Wednesday, December 2, 2009

‘Rejected' Mzamo may win US$200,000.00

Malawi's 2009 Big Brother Revolution representative 24-year old Mzamose Jean Chibambo. Pic courtesy of Timve Magazine.

By Frank Malemia

Malawi’s 2009 reality show, Big Brother Africa Revolution representative Mzamose Jean Chibambo may instantly become a millionaire on Sunday if a viewers’ vote goes in her favour.

The 24-year old Mzamo has stunned many of her critics in Malawi when she reached the finals of the 2009 Big Brother Revolution show which is being held in South Africa.

The daughter of a former diplomat and politician Ziliro Chibambo, Mzamo has caused some controversy back home in Malawi because of what many people have described as her un Malawian behavior.

The issues that have not impressed many Malawians include; her excessive drinking culture, smoking habit, dressing, the use of foul language and her sexual escapades with evicted housemate, Lionel from the neighbouring Mozambique.

The two are reported to have had sex in the house although this has not been proved.

Following her behaviour in the house and a public outcry, her own family back home in Malawi condemned her greatly.

Her own sister, Violet who acts as a spokesperson for the Chibambo family said that Mzamose had shown some un Malawian behavior in the house.

She said then that what Mzamose was doing in the house was not what the Chibambo family had expected of her and that they were embarrassed she behaved that way on live television.

However, following some great help from Namibian housemate Edward who twice has saved Mzamo from possible eviction, the Malawian student is set to grab the US$200,000.00 prize money if viewers vote in her favour.

Following the eviction of Zimbabwean Itai last Sunday, the race now remains between five competitors including Namibia’s Edward, Angola’s Emma, Kelvin and Nkenna both from Nigeria and of course Malawi’s own Mzamo.

Meanwhile, Mzamo’s family has retreated from their earlier remarks and have since announced they are proud of her for reaching the finals.

Last month, a group of women religious leaders petitioned the Malawi Government through Women and Gender Minister Patricia Kaliati to condemn Mzamose behaviour in the reality show and withdraw her from the race.

Although this was the stance taken by the women religious leaders, there has been divergent opinion on the Malawi girl’s behaviour.

Others have argued it’s reality television such that people are displaying their normal behaviour whilst others feel she has embarrassed the nation.

Malawi remains a conservative society that was very dominant under the 31-year autocratic rule under former late president Hastings Kamuzu Banda and the former ruling Malawi Congress Party-Malawi Digest.


  1. VOTE FOR MZAMO. VIVA MZAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP MALAWI

  2. Mzamo is definately bringing the money home because what she is doing is what is making people happy. keep it up Mzamo.

  3. Choices of ones best things can be the hardest to make. Whether Mzamo brings the dollars or not, her lifestyle in the house vividly tells how fastest Malawian Women are cursing their virtues and pride.

  4. the way you look and the way you behaved in the house(BB) does not tally.Mowa ndi fodya nzosakukhala namwali iwe.

  5. What if Mzamo was not actually involved in a sexual act for which she has been widely denounced ? What if she was just acting? The alleged tape of her involved in a sexual act only shows her under a bedsheet. As far as drinking and smoking are concerned she is completely old enough to drink or smoke and know the consequencies. If she wins the money, hopefuly she can put it it to very good use.

  6. Violet said what??
    I believe this gal Mzamo learned all these behaviors from her sister Violet. She is always smoking,drinking and cheating on her husband, Kumbo.

  7. Amene samachimwepo ndiye ayambe kugenda Mzamo. She is only human and I urge those christian women to talk to her when she comes back home, that is if they truly love her

  8. koma inu zomwezi mpakana she takes from her sister...its not fair to bring personal matters on a public about Mzamo n not her sis...mxiii...

  9. We all have crocoches in our cupboard, pls cleand up yours before others.