also did shed a tear for Mama Cecilia Tamanda Kadzamira for all the suffering she got courtesy of former President Bakili Muluzi.

“Mama Kadzamira was persecuted by Muluzi, suffered a lot even spent nights at Chichiri Prison all because Bakili Muluzi wanted to punish the late Banda, his family and closest aides,” he said.

In the May 19th Presidential and Parliamentary polls, former president Muluzi and his opposition UDF party partnered the opposition MCP of John Tembo but the team was not voted into power.

During that campaign, Muluzi addressed political rallies with John Tembo where he praised the late Banda so much but people did not listen to Muluzi’s plastic smiles and cosmetic talk.

The two partners were jointly kicked out of the Presidential and Parliamentary race by the incumbent State President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika and his ruling Democratic Progressive Party-Malawi Digest.


  1. malawians we are too sleepy,why voted muluzi and his thugs for 10yrs?

  2. Propaganda at its best. Those who can afford to believe this Dausi liar let them do so.

  3. Everyone is free to believe anything. Malawi is a free society 1!

  4. Many suffered under Kamuzu too.Ny father was arrested three times He was suspected of communicating with Kanyama Chiume He was kicked out of his job and growing up we had many days without food. it is a miracle that we grew up went to college and became responsible citizens. Dausi should quit whining. what was done to kamuzu He did that to many. So Dausi relax

  5. I had an argument with one of the kadzamira relative He threatened that He could have me fired from my job in retaliation so dausi where were you when kamuzu and his people persecuted people Some done in his name some not. My argument with this dude was over some bullshit but some people Really suffered under KB and you have the audacity to complain. give me a break dude

  6. Alot of people suffered during Kamuzu's time.Even my own uncle survived three times on Shire river banks simply because our grand father was getting juju from Mozambique.By the time he came out of prison,all his three kids were dead.He lost everything (after the 1964 cabinet crisis),my late dad walked with his in-law and the three kids on foot from Zomba to a neighbouring district for three days(when darkness fell they used to sleep in gardens till day break).

    All in all,what Muluzi and his boys did to Kamuzu was uncalled for.Politics of retaliation is archaic.Common sense based on expediency should have taught them that circumstancially,Kamuzu was old and deserved respect.And believe you me,most of those atrocities were masterminded by the pint-sized,JZU.Only that Kamuzu trusted this chap too much.

  7. We all gat History!!! so Daudi or whatever yu call yurself yur bullshit, go around this world and see what pipo are going thru and other presdent aswell so if r up to favour from BINGU just shout yur big mouth and go ahead, dont soubd innocent today how many pipo were killed during kamnuzu!!? how many were iil treated?? and how many got lost in dispair?? if yu get the answer yu wiil see what i mean!!!!! then stop it now!!!!

  8. this loud mouthed incosiderate person that appears to kiss a lot of ass should check his facts. you dont have to make other people look bad inorder to gain favour