Monday, April 20, 2009

Muluzi should retire and do something else

Dear Editor,

Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity to have my opinion aired out through your media organisation.

From the day that Malawians were told that Bakili Muluzi was not going to stand in the May 19th Presidential elections, a lot has been said about Muluzi’s failure and nothing good has been said about his failed moves.

My humble advice to Bakili Muluzi as the first multi-party president of Malawi, he should have just resigned from politics and concentrate on something else.

What I want to say here is that even in his own home area of Ntaja and Mselema in Machinga people there are suffering a lot despite having a man who was president of Malawi for 10 good years.

I expected Muluzi to retire honourably from Malawian politics and concentrate on business ventures for example putting up factories in his home area to help his own people who are suffering a lot.

Apart from that, Muluzi also did his part in party politics and it’s high time he handed over the mantle of UDF leadership to someone else to lead the party other than have it dead the way it’s slowly being killed.

People should know that even at Ntaja, Muluzi’s own home area there is no development at all. He should instead resign from politics and concentrate on developing his home area other than waiting for government to come in and help.

It’s said that I am hearing some people told President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika recently that they need electricity at Mselema when their own son Bakili Muluzi was President of Malawi for 10 good years but did nothing.

Abdul Ligowe,

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