Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shanil Muluzi UDF candidate

Opposition UDF presidential candidate Patricia Shanil Muluzi. Pic By Malawi Digest.

By Lucy Liponda

Former president of Malawi and opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) national chairman Bakili Muluzi has chosen his wife Patricia Shanil Muluzi as the party’s presidential candidate for the May 19th polls, Malawi Digest can reveal.

Patricia Shanil Muluzi’s name was endorsed by a UDF national working committee on Sunday at Muluzi’s BCA Hill residence in the commercial city, Blantyre.

One of the senior party officials confirmed to Malawi Digest that Patricia Shanil Muluzi is the UDF candidate if Bakili Muluzi fails to have the courts reverse a decision by the independent Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) where he was told he is not qualified to stand in the May polls.

Our source says the Sunday meeting was attended by among others Humphrey Mvula, George Nga Ntafu, Lilian Patel, Kennedy Makwangwala, Harry Thomson, Friday Jumbe, Clement Stambuli and all UDF regional governors.

Like in his third term come back campaign bid where he used regional governors to pursue his agenda, Bakili Muluzi is also using the same tactics to have his wife endorsed as choice for a presidential candidate.

The news about Patricia Shanil Muluzi’s candidacy was first broken by Abubakar Mbaya, opposition UDF governor for the eastern region followed Macdonald Simon of the south and George Mpombwe of Mulanje-Sapitwa region.

The three governors’ sentiments were supported by those from the remaining four regions.

These are the exact tactics that were played by Muluzi when he wanted to come back for a third term.

In his remarks on Sunday, Mbaya said that people from all the regions had agreed that incase Muluzi fails to make it through the courts, people had agreed to have the former First Lady as the UDF presidential candidate.

“The idea is that she is already liked by some Malawians, she carries the name Muluzi for easy campaign and that there is high demand for women to be in higher positions,” reasoned Mbaya during the meeting.

However, in order to hoodwink the other working committee members, Bakili Muluzi told the meeting that it was not good to bring his wife into the issue of presidential candidate.

Although the UDF national chairman said this, surprisingly, all the other governors went on to support Mbaya in confirming Shanil Muluzi as the potential UDF presidential candidate.

Other members of the committee were left mouth agape as they had no choice but support the proposal.

The UDF leader went on to advise the committee that instead of announcing to the public that they have opted for another candidate, it’s better they continue mentioning to the outer world that Bakili Muluzi is the only candidate available at the moment.

“Announcing the name of another candidate now would discredit the court challenge we have against MEC,” Muluzi is quoted telling the meeting.

Meanwhile, news about the choice of Patricia Shanil Muluzi as UDF candidate has divided the UDF national committee completely.

Senior members of the party are the ones that have tipped Malawi Digest to publish this report that the problems in the UDF are now irreversible and that they will now lead to a complete death of the opposition UDF – Malawi Digest.


  1. Akuwuza nda Neba. DPP woyeee!! Boma! Boma! Boma! A Ngwazi ndi boma lero! Angwazi ndi boma! Timasangalala. Nyangwa! Nyangwa! Nyangwa!

    This is a total collapse of the Ukafuna Dilu Fulumira(UDF). 5 years elapsing without any tangible plan for leadership. Mutha ngati makatani.

  2. If this is the current Shanil's photo then, she doesnt look healthy at all! Am worried!
    However, even if she stands, she will not win!
    UDF yatha ngati makatani ndithu ntheradi! Kho! kho! Kho!!!!

  3. Hmmm!a mw digest musatibwatike nalo bodza.Inu mwamva ndani zimenezo?

  4. HEHEDE!!!! koma ndiye Ku Mw kwabebatu, choice cha President chimenecho!!!!! Zimenezitu zaseketsa kwabasi. A Bakili Mkazi ameneyu munasankha nokha kapena a Kapoloma anangokupatsani?????????????????????
    Ntchito idakalipo, komabe U can try bcoz there is neva too late on this whole earth

  5. For sure announced on Fools day

  6. Mkazi wa Muluzi ndi nkhwangwa sangakhale president even ku chimbudzi