Friday, April 3, 2009

Dr Mutharika invades northern region

Here I come to the northern region, Malawi's most popular politician and State President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika seems to be saying. Pic By Malawi Digest.

By Emmanuel Sobilika

Malawi President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika is currently on his way to Malawi's northern region stopping at strategic points to speak to the people.

Dr Mutharika is on his way to the region to conduct a last but one official campaign launch for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The launch, takes place this Sunday at the Mzuzu Stadium.

Similar launches have already taken place in the south at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre, Mangochi old airport in the eastern region and now the northern region which has been described by many as the heartland of ruling DPP.

DPP spokesperson Dr Hetherwick Ntaba speaking to Malawi Digest on the northern region whistle stop tour says that what they are seeing on the road is unexpected.

"The reception that Dr Bingu wa Mutharika is getting at the points he is stopping is overwhelming. This is a clear indication that Malawians are going to asher back into power Dr Bingu wa Mutharika and his ruling DPP," said the eloquent Ntaba.

At the central/northern region border road block, there is a sign erected by the people of northern region is loud words; "Welcome to the north, the home of DPP."

The sign post has been at Jenda the last four years.

The launch for campaign of the DPP has been characterised by brand new hammer motor vehicles, brand new DPP branded pick-ups and four DPP blue coloured campaign buses.

Everywhere the State President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika has addressed the public, he has been applauded for leading by example in articulating issues other than attacking his rivals in the elections.

Former President Bakili Muluzi who failed to stand for a third term in this year's elections and his fellow opposition leader John Tembo of the MCP are well known for castigating ruling party officials and using threats at their rallies.

Recently, two Muluzi allies were arrested by Police for inciting the public to riot against the government.

Also recently, MCP president John Tembo told a rally that Malawians should start praying so that he doesn't win the May elections otherwise all those that were against him are going to pay pay dearly. There is a recorded tape of the rally to this effect.

Numerous independent opinion polls on the May 19th elections published recently have said Dr Bingu wa Mutharika and his ruling DPP are going to win the elections hands down.
The pollsters say that Dr Mutharika and his party are going to win for a simple reason of delivering what they promised the people -Malawi Digest.


  1. Message to Malawians:
    Please do not let Muluzu come back to power because it will be the same "Third Term" that Malawians had refused last year through Parliament and through so many prayers that were held in many churches and mosques against Muluzi's hunger to pull down Ngwazi Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika.Let us continue to pray that we,all Malawians,will show the whole world,on May 19,2009,that we know how to vote very wisely and for our Ngwazi,who has delivered on his promises despite kunyozeka and kuponderezedwa in Parliament.Uyu ndi munthu amene alibe dontho la magazi m'manja mwake.Sanapheko kapena kumveka mbiri zokhudza kupha munthu komanso sanamangidwepo chifukwa cha milandu yonyansa ngati m'mene JZU Tembo and Bakili Muluzi zinawachitikira mu mbiri ya miyoyo yawo.Ichi ndi chifukwa chokwanira kuti anthu amenewa sakukwana kukhala pa mpando wa Pulezidenti wa dziko lathu lokongola la Malawi.China,chonde a Malawi,tisanyoze zimene zikumveka zokhudza Prophet Joshua.Mulungu amabweretsa chenjezo munjira zosiyanasiyana.Kotero ngati zili zoona kuti izi zinavumbulutsidwadi,ndiye kuti ife a Malawi tiyenera kuti tigwade mchoonadi pamaso a Yehova ndipo Iye Mulungu,azatimvera natikhululukira machimo athu ndiponso kutidalitsa pamodzi ndi mtsogoleri wathu.Chofunikira ndi pemphero kuletsa anthu onse amene ali ndi mitima ya kaduka,yansanje komanso kudzikonda kuti Mulungu awalange posawapatsa mwai otenga boma moyo wao onse!Amen!

  2. Pano Muluzi nde azinena kuti Bingu is living a luxurious life chifukwa cha nsanje ya magalimoto amene iye alibe!Kodi wayesa Bingu ndalama amakatenga pakhomo pa agogo ake!Fotseki!Iye ma pickup aja 100 ndalama zogulira anazitenga kuti?Fotseki!Mulungu salora kuti Muluzu abwerere m'boma!Ndithudi afune asafune!Atha ngati makatani!Fotseki!Mau akulu akulu amati,ukayenda siya phazi ndipo ukasiya mulomo,ukutsata!Fotseki!Ameneyu watha ngati makatani!Fotseki!Iye ma Landrover Discovery amene anthu awaona dzanadzanali waatenga kuti?Fotseki?

  3. Why doesnt DPP download a Muluzi video on YouTube where he was saying he will never ever seek a third term and broadcast it on national television for all Malawians to see him swallow his own words.

  4. Tazisinthani nkhani nanu inu. Mulibe zolemba?

  5. Tsopani tipatseni update ya MEC's court battle.Ife tikudalira inu kuti timwe zoti Muluzi will never stand.Azipuma ameneyu!Akufunako chani ku Sanjika?Ndetasinthani nkhani apa.Tionenso zithunzi za ku Mzuzu.Nyasa times isamatinamize.

  6. it seems you take long to update you blog....we are hungry for the news .................

  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!Inu muzimva!Tasinthani nkhani apa!Chipani cha DPP sichamazizi ngati amenewa!Mukhale achangu ngati ana a Bingu,osagontha mkhutu.Updates on Mzuzu Launch and Lilongwe Launch zibwere.And tell Malawians not to fear mgwirizano wa Tembo ndi Buluzi.Uku ndiye kuti Mulungu wayankha mapemphero athu kuti Bingu awine!Tembo and Gwanda cannot work together!BJ and Muluzi are now opponents!MCP supporters will not approve of Tembo-Muluzi partnership chifukwa anthuwa sangakhale President wadziko nthawi imodzi!Mukamamva kuti zipani zatha ngati makatani,ndizimenezi.

  8. we love seeing updated blogs but I hate a stagnant/stale blog as you are doing.There are alot of issues to write about not only refuting allegations as you always do.This article is seven days old, you mean to tell us that nothing worth news has happened since.Even opinions are welcome.Wake up and give us the staff as the elections are approaching.

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    We do apologise for the silence in the last one week.

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  11. Talembani zina apa ife timakonda kumawerenga mabodza a ku malawi!!!!

  12. John Tembo woyee!!!!!

  13. John Tembo ndiye kuti chani? Magazi a wanthu ali thoo mmanja mwachemo.
    Koma nanu inu a Malawi digest mwatieenjeza. Tikuwelengeratu ma hours mwanenawo.

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  15. why did you people start this if you knew you did not have the capacity in the first place?
    There is no way a blog can be dormant for the entire week without updates and the like.....shame on you the editor and your entire clue for luck of resourcefulness....

    Tatopa nanu tsapano mwamva???????????

  16. mwawanthu imwe mukupulika cha!!!!!!!!

  17. Just to top up on the whistle stops I want to suggest to our party’s campaign organizing team to propose to our leader and president Ngwazi Bingu wa Mutharika to dedicate 15 days where he would campaign in two districts on each day.
    I am not saying the whistle stop tours aint working but are hard to do than using the choppers.
    I would suggest is that the president conducts two rallies in two districts per day, in the morning and then fly to the next adjacent district for the afternoon rally.
    During the rallies which will be well publicized before hand, all parliamentary candidates from the district should be given 10 minutes each to articulate their points to the voters in their constituencies which will be urged in advance to tune in to radios one and two were the campaign rallies should be simultaneously broadcasted (don’t worry what the opposition will say…..let them use their radios). I tell you this will have far reaching effect on the local people as they will make sure to find a place where they would be able to listen to all our candidates from the district on a single day in the comfort of their own or friends houses. It would take only 15 days to cover the whole country and I tell you even members of the opposition would want to listen to our candidates during that day. We will have the whole district listening to us and the president will just finish up with development agendas for the whole district. Let every candidate speak for 10 minutes and am sure the effect will be felt. Make sure we use both radios and the TV as well. Zafikatu pa wasala wasala and lets make use of the radios we have. Better we be accused of monopolizing the airwaves but win the elections. AND the candidates MUST speak in own local languages.

  18. tikugwilizana ndi maganizo ali pamwambawa, wistle stops are good yes, but take time to campain in the actual districts for both the presidential and aspiring parliamentarians.It will surely have an impact.we are doing great arleady but lets intensify it.

  19. Ine ndigwirizane nawo anzanga apereka maganizo awo pamwambapa.Chofunika china nchoti ma DPP candidates asalonjeze anthu nsapato kapena feteleza moputsitsa anthu.Masiku ano anthu akumidzi atseguka kumaso.Auzeni anthu kuti muyetsetsa kuti chitukuko chimene Bingu wayambitsachi,inu muzachipitiriza makamaka kumbali ya za umoyo kumene kukufunika kukonza zipatala zakumidzi(Rural Health Centres)kuti zikhale ndi zipangizo zokwanira komanso madotolo okwanira ncholinga chakuti anthu azipeza chithandizo pafupi ndi midzi yawo.Pano tikumva ena akuuza anthu kuti adzapereka ziphaso ziwiri zokhalira mdziko lathu ndi china cha dziko lina.Kodi a Malawi awauza kuti akufuna kusamuka mdziko lawo?Anthu akufuna madzi abwino amene aphungu otsutsa anawakana ku Parliament ndi zina zotero.Ndiye tiyeni tichite chilungamo chokha chokha osanamiza anthu.

  20. Foolish bloggers! we aregoing back to Nyasa Times. Simumvainu!

  21. tell us zakukanikani or you have defected to the alliance?

  22. hey ! bwanji kodi khani simusitha?? sakukulipilani kapena? nanga bwanji

  23. Mr Sobilika

    Please get in touch with me. My name is Willie Mphoka and I was in the USA the past 10 years but now lives in the UK. Together with a friend of mine, Johnstone Soko, we thought of approaching you and see if we can be of any assistance to Malawi Digest especially posts and updates as we have noticed that its been a while since you updated this blog. We all have Masters Degrees having done our undergraduate at Grand Canyon and Malawi Polytechnic respectively.

    Please contact us on the following email addresses: and Please its an urgent thing as we approach the elections. We need more fire from the diaspora as well.

    Thanks and God bless our President Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika.

    Willie and Johnstone

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  25. this blog is very dull

  26. Have tried to check news on this site but there is never a change of news. The same news I saw the first day I opened the news is the same news I come across every time I open. Please we need updates not history.