Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bingu power in Malawi

LOUD AND CLEAR Bingu and DPP are set to win the May 19th Elections. This is a rally addressed by Dr Bingu in Nsanje recently.
Even respected tradional leaders like the Ngoni of Ntcheu's senior chief Inkosi Yamakosi Gomani IV of are in support of the Bingu led government.
Dr Bingu wa Mutharika addressing a huge crowd at Nkhotakota on his way to Lilongwe from the North where he had a number of official engagements.
Thank you Dr Bingu, Mama Chibambo seems to be saying. Whilst in the North recently, Dr Bingu wa Mutharika honoured Malawi's first ever female deputy minister Mama Rose Ziba Chibambo. Dr Bingu named a street in Mzuzu City in her name and later hosted a dinner in her honour at Mzuzu Sunbird Hotel.
Still in the North, Dr Bingu wa Mutharika officially inaugrated Malawi's first ever urenium mine at Kayelekera in Karonga. The mine is one of the achievements that have come out in the open as a result of good economic policies by the Bingu administration.
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Malawi's most confused politician

BAKILI MULUZI is currently rated as Malawi's most confused politician. On three occasions, he tried to rape the Malawi Constitution but failed miserably.
He failed in 2002, he failed again in 2003 and the latest one he failed this year. Muluzi who claims to be a 'political engineer' has met his match and got engineered himself.
For the first time in 15 years, the opposition UDF party of Muluzi will not feature a presidential candidate because of Muluzi's selfishness and hunger for power.
Bakili Muluzi has since loaned the UDF party to fellow opposition party, the MCP.
It is not known how much money he has got from this loan.
Otherwise poor Bakili Muluzi keeps on giving out hand-outs to people thinking that's what Malawians want. No! Bakili, people want development (chitukuko) and not hand-outs.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Presidency not for me – Peter

One of Malawi's highly trained lawyers Pro. Peter Mutharika offering a service to Malawians. He says he is not interested in the presidency but following the good steps of his brother, Dr Bingu wa Mutharika politically. Pic exclusively by Malawi Digest.

By Kondwani Munthali

THERE is no basis for the assumption in some quarters that President Bingu wa Mutharika is grooming his brother and Chief Legal Advisor Peter for a possible take over in 2014, professor Mutharika has said.

Speaking in an exclusive interview at his area 43 residence in Lilongwe, the younger Mutharika said he has been involved in Malawi politics since colonial days and it is wrong to assume that he has “just come to Malawi” to take over the presidency.

“I don’t know where this is coming from and who started it. I have no interest in that, not at all. There is absolutely no basis for that or assumptions that I would want to become President,” said Mutharika.

This is the first interview the President’s brother has granted to the local media and said he was surprised with some reports linking him to the presidency when he never thought about the position.

Mutharika, who chaired the Charles Nagel Professor of International and Comparative Law and Professor of African and African-American Studies at Washington University, said he has worked for over 40 years in the service of the country and with different freedom fighters, including Attati Mpakati, Henry Masauko Chipembere and Kanyama Chiume.

“I was advisor to Mpakati when he formed LESOMA. When they bombed him for the first time, I met him in London and helped to meet some people in the House of Commons. During the transition I was general counsel for Malawi Action Committee in the USA. We put pressure on the World Bank and other financial institutions to suspend support to Malawi,” he said.

Mutharika said there is a clear distinction between his role as a Chief Legal Advisor to the President and as a relation of the President.

“We discuss family matters separate. As a lawyer, he is my client, so I am governed by the rules and ethics of the profession. I have been official advisor since December 2007,” said the younger Mutharika, who is also the first African to receive the International Jurists Award in 2008.

On the country’s Constitution, Mutharika said the 1995 Constitution was done in a hurry and needs revision by all Malawians to remove confusion that arises during interpretation of some sections.

“Our Constitution is too long, vague and contradictory, which gives problems to those who interpret it. We tried to do two things; to address some of the problems under the one-party system [while] at the same time we were creating framework for a democratic dispensation. We rushed through,” said Mutharika, who has written extensively on law published in various law journals, including the Oxford Law Journal on African law.

Mutharika, who is the last but one in a family of nine, says he likes research and lecturing. Although he has joined active politics, he says being parliamentarian is different from his academic life. He is contesting in Thyolo East constituency on the ruling DPP ticket -Weekend Nation 18-19 April, 2009.

Muluzi why Tembo the murderer?

Malawi's most confused political engineer, Bakili Muluzi. After cheating Malawians for 5 years, now he has his tail behind his legs and knows that he cannot stand on May 19th. What a fool!
By James Chipweya

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) alliance has already hit troubles waters from discomfort by staunch supporters of the two parties.

The supporters say that if the main agenda of the MCP/UDF alliance is for the good of the Malawi nation, then the UDF leader Bakili Muluzi should come out in the open and explain to Malawians why he thinks people should vote for John Tembo who was also leader of opposition in the just dissolved Parliament.

Douglas Kamaliza of Chiradzulu says that from 1993 to 2004, Muluzi has always told Malawians that John Tembo is a very ban man, evil and has blood in his hands because of his evil dealings during the one party rule under late Kamuzu Banda such that Malawians should not think in anyway of voting for him as the country’s next president.

“Muluzi has to convince us and tell us what good qualities he has found in John Tembo the same man the Muluzi administration took to court for the murder of Aaron Gadama, Dick Matenje, Twaibu Sangala and David Chiwanga” he said.

The famous Mwanza murder case went in favour of Tembo although people in Malawi still believe John Tembo organised the killing of the three cabinet ministers and Member of Parliament.

“When has Tembo become a good man to rule this country? We can see that Muluzi only wants to use Tembo the same way he used us to vote for President Bingu wa Mutharika,” said Kamaliza.

Kamaliza said that it is sad that Tembo may be thinking of getting any vote from the southern region just because people want to make Muluzi happy.

“Unless Muluzi tells us the good qualities in John Tembo then things may work for the opposition but if Muluzui’s aim is to fight Dr Bingu using Tembo, then he must forget it,” he said.

Hastings Magombo from Ntcheu said the opposition MCP/UDF alliance is not going to go far because Tembo and Muluzi are kind of people who cannot work together. He said the two cannot work together for a long time because of their poor past record.
“The working relationship between Tembo and Muluzi is that of an axe where you only like it when climbing up a tree but after use you throw it away. These two cannot work together because both are big hearted and both of them want to be national leaders as a result this alliance is surely going to fail,” he said.

He gave an example of Italy where these alliances collapse soon after the elections. He said the Malawi scenario may be the same or that even before the elections, the alliance my crumble.

Alfred Jiva from Manase in the commercial city, Blantyre said that during his time in power, Bakili Muluzi snatched all the
property belonging to the late Kamuzu including houses and to make matters worse Muluzi arrested the late Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda when he was critically ill.

At one of the political rallies, MCP president John Tembo said that he was not going to forgive anybody who ill-treated the late Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

Tembo was apparently referring to Bakili Muluzi.

Jiva said that apart from ill-treating the late Kamuzu Banda, Muluzi also showed all his hate for the opposition MCP when he refused the Malawi Police bury the former late Inspector of Malawi Police Service, Mac Williams Lunguzi.

Following Muluzi’s instructions Lunguzi was buried as an ordinary man, a behaviour Jiva said was Muluzi’s hate campaign on the opposition MCP and its leadership.

When he died in a road accident, Lunguzi had just joined active politics and was being tipped to become Malawi Congress Party’s leader.

“If the Malawi Electoral Commission had not stopped Muluzi from contesting the Presidency as a result of the Malawi Constitution, would he have gone to work with MCP in an alliance?”

Jiva agreed with many other Malawians who feel that Bakili Muluzi has not gone into an alliance with the MCP for the good of the nation but rather to get at President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika.

Jiva said the alliance is not going to help Malawians in anyway.

Interestingly, those that are opposing the UDF/MCP alliance including Friday Jumbe, Leonald Mangulama, George Ntafu and Harry Thomson are being threatened by Muluzi not to speak out – Weekend Nation April 18-19, 2009.

Muluzi should retire and do something else

Dear Editor,

Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity to have my opinion aired out through your media organisation.

From the day that Malawians were told that Bakili Muluzi was not going to stand in the May 19th Presidential elections, a lot has been said about Muluzi’s failure and nothing good has been said about his failed moves.

My humble advice to Bakili Muluzi as the first multi-party president of Malawi, he should have just resigned from politics and concentrate on something else.

What I want to say here is that even in his own home area of Ntaja and Mselema in Machinga people there are suffering a lot despite having a man who was president of Malawi for 10 good years.

I expected Muluzi to retire honourably from Malawian politics and concentrate on business ventures for example putting up factories in his home area to help his own people who are suffering a lot.

Apart from that, Muluzi also did his part in party politics and it’s high time he handed over the mantle of UDF leadership to someone else to lead the party other than have it dead the way it’s slowly being killed.

People should know that even at Ntaja, Muluzi’s own home area there is no development at all. He should instead resign from politics and concentrate on developing his home area other than waiting for government to come in and help.

It’s said that I am hearing some people told President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika recently that they need electricity at Mselema when their own son Bakili Muluzi was President of Malawi for 10 good years but did nothing.

Abdul Ligowe,

So Tembo the killer is better?

Dear Editor,

Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity to raise my concerns on the recent move by the UDF to join forces with the MCP for the May 19th elections.

I am shocked and surprised that the UDF led by Bakili Muluzi has gone into an electoral alliance with the MCP.

If the UDF has really gone into this electoral alliance with the MCP, has John Tembo now changed into a saint after Muluzi publicly told Malawians that he cannot work with Tembo because his hands are full of blood.

The most sad thing is that Muluzi, a political engineer as he calls himself can really take his UDF and enter into an alliance with the MCP. May be Muluzi wants to go back to where he belongs because we understand he was once the Secretary General of the MCP.

My big question to Bakili Muluzi is, has John Tembo now changed from a blood stained man into a saint?

Mathews Julio

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dr Mutharika invades northern region

Here I come to the northern region, Malawi's most popular politician and State President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika seems to be saying. Pic By Malawi Digest.

By Emmanuel Sobilika

Malawi President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika is currently on his way to Malawi's northern region stopping at strategic points to speak to the people.

Dr Mutharika is on his way to the region to conduct a last but one official campaign launch for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The launch, takes place this Sunday at the Mzuzu Stadium.

Similar launches have already taken place in the south at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre, Mangochi old airport in the eastern region and now the northern region which has been described by many as the heartland of ruling DPP.

DPP spokesperson Dr Hetherwick Ntaba speaking to Malawi Digest on the northern region whistle stop tour says that what they are seeing on the road is unexpected.

"The reception that Dr Bingu wa Mutharika is getting at the points he is stopping is overwhelming. This is a clear indication that Malawians are going to asher back into power Dr Bingu wa Mutharika and his ruling DPP," said the eloquent Ntaba.

At the central/northern region border road block, there is a sign erected by the people of northern region is loud words; "Welcome to the north, the home of DPP."

The sign post has been at Jenda the last four years.

The launch for campaign of the DPP has been characterised by brand new hammer motor vehicles, brand new DPP branded pick-ups and four DPP blue coloured campaign buses.

Everywhere the State President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika has addressed the public, he has been applauded for leading by example in articulating issues other than attacking his rivals in the elections.

Former President Bakili Muluzi who failed to stand for a third term in this year's elections and his fellow opposition leader John Tembo of the MCP are well known for castigating ruling party officials and using threats at their rallies.

Recently, two Muluzi allies were arrested by Police for inciting the public to riot against the government.

Also recently, MCP president John Tembo told a rally that Malawians should start praying so that he doesn't win the May elections otherwise all those that were against him are going to pay pay dearly. There is a recorded tape of the rally to this effect.

Numerous independent opinion polls on the May 19th elections published recently have said Dr Bingu wa Mutharika and his ruling DPP are going to win the elections hands down.
The pollsters say that Dr Mutharika and his party are going to win for a simple reason of delivering what they promised the people -Malawi Digest.

Government responds to Nyasas allegations

Press Statement

Reply to the Article of Nyasatimes titled “The truth concerning President Mutharika’s illness”

It is disturbing for us to notice that Nyasatimes editors are still insisting on their fabricated story that the President His Excellency Ngwazi Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika was in comma. We told them that the story was not true, and many events that followed actually proved that the story had no basis whatsoever.

We thought that their retraction and apology for this untrue story was genuine and in good faith. But it is now clear that the apology and retraction were as deceitful and dishonest as their article itself.

In the first article the so called “impeccable sources at the State House” talked about a semi- comatose President being given emergency treatment by South African Doctors ahead of referral to a foreign Clinic.

The fact is that the President continued very heavy and physically challenging engagements both in public and in private during the time he was allegedly in comma. These activities included visits to his farm in Thyolo, extensive Public whistle stop tour of the City of Blantyre prior to the magnificent Launch of the DPP Campaign on Wednesday 25th March 2009, vigorous big walk on Sunday 29th March 2009 to raise funds for FEDOMA, and many other activities.

Medically there is no way a person can go from a comatose state to vigorous physical engagements in a day or two. The “patient” in their story was supposed to be referred to a foreign clinic after emergency treatment but none of this happened. The President has continued with his very physically demanding schedules like numerous whistle stop tours in the Eastern and Central Regions.

This is not the clinical picture of a sick man, let alone that of someone who is suffering from a life threatening Cancer. One does not have to be a genius to know the absurdity and incoherence of this report. We do not understand why Nyasatimes are insisting on it

Nyasatimes have challenged us that they will be forced to submit the correspondence from their State House sources where the allegations concerning the President’s health were made. We accept that challenge and dare them to do so immediately. We want to see the valid documents and their sources. We must warn them against more fabrications, which now appears to be all Nyasatimes are capable of doing.

We shall not be intimidated by their threats that we should “let sleeping dogs lie or else they will open the can of worms on the Presidents health”. Let them state which journalists are being paid by the DPP to attack Nyasatimes? It is sad that these Nyasatimes characters think that everyone is a checkbook journalist just like they are. DPP would not stoop so low as to pay any professionals to attack the worthless Nyasatimes.
This is all cheap and dirty campaign tactics against the President whose health physically and otherwise is robust and clearly an open book for everyone to see. This is the way they want to campaign for their failed Political Masters, but they will not succeed.

Nyasatimes have challenged us that they are ready to stand trial in Court on this matter. Let us assure them that at an appropriate time, we shall indeed take them to Court where they will meet the consequences of their dishonest and shameful mercenary journalism.

We are compiling a full range of their fabrications, apologies and retractions of their unprofessional obsessions and attacks against the President. We know their contacts and physical addresses in Malawi and the United Kingdom. They should not think that they will always be sheltered by the geographical distances and their mode of publishing for their untrue stories.

Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba

Thursday, April 2, 2009

DPP campaign power!!!

Some of the traditional dances that entertained people during the campaign launch at Kamuzu Stadium. Pic By Malawi Digest.
Dr Bingu wa Mutharika waving the huge crowd from an open-roof Land Rover. Pic By Malawi Digest.
DPP presidential running-mate Mrs Joyce Banda and Secretary General Henry Chimunthu Banda waiting to welcome Dr Bingu wa Mutharika. Pic By Malawi Digest. President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika arriving in the Kamuzu Stadium sitting in the famous DPP-campaign bus dubbed "Air Force One". Pic By Malawi Digest.
One of the Hammers in the Kamuzu Stadium. The Mutharika convoy has made some people in Malawi sick because DPP has won the elections. Pic By Malawi Digest.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shanil Muluzi UDF candidate

Opposition UDF presidential candidate Patricia Shanil Muluzi. Pic By Malawi Digest.

By Lucy Liponda

Former president of Malawi and opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) national chairman Bakili Muluzi has chosen his wife Patricia Shanil Muluzi as the party’s presidential candidate for the May 19th polls, Malawi Digest can reveal.

Patricia Shanil Muluzi’s name was endorsed by a UDF national working committee on Sunday at Muluzi’s BCA Hill residence in the commercial city, Blantyre.

One of the senior party officials confirmed to Malawi Digest that Patricia Shanil Muluzi is the UDF candidate if Bakili Muluzi fails to have the courts reverse a decision by the independent Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) where he was told he is not qualified to stand in the May polls.

Our source says the Sunday meeting was attended by among others Humphrey Mvula, George Nga Ntafu, Lilian Patel, Kennedy Makwangwala, Harry Thomson, Friday Jumbe, Clement Stambuli and all UDF regional governors.

Like in his third term come back campaign bid where he used regional governors to pursue his agenda, Bakili Muluzi is also using the same tactics to have his wife endorsed as choice for a presidential candidate.

The news about Patricia Shanil Muluzi’s candidacy was first broken by Abubakar Mbaya, opposition UDF governor for the eastern region followed Macdonald Simon of the south and George Mpombwe of Mulanje-Sapitwa region.

The three governors’ sentiments were supported by those from the remaining four regions.

These are the exact tactics that were played by Muluzi when he wanted to come back for a third term.

In his remarks on Sunday, Mbaya said that people from all the regions had agreed that incase Muluzi fails to make it through the courts, people had agreed to have the former First Lady as the UDF presidential candidate.

“The idea is that she is already liked by some Malawians, she carries the name Muluzi for easy campaign and that there is high demand for women to be in higher positions,” reasoned Mbaya during the meeting.

However, in order to hoodwink the other working committee members, Bakili Muluzi told the meeting that it was not good to bring his wife into the issue of presidential candidate.

Although the UDF national chairman said this, surprisingly, all the other governors went on to support Mbaya in confirming Shanil Muluzi as the potential UDF presidential candidate.

Other members of the committee were left mouth agape as they had no choice but support the proposal.

The UDF leader went on to advise the committee that instead of announcing to the public that they have opted for another candidate, it’s better they continue mentioning to the outer world that Bakili Muluzi is the only candidate available at the moment.

“Announcing the name of another candidate now would discredit the court challenge we have against MEC,” Muluzi is quoted telling the meeting.

Meanwhile, news about the choice of Patricia Shanil Muluzi as UDF candidate has divided the UDF national committee completely.

Senior members of the party are the ones that have tipped Malawi Digest to publish this report that the problems in the UDF are now irreversible and that they will now lead to a complete death of the opposition UDF – Malawi Digest.