Thursday, December 17, 2009

Am happy to belong to Mulhako says Mulli

Mulli Brothers Managing Director Leston Ted Mulli dances proudly with fellow Lhomwes in this Lhomwe traditional dance. Pic courtesy of Mulli Brothers Limited.

By Emmanuel Sobilika

Malawi’s business magnate Leston Ted Mulli of Mulli Group of Companies Limited has disclosed that he is proud to be associated with the Lhomwe heritage group, the Mulhako Wa Alhomwe.

Mulli was speaking this week in an interview with one of Malawi’s private radio station, the Capital FM.

Speaking to the radio in an exclusive interview, Mulli said that he does not regret his association with the organisation whose aims are to preserve and promote Lhomwe culture in Malawi.

Mulli who has probably Malawi’s biggest locally owned conglomerate said that people should not question his connection with the Mulhako Wa Alhomwe.

He said like any other human being and a Malawian he has got a right to association with any grouping of his choice.

“Everyone in the world belongs to certain culture and tribe. If I belong to Mulhako Wa Alhomwe, it means I am a Lhomwe and I am just exercising my right,” he said.

Mulli, himself a successful businessman dismissed assertions that the grouping was aimed at promoting people belonging to the Lhomwe tribe into important government positions.

“All Lhomwe people having positions in government are qualified for those positions,” he said.

Speaking an exclusive interview to Malawi Digest on Thursday morning, the business guru said that Mulhako Wa Alhomwe is in Malawi to stay and that is irreversible.

“The Maseko Ngonis from Ntcheu have their grouping, the Jere Ngonis from Mzimba have theirs, the Chewas have their own and many more, so what’s wrong with Mulhako Wa Alhomwe?” he said.

Mulli, who is also a senior member for the Mulhako Wa Alhomwe national executive committee said that the organisation was pleased with the kind of cooperation it is receiving from other heritage groups like those mentioned above.

“It’s good for the country as people are able to learn from each other’s cultures and share experiences,” he said.

Mulli disclosed to Malawi Digest that the organisation has ambitious plans of raising funds that would help the organisation to be self sustaining.

“We have good plans that would help Mulhako Wa Alhomwe to be there for ever and ever, we will be disclosing those plans in due course,” he said.

Malawi President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika is founder and patron for the Mulhako Wa Alhomwe cultural grouping.

According to businessman Leston Mulli, the organisation was launched on October 25, 2008 at a function that was attended by the State President in the mountainous Mulanje district.

Mulli said that the headquarters for Mulhako Wa Alhomwe are at Chonde in Mulanje-Malawi Digest.


  1. What happened to being Malawian first? Malawi Digest stop promoting ethnocentrism.

  2. thats what we call demokalase(freeom of expression) in nyasa

  3. Mulli eat ur money whilst u can cause after 2014...u drop like a meteor from space!!!!!

  4. Bwana mulli am proud to be a lomwe as well, don't listen to those idiots