Monday, April 20, 2009

So Tembo the killer is better?

Dear Editor,

Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity to raise my concerns on the recent move by the UDF to join forces with the MCP for the May 19th elections.

I am shocked and surprised that the UDF led by Bakili Muluzi has gone into an electoral alliance with the MCP.

If the UDF has really gone into this electoral alliance with the MCP, has John Tembo now changed into a saint after Muluzi publicly told Malawians that he cannot work with Tembo because his hands are full of blood.

The most sad thing is that Muluzi, a political engineer as he calls himself can really take his UDF and enter into an alliance with the MCP. May be Muluzi wants to go back to where he belongs because we understand he was once the Secretary General of the MCP.

My big question to Bakili Muluzi is, has John Tembo now changed from a blood stained man into a saint?

Mathews Julio

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